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travel expense report (Excel)


									                                The University of Scranton Travel Expense Report
                                                                                                             (For Accounts Payable Use Only)
        Name:                                                                Date:
     Royal ID#                                                   Fund/Orgn & Acct:
   Department:                                                  Department Phone:
    Purpose of                                                              Place:
        Travel:                                                    Departure Date:                              Time:
      Project:                                                        Return Date:                              Time:
Cash Advance                                                    Prepaid Expenses                                                   $0.00
                                              EXPLANATION (Itemized):
     DATE                                      Reimbursable Expenses                                                AMOUNT

                                                                                                                                               Date sent to Purchasing by AP
                                                                                             SUBTOTAL $                                 -
                                          EXPLANATION (Itemized):                              TRANS
     DATE                       (University Issued) Purchasing Card Expenses                    ID#                 AMOUNT

                                                                                             SUBTOTAL $                                 -

               Recipient                                                               Total Expenses $                                 -

                                                            Purchasing Card/Prepaid Expenses $                                          -

           Department Head                                        Amount of Advance Received $                                          -
                  (Signature)                                         Subtracted from Total Expenses

                                                                           Balance Due Recipient $                                      -
           Budget Supervisor
                  (Signature)                                       Balance Due University $                       -
Per Diem Allowances should not be requested when meals are included in registration fees or paid for by others.
By signature, Per Diem meals requested above indicate the traveler did not participate in a meal provided at that time.
Original must be submitted to Accounts Payable within ten (10) working days of return. Original dated receipts
that are not letter size must be taped to a white sheet of paper. Original receipts are required.
Check voucher is not required. Copy of Itinerary must be attached.

                                                                                                               Printed: 5/14/2012 10:49 AM
             Description                   Amount
                              TOTAL          $0.00


Mileage:             Miles      Rate          Total
                          0    $0.510        $0.00
*Per Diem Rates: See
    Qty       Description       Rate          Total
     0      Full Day           $39.00        $0.00
     0      Breakfast           $7.00        $0.00
     0      Lunch              $11.00        $0.00
     0      Dinner             $18.00        $0.00
     0      Incidentals         $3.00        $0.00
                              TOTAL          $0.00

* Note: If the city is not listed, the above rates
should be used.. Travelers should use the
specific rate for the travel location. Rates are
available at

                                                      Printed: 5/14/2012 10:49 AM
                         The University of Scranton Travel Expense Report
General University Policy

The University will reimburse all reasonable and necessary travel expenses incurred while representing the University. It is
expected that faculty/staff will exercise prudent judgment when incurring expenditures consistent with the flexibility afforded
by policies and guidelines. These guidelines apply to the reimbursement from all University funds, irrespective of source.
Though travel paid from grants and contracts typically follows the overall University policy, some exceptions do exist, one
area being foreign travel. The granting agency's documentation provides the guidelines for travel expenses charged to a
grant or contract. University departmental budgets must be used for any excess reimbursement above what is allowed on
the grant or contract.

Expenditure Limits and Constraints
  •   First class air travel is not reimbursable.
  •   The Mileage allowance for business use of a personal automobile is $.51 per mile. (January 2011)
  •   Meals, including incidentals, may be reimbursed up to the per diem rates with no justification of the cost. The General
      Services Administration (GSA) establishes per diem rates for destinations within the Continental United States
      (CONUS). Per Diems should not be requested when meals are included in registration fees or paid for by others.
  •   For daily expenditures that exceed Per Diem rates, receipts must be attached. If the cost of any meal includes
      guests, those persons must be identified by name, title, and organization and the business purpose of the meal
      indicated. This information must be indicated on the receipt or on the Explanation of Expenses on the Travel
      Expense Report.

Expenditures Not Reimbursable
  •   Personal entertainment, valet services, and airline travel club fees, are not reimbursable.
  •   The traveler will not be reimbursed for costs incurred by failure to cancel transportation, hotel reservations,
      conferences, registrations, or other travel-related activities.
  •   The traveler should not accept insurance offered by auto rental agencies as this expense is not reimbursable.
  •   Automobile upgrades are not reimbursable.
  •   Any purchase of alcoholic beverages must be separately identified and removed from all reimbursement

Receipts Required
  •   Balance Due University. When a balance is due to The University, a deposit must be made in Accounts Receivable
      prior to submitting the Travel Expense Report to Accounts Payable. A copy of the receipt issued must be attached to
      the back of the Travel Expense Report.
  •   Airfare/Rail Ticket Stub (the original passenger boarding pass which indicated the traveler's name, destination,
      dates of travel, and cost) should be attached.
  •   Original dated receipts must be provided for lodging, vehicle rental, registration fees, and meal
      reimbursement requests.
  •   Any other individual expense exceeding $10 per day will not be reimbursed without a dated receipt.
  •   Original dated receipts that are not letter size must be taped to a white sheet of paper (8½ x 11). Several dated
      receipts may be taped to each sheet of paper (one side only). This process will significantly improve the review of
      dated receipts. Please do not overlap dated receipts on the paper.
  •   A copy of your conference itinerary must be attached.

Explanation (Itemized) Expenses
  •   Cash Advance includes an actual cash advance issued from Accounts Payable before travel begins.
  •   Prepaid Expenses include previous reimbursement (airfaire, conference fees, hotel deposits) on personal credit card
      before travel begins.
  •   Reimbursable Expenses include out of pocket expenses, per diem allowance, and personal credit card charges.
  •   University Purchasing Card Expenses include the Official University Purchasing Card charges.
      For more information on the Purchasing Card Program, visit

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