Spa Products For Face: The Skin-Nourishing Lotus Flower

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					               Spa Products For Face: The Skin-Nourishing Lotus Flower

I love the lotus because while growing from mud, it is unstained.
Chinese Confucian scholar Zhou Dunyi (10171073)

Nelumbo nucifera, commonly known as Indian Lotus, Sacred Lotus, Bean of India, is native to
tropical Asian nations and Queensland, Australia. It has long been a staple of oriental cuisine and
traditional medicine. In Thai traditional medicine it is believed to rejuvenate the heart and the
renowned beauties of Asia have for centuries used it as an indispensable and nourishing part of
the Best Anti Aging Skin Care.

And no wonder, 1,300 year old seeds of this aquatic perennial, recovered from a dry lake bed in
northeastern China have been successfully germinated. All of the best healing properties of this
resilient and beautiful plant are transferable to the body either topically or by consuming them.

How does Lotus benefit skin?

Pollen collected in the stamen is used to flavor teas which nourish the blood and lubricate internal
organs, including the epidermis. As the nutrients regulate blood circulation, skin cell regeneration
is stimulated. The treasure trove of flavonoids and linoleic acid in the stamen has a strong
antioxidant effect against free radical damage caused by environmental factors. The onslaught of
toxins, contaminants and UV ravages are significantly inhibited with the use of the lotus, for skin
protection. These of course are common ingredients in many facial skin care products today.

Lotus pollen used in topical preparations can drastically improve the texture and condition of the
skin. Linoleic acid, for example, is proven by dermatologists to be a useful treatment for reducing
acne, erasing blemishes and naturally brightening the skin. For this reason, the desired result of
optimal glowing radiance is achieved when including this holistic ingredient in your skincare

Lotus flowers are also a vital source of vitamin B, one the most important tools in the best skin
care routine. It increases the ability of the epidermis to retain moisture and relieves the dryness-
symptomatic to aging skin. Vitamin B is an indispensable component of the best skin care
products for treating fine lines and wrinkles by firming up the dermis and regenerating fibroblast
cells which produce collagen.

Including Lotus in your diet for skin and body health

Beauty is not only skin deep it also comes from what is put into the body. For many centuries,
traditional cultures in Egypt and Asia have used lotus root as a valuable food resource. Lotus
roots, with their mild flavor and crisp texture, can be cooked as any other vegetable. Recent
studies confirm that they are rich in dietary fiber, potassium, thiamin, riboflavin and essential
minerals that promote optimal skin health.

All parts of the plant can be consumed. The flowers can be used in salads or as a beautiful edible
garnish. The seeds which are also used in the best face care products, can be eaten raw, roasted
or popped like popcorn. Ground roasted lotus seeds are a refreshing and stimulating coffee
substitute. Even the beet-like stem can be peeled and eaten.

This lovely and amazing plant represents beauty and purity in mind and body. It does what it says
on the packet and is certain worth a trip to your local Asian grocery to explore its myriad benefits
for your skin.

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