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									How to install Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 is a free open source operating system developed and
distributed by Red Hat. The software can be deployed as a server or a desktop variant.
Typically this is used for businesses who want an enterprise grade OS without the cost of
the more expensive Windows XP Pro or Vista Ultimate.

You can download the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 from the Red Hat site

To install Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, set your your CD/DVD drive to boot first, to do
this enter your systems bios and set the cd/dvd to boot first then save changes.

Insert your Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 in your CD/DVD drive and restart your system.
After restart Red Hat installer should boot as shown in the figure below
Select the type of installation you require. In this example we will be using the graphical
mode installation. Hit enter key to start the installation. On the welcome screen the
installation process will prompt you to check and test your installer. Select OK to test
your media, otherwise select skip to continue installing Red Hat

On the Graphical Interface of red hat installation, click on the next button.
You will be asked to select you language, select your language and click next, on the next
window select your keyboard layout and click next. You will be prompted to enter your
installation number if you have one enter it, if none select skip entering installation
number and click ok.
After these selections you will see the hard disk partitioning section. Select the Use free
space on selected drive and click next. In the network devices window set the hostname
to automatically via DHCP and click next.
Select your region or location on the next window; you can click on the map for your

Enter the Root password on the next window, Root is the administrator account for Linux
operating systems.
The succeeding steps will be on the selection of additional packages to be installed on
your Enterprise Linux Operating System.

After selecting these additional packages, installation of the operating system and these
additional packages will begin, wait for the system to finish the installation.
After finishing the installation follow the instructions on the screen. You will be asked to
configure your firewall. Select enabled and select the services you need to pass through
the firewall. You can also add TCP and UDP ports.

On the SELinux window select the Enforcing option and click forward.
On the next window uncheck the enable Kdump option and click forward. Set the date
and time in the Date and Time Window. In the software update set up, select yes if you
want to connect to the Red Hat website for updates. Select no if you do not want to
connect or plan to connect at a later time.

Create you preferred username and password in the Create User window then click
forward. You can test your sound card in the next window. After that you will be asked to
insert additional CD’s to install. If you don’t have any click the finish button. Your Linux
Enterprise 5 operating system is ready to use. You just need to login to the system and
start using Linux Enterprise 5 operating system.
Basing your solution on open source technologies wherever practical guarantees you’ll
make the most of your IT budget. Make sure to visit us daily for more practical computer

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