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To understand how to become a good kisser, you need to get your basics right. By
getting a good understanding of the fundamentals behind kissing, you will become a
good kisser. Mastery at any skill is about doing the basic things right and this is the
same with kissing.

In this article, we are assuming that you have no problems finding a partner to kiss
and practice with and your sole aim is to become better at kissing with your partner.

Here's how to become a good kisser:

1) Breath & Breathe - A good kisser pays attention to both breath and breathing. To
make the experience as positive and as pleasant for both you and your partner, be
sure to practice good oral hygiene and ensure that your breath is fresh when kissing.
It is also very important to make sure both you and your partner are breathing during
the kiss. Do so through your nose.

2) Saliva - When kissing, a good kisser makes sure that the moisture in the mouth
remains the same as in its normal state. Slobbery kisses are not usually appealing and
this can be achieved by being aware of the need to swallow your saliva and making
sure that your mouth is in a normal state of wetness.

3) Hands - A good kisser knows how and when to use their hands. Depending on the
level of intimacy comfortable to both you and your partner, your hands can be put to
good use during the kiss. They can be placed on the back of your partner or to hold
them in a hug. Even if you and your partner are already sexually intimate, it may be
wise to not be overly excited with roaming hands and enjoy the moment. After all, a
good kisser is one who is able to enjoy the kiss on its own instead of seeing it as a
prelude to the more exciting action.

We hope that this quick and simple advice is helpful.

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