WWD Mechanical Contractor, Wayne Dicken, Helps Home Owners With Heating And Air Service In Cranberry Twp

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					WWD Mechanical Contractor, Wayne Dicken, Helps Home Owners With Heating
And Air Service In Cranberry Twp

Cranberry Twp, PA, 14-MAY-2012- WWD Mechanical Contractor, Wayne Dicken,
has been recognized for his commitment in providing Cranberry Twp HVAC
services to members of the community. Mr. Dicken focuses on providing the
highest levels of service to customers that are affordable and will keep
systems running smoothly indefinitely. When an emergency occurs,
customers can depend on a fast response that addresses their needs.

When interviewed recently, Mr. Dicken shared his commitment to providing
the effective and fast service that customer who are experience heating
and air conditioning problems need. "I enjoy building long-term
relationships with customers and making sure that their heating and air
conditions systems are kept functioning efficiently. An HVAC system that
is not maintained on a regular basis can become very expensive to operate
and repairs are often more complex. When I am called to repair a system,
I discuss the repairs needed and the type of maintenance that will help
to extend the life of the system with the customer. It is very important
to me that customers feel confident in the services provided and have all
of their questions about HVAC answered."

Customers can participate in a residential service plan that includes an
HVAC tune up each year. This maintenance helps to ensure that energy
costs are kept at the lowest levels possible and normally save a customer
up to 10% savings annually. Discounts on repairs and new equipment are
also included in the plan as well as priority scheduling when help is
needed. In addition, there are no additional fees for emergency services
provided after hours.

When a person is considering replacement of their heating and air
conditioning system, Wayne provides the options that will best meet the
needs of the homeowner. He is continually updating his knowledge of the
latest systems that are introduced on the market and is trained to
perform repairs on both older model systems and new equipment. When he is
called to a location he performs an in depth evaluation of the system and
discusses the repairs that will be needed. Detailed estimates are
provided to customers and Wayne discusses the options for repair or
replacement during the discussion.

To get more information about how Wayne Dicken, Cranberry Twp HVAC
contractor, provides reliable and dependable service to customers who
need their systems repaired or replaced visit today. Individuals or members of
the press wishing to get more details about this press release will find
contact information below.

Wayne Dicken

WWD Mechanical

20120 Rte 19. Ste 105 #103

Cranberry Twp, PA 16066
Telephone: 724-503-3452 or 724-575-3201

Fax: 724-947-2168



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Description: Wayne Dicken, WWD Mechanical Contractor has been recognized for providing reliable and effective Cranberry Twp HVAC service that keeps systems running and helps to reduce energy costs. Mr. Dicken is trained in the repair of all types of HVAC systems and can provide information about new systems that are affordable and will meet the needs of the homeowner.