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									                 ADVANCED PUBLIC INTERNATIONAL LAW 2007


Franconia is a small self governing province of the state of Golman. Branisla is a State
which adjoins Golman. The majority of Franconia’s residents spoke Golmanian, but there
was a significant minority (of approximately 28%) of Franconians who spoke
Branislanian and who were of Branislanian descent.

In 1984, Golman was admitted as a full member of the Union of Dalma, an international
federation of states on the continent of Dalma. Since its membership was accepted,
Golman has voted without objection from any other Dalman state on matters that affect
the territory of Franconia.

In March 2002, a car bomb exploded in the capital city of Franconia, killing 200 civilians
and two members of Golman’s government who were in Franconia on a public relations

In December 2002, an Air Golman airliner was hijacked and diverted to land in Fiji.
After ten days negotiations, the government of Fiji agreed to allow the hijackers to leave
the aircraft in return for the safe release of all of the passengers. The hijackers, who
claimed to be members of the Branislan Commando Militia (BCM) have not been seen
since their departure from the airport, although they are believed to remain in Fiji. Fiji is
a party to the Montreal Convention.

Golman subsequently declared that it declared war on the BCM and that it would seek
out and destroy its members wherever they could be found. The majority of members of
the Dalman Union made similar statements.

You are the legal adviser to the Secretary General of the United Nations. You are asked
to assist by providing advice on the legal positions of Golman and Branisla in the above
circumstances, to enable the Secretary General to make a public statement on the issues
later tonight. Identify and explain the legal issues that arise.

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