The Traps of this Age

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					The Traps of this Age

By Muhammad Tufail.

Appearance and reality are always opposite to each other. To understand the difference between

appearance and reality, you must examine the choices you are making. For this applies to almost

every aspect of life. For example

1)    Food: when you are hungry, what is the choice you are making? Which choice are the one

marketed all over T.V, billboards, and our pop culture? The one which smells better, prepared

quicker and “appears” to be more appealing but in “reality” this choice is filled with

preservative, chemicals and poisons (fast food), presenting your body with almost no beneficial

nutritional value, and the choice which takes a longer time to prepare. The one that is not

marketed, the one your kids thin is boring is in “reality” the better choice for your well-being.

2)    Drink: what is the choice you and your kids make the mineral water or carbonated drink?

There is no need an explanation on how un-natural and harmful these carbonated drinks are and

how essential the mineral water is?

3)    Dessert: what is the choice you and your kids are making about after taking meal, the

dates, honey, and fruits etc which are unattractive in appearance or the chocolates and other stuff

which are very attractive because of their packaging? So, are you following internal reality or

appearance from your small choices, to your major one?

4)    Medication: do you go for natural forms of healing? Or do you only depend on chemicals

(drugs)? Indeed there are some diseases which can’t be cured without invented medicines. I am

not against these medicines but if we follow the natural rules of diet, then our internal immune

system will be so strong that we will be have no need of taking medicines. Fast foods are just
weakening our immune system and natural stuff are strengthened our defensive system against


5)    Marriage: are you chasing the type of husband which in appearance is very rich but in

reality he is characterless, or the one who have good character and careful for you?

Are you dreaming the wives who are bold (shameless, characterless) with beauty in appearance

but their hearts are black, or the type who is covered their body?

What type of generation are your choices are building? Do you ever give back to the earth or are

you just a taker? Are your dreams built on materialistic ambitions or are they based on more

valuable realities? Do you prefer to go out to nature and reflect upon your life or do you prefer to

go out and party (waste of time)? Do you take time to genuinely talk to your Creator or are you

spending more time on activities of no value (gaming, face book, messengers etc)? Are you more

concerned with fixing your physical appearance while neglecting your spiritual reality?

So, what the significance?

In one hadith Hazrat Muhammad swallallaho alaihe wassalam said “the dajjal is one-eyed and

will bring with him what will resemble Hell and Paradise, and what he will call Paradise will be

actually hell, so I warn you (against him ‘dajjal’)”.

You must understand that we are connected as one system of existence and therefore our world is

a mere reflection of who we have become.

We are in the last age of the world. Open your heart eyes so that you will not deceived by wrong

thing as in appearance you will be seeing yourself on the right path but in reality you will be far

away from the right thing.

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