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									Your business blog is probably the single most important tool you can use to build
and grow your business.

Whether your business blog is part of your website, or a separate entity, it is
important to know how to focus your blog to help attract more potential clients and
customers to your business.

What is a focused blog?

A focused blog is one that has a specific purpose: to get others to want to buy your
products and/or services.

How? It all starts with knowing what to blog about to begin and maintain an
ongoing "sales conversation."

Here are some helpful pointers:

1. Keep your blog focused on business. This means you want to limit the amount of
personal stuff you share. Some is good and valuable, as it connects your customers
to you, but you want to avoid venting about your personal life, family members, and
so on.

2. Talk about what sales or specials you have going on. It's important to always keep
your readers abreast of what's current, what's new, and what's discontinued.

- Be sure to add a call to action with a link to the sales page of your services,
products and programs.

- Write a single blog post about the launch of an upcoming program. Be sure to
highlight how your program can help them (e.g. focus on benefits).

- Create a series of posts about various product options. The more your readers
know about your offerings the more apt they are to purchase.

3. Let your readers and customers know you are there for them. The whole point of
your business, of any business for that matter, should be to help others in their
personal or business lives.

- Talk about what you have to offer as being a way to help them succeed in
achieving what they desire most. By doing this, you're creating clients that will
continue to return to not only your blog, but your business as well. Your blog will
become a primary place they frequently visit on the web.

Why? They know they can count on getting information and finding solutions that
are most relevant and highly beneficial.
Overtime your readership and following will grow. So will your traffic.

4. Use specific key words in your titles and posts. This is another important element
of driving traffic to your business blog. Essentially, as you continue to build your
blog, you will be building your business as well.

5. Write about topics that are both relevant to your reader but also consistent with
your core message (e.g. your belief statement about what it takes to get your ideal
client from where they are to where they want to be).

The reason why your core message is so essential is because it's foundational to
every business decision you make: what products you will develop, who you will
pursue as jv partners, what services and programs you will offer.

Not to mention it will foster consistency in the topics you write or speak about. In
building your brand, it's important that people draw the right kind of association
with you and your business. As a result you can attract the right clientele and JV
and strategic partners as well.

Blogging is a key strategy for getting your message out there in a big way and
making a greater difference in the hearts and minds of others.

Zenobia Garrison, CEO Success Transitions, the Business Success Coach for
Women, is empowering professional women to launch a new solo business while
working full time.

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