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Best Jobs For You


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									Best Jobs For You - How to Match Your
Personality to Your Career
If you're working just for the money, you're in the wrong job.

Why is it that one man or woman's job search produces a dream career while another's turns out
to be a nightmare? The often overlooked reason is personality mismatches with the chosen

If you want to find the right career, firstyou must look inwardly and identify your personality
traits. If the career you are thinking about matches your character analysis, you've hit the jackpot.
The result? The best job in the world, right in your own back pocket.

Too many artists and musicians were steered into accounting jobs. Too many potential athletes
are laying concrete. Are you in the right job for your personality?

If you're living a spiritual lifestyle and you want practical career guidance in finding the career
your Soul longs for, then let's make sure you are on the right track.

I will show you how to find the job that best matches your personality.

Let me give you an example of a big mismatch and perhaps it will seem familiar to you. One of
the worst jobs I ever had was when I desperately needed a job to help support my marriage and
baby. My cousin encouraged me to apply at her manufacturing, assembly-line-type company in
North Hollywood, California.

The pay wasn't very good. I was standing for very long periods of time and the work never
changed. The reason this was not the best job for me was because my personality and the
position were mismatched. They needed someone who wanted and enjoyed repetitive, quiet work
and I thought it was akin to jail.

If I'd only known my own needs before I took that job, I would have chosen better. We do better
when we know better. What I really needed from any job was an exciting career that would not
add to my family problems.

This job was a total mismatch because:

I missed my baby and felt guilty for leaving her with a baby sitter. This job pulled me away from
home for nine hours a day.

I love people and am quite a talker. Those I worked with were great, but we were encouraged to
work quickly and quietly. I needed regular social interaction.
I am naturally curious and like to try new things. Assembly line work at this company only
provided repetitive work. I thought I would go crazy!

After only working one month, I quit and began a job search for one that better matched my

It's imperative that if you are going to find work you love, that you define your own personality
and look for the spiritual gifts (these would be skills, talents, values, interests and hobbies) you
were born with. Once you know this information you can go out and get the career of your

Begin with these simple questions:

Which do I prefer, mental work or physical work?

Which do I prefer, working indoors or out?

Would I rather work alongside others in a group effort, or work alone?

When you answer these 3 simple questions, you will have begun the journey of Discovering
Your Life's Work. Why would a "social butterfly" work at night in a back room alone? Why
would an insomniac work days? Why would an idea person pull weeds?

The journey of Discovering Your Life's Work will be thrilling and life-fulfilling. Begin by
asking yourself those 3 questions and start a good business plan. The career match for your
personality is just around the corner.

By Kathi Calahan

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