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  Varifocal Glasses Your Multifunctional Prescription

                            People of advanced age typically have to deal with
vision issues; once they reach a certain age, the eyes struggle to adjust to distance
hence the need for new prescription eyewear. Varifocal glasses or glasses with
progressive lenses were created for distance correction. Bifocals do the same
thing but the main difference is that varifocal lenses have three parts; the top part
is for your distance prescription and is perfect for driving, the middle part is for
intermediate distance like when you are watching TV or using the computer and
the bottom part is for close distance activity like doing crafts and reading. Also,
unlike bifocal spectacles, there is no clear dividing line between the prescription
part of the lens and the part for reading only the wearers can tell the difference.
From a non-wearer s point of view varifocal lenses do not at all look different
from regular lenses.

Because of the three levels of distance accommodations, most optical shops
provide a thirty-day trial period to see if the wearers can adjust to the vision
distortion that the glasses have. Though the success rate is very high, there are
still some who find the distortion difficult to adjust to. For varifocal glasses, the
best and most comfortable vision is in the centre. Peripheral vision through the
lenses warps images and for people who are eye movers instead of head
movers , the distortion often creates a dizzying effect.

A lot of varifocal glasses nowadays are created with really good coating because
they are quite an investment. These lenses can even come in polarised versions
that adjust to light for better wear-ability and protection. Before, only big frames
can accommodate progressive lenses and most wearers still prefer them but
opticians claim that oversized frames are not necessary as they will require the
eyes to make big movements to get to the right part of the lens that they want to
use, instead of natural, small focus adjustments. Those who have been successful
with these special glasses say that varifocals are great for outdoor wear but
should never be worn wet because the warping of images can get really crazy.

Most London optical shops nowadays have varifocals for their customers; the
prices often vary depending on the manufacturers. There are even designer
varifocal glasses for those who are partial to really stylish spectacles. For a wider
selection of varifocals, there are online optical shops that deliver across the UK
and even provide great deals for special purchases.

      D&G Glasses Beautifully Detailed Prescription

Dolce and Gabbana is one of the most revered designer brands in the market. A
lot of consumers, men and women alike, gravitate toward the brand purely
because of the overall quality of their products. In addition, the price is definitely
more consumer-friendly compared to the other designer brands out there, which
directly means that a lot of money is allotted to the label.

For fashionable eyewear, D&G glasses are among the best of them. The line for
prescription spectacles is made from top grade materials to make each pair of
glasses more resistant to the signs of frequent wear. The designs are also
something to look forward to for the eyeglass-wearing population because each is
beautifully detailed to represent the amazing brand of style that Dolce and
Gabbana is known for. Most consumers also find majority of the designs really
versatile in a way that both men and women can wear them. The shapes are
incredibly chic, sleek and facially flattering, and for every style there s always a
good variety of colors and prints to choose from. Among D&G s celebrity fans are
Jennifer Lopez, UK s beloved Princess Kate, Hollywood superstar Aishwarya Rai,
the Beckham couple, and Tom Hanks.

Every pair of D&G glasses is characterized by the logo on the arms or the hinges.
The logo design changes according to the style of the frame s arms. The lenses for
the prescription line are typically plastic ones with different special features.
There is the hi-index lens which refracts light differently and also corrects vision
with a thinner lens so people with single eye myopia do not have to endure
lopsided glasses because of the great weight difference between the two lenses.
Polycarbonate lenses are for those who really want a lightweight pair of glasses.
The nice thing about these special lenses is they re impact-resistant and they
provide UV protection. Trivex lenses are similar to polycarbonate because they re
impact-resistant as well, but they have higher quality optics for better clarity.
Lastly, aspheric lenses have flatter peripheral curvatures and minimize the
magnification of the eyes for a better overall appearance; they also fit better into
the frames. For some people the quality of the lenses directly contributes to the
comfort they have in wearing their glasses and the wrong kind can easily
compromise the nice appearance of the frames so it s absolutely important to
choose the right lens material whether they re just for reading or varifocals.

D&G glasses are available in London through the Dolce and Gabbana store along
Bond Street in Mayfair, London and leading optical shops.

 Oakley Prescription Glasses Absolute Correction and

People know Oakley for its unparalleled quality eyewear that can go from casual
to formal to extreme sporty. For eyeglass-wearing folks who love the outdoors
and have a very active lifestyle, Oakley prescription glasses are the top pick for
corrective eyewear. It has long been established that the brand has its own
quality standards that other designer brands will not even dare copy. Oakley
established its brand within the sporting circuits where corrective and protective
features are essential for optimum performance. Optical shops make sure to have
them in their selection as more and more people are looking for really great
eyeglasses that will allow them to be really active. In London and other parts of
the UK, Oakley glasses get a lot of promotion because UK s trendiest often sport

More and more people are going for Oakley for their corrective spectacles
because very little care is needed to maintain the quality of Oakley glasses. The
lenses are incredibly tough and can withstand most abuses. Though most people
will not likely subject their reading glasses and varifocals to extreme conditions,
just knowing that their glasses can hold up to the challenge is already something
that they want to invest on. Also, the lenses are created to pass the highest
optical standards. The High Definition Optics which is a group of patented
technologies especially intended for Oakley ensures that the lenses of the
prescription glasses are just right for the wearer s own prescription needs without
any unintended magnification. Oakley lenses are also one hundred per cent UV
resistant and can filter harmful blue light.

The frames however are truly what set Oakley glasses apart from the other
designer brands in the market. Created with the same technology used to make
motorcycle grips, Oakley frames cling to the face comfortably and securely when
they come in contact with sweat or water, making them most ideal for outdoor
activities. Other sport brands have tried to copy the same technology but Oakley
remains to be the authority on eyewear technology that s why their prescription
glasses are among the most sought after by people who want more than just an
edgy style for their glasses.

Oakley prescription glasses actually have a wide range of designs. Those who
think that there s only one standard style for Oakleys will be surprised to learn
that the brand can actually go beyond sporty. From funky, colourful, and printed
frames to really serious, sleek silhouettes, there s a design compatible with the
common style preferences of eyeglass-wearers.

 Oakley Prescription Sunglasses Your Top Pick for Eye

Wearing sunglasses couldn t be more hip these days; everybody wears them as
fashionable accessories and reliable protection from the harmful rays of the sun
and other natural elements. For people who spend a lot of time outdoors being
active, a regular pair of sunglasses may not be enough. An active lifestyle
requires special features for comfort and protection that most designer
sunglasses cannot provide. Oakley prescription sunglasses, on the other hand,
utilise the finest eyewear technology to provide active people the best quality
prescription sunglasses that adjust well to their lifestyle.

Oakley has always been committed to the developmental research for eyewear.
The brand always aims to elevate the adaptability, durability, wear-ability and
protective ability of all their spectacles. From the lenses to the frames, only the
best materials are used to ensure a completely upgraded experience.

Oakley prescription sunglasses have really impressive lenses that can be
customised according to the vision corrective needs of their wearers. There are
polarised lenses that adjust easily to the amount of light present and these special
lenses are even available for people who are already required to wear varifocals.
Varifocals are also known as progressive lenses where the top lens strip is great
for seeing things from afar, the centre strip is for intermediate distance and
bottom strip is for near distance eye activity like reading.Also, it s important to
point out that all Oakley lenses are highly resistant to scratches and other physical
abuse. They undergo stringent testing and are not likely to break even with the
most extreme beating. The patented material called Plutonite which is present in
the lenses fully filters UVA, UVB and UVC but it also protects the lenses from

As for the frames, the patented material called Unobtainium makes Oakley
prescription sunglasses really snug but comfortable. If the wearer consistently
needs to use his hands, he would not need to adjust his glasses frequently for
better vision because Unobtainium prevents the sunglasses from sliding off.
When the material comes in contact with water or sweat, it clings to the skin all
the more, and this is something that cannot be said for designer prescription
glasses available in optical stores. The three-point contact fit is also one the
reasons why Oakley frames mould to the face so much thus increasing the eyes
protection from elements.

There are lots of Oakley knock-offs all over so it s important to really know the
important features that Oakley prescription sunglasses have. For those who live
in the UK and are searching for an original pair of Oakleys, has a great selection and they ship from London to
other parts of the country.

      Ray Ban Aviators           Celebrating Top Gun s 25th

Everybody still remembers how 80s flick Top Gun completely launched Tom
Cruise as one of Hollywood s top actors and icons. Time certainly goes by fast
because on May 2012, Top Gun will be celebrating its 25th anniversary.
Naturally the celebration will not be complete without the participation of Ray
Ban Aviators, which was greatly instrumental in catapulting the movie to such an
iconic status.

After Top Gun came out, people all over the world, from Manila, Philippines to
London, United Kingdom, started wearing Aviator glasses practically everybody
wore them, even kids! According to Time Magazine, the sales in leading optical
shops of Ray Ban Aviators soared 40 percent because of the movie. The design
used by Tom Cruise and the other actors for Top Gun was the Ray Ban 3025 (the
frames were gold and the lenses were green or grey) and during that time, that
was the signature design of fighter pilots of the U.S. Navy.

The U.S Navy enjoyed so much attention and adulation because of the movie.
Hordes of Top Gun fans trooped to the Miramar Naval S                  an
                                                            tation in S Diego,
California to see where the movie was filmed and even the bar where Tom
Cruise s character, Lieutenant Pete Maverick Mitchell, delivered a pretty out-of-
tune version of You ve Lost that Lovin Feeling, still enjoys frequent visits from
movie fans. Just like how the movie s appeal has not waned over the last 25
years, Ray Ban Aviators are still stylishly relevant.

Not too many people know that Ray Ban truly has its roots in the armed forces of
the United S   tates. The protective spectacles were created upon the request of
Lieutenant John A. Macready in 1936. Macready was an American test pilot who
went on a balloon flight and suffered terrible eye damage because of prolonged
exposure to the sun. Bausch and Lomb created the first Ray Bans and they were
initially called, Anti-Glare. Not long after, pilots of the U.S Army Air Corps
adopted them, and decades later Aviator sunglasses by Ray Ban made it into a
Hollywood film inspired by a magazine article entitled, Top Guns.

Though Ray Ban Aviators have always had a market, the movie certainly gave
them the kind of exposure that has not been created for other shades in the
market. S ome of today s young people are probably not aware of how Ray Ban
became such a commercial success in the 80s because of Top Gun and also
wonder why their parents (especially those who used to be in the army) use Ray
Ban frames for prescription glasses like varifocals. They probably also do not
know the connection of Tom Cruise to the brand. One thing s for sure though, for
anybody who likes a great pair of sunglasses, Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses will
always be considered top gun.

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