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									Probiotics (BLIS K12) to combact Bad Breath
Bad breath is a huge disability for chronic sufferers. For the majority of people (85-90% of those
who have bad breath halitosis), the single most frequent cause of bad breath problems are the
bacterial that live in their mouth. These bacteria consume food and excrete waste. Bad breath is
caused by volatile sulphur compounds (VSC's) excreted by oral bacteria as waste. So the waste
product of bacteria gives the stinky breath. I suppose if over 85% of bad breath is caused by
bacteria, then there is hope for a lot of sufferers.

Do you wonder why mouthwash only temporarily get rid of bad breath? Some mouthwash have
alcohol in it which may cause dry mouth. Dry mouth causes bad breath. Mouthwash kills most, if
not all bacteria. You may think this is good news. Do you know that most (possibly over 70%)
bacteria in and on your body are good bacteria? So mouthwash will get rid of all bacteria. The
bacteria will come back.

You may find this great probiotic (BLIS K12) that is really effective to fight bad breath. BLIS
Technologies Limited ( BLIS k12 Fresh Breath Kit that also contains high
strength anti-bacterial mouthwash. However, as highlighted that the mouthwash does not
distinguish between good and bad bacteria. It kills all bacteria. There is a key difference. BLIS
K12™ Fresh Breath Kit also contains BLIS K12™ lozenges full of good bacteria that will
repopulate your mouth and throat in high numbers of beneficial BLIS K12™ Streptococcus
salivarius k12, a bacteria demonstrated to reduce bad breath.

Simply put "it gives good guys a head start to keep the bad guys away".

BLIS K12 Fresh Breath Kit can be directly purchased from
fresh-breath-kit.html. BLIS K12 is world's only probiotic for the mouth and throat which is great
for oral care. Probiotics market is growing and as people learn more about probiotics, the usage
will increase. Since the world is facing bacteria (superbugs) resistant to some antibiotics, people
need to pay more attention to probiotics. This is for another day.

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