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					 Using Clickers (Student
Response Systems) in the
           Erik Byker
      Anne-Lise Halvorsen
   1) Introduction to Classroom Response
   2) Discussion of their use in TE401
   3) Modeling Clicker quizzes/surveys
   4) Troubleshooting Clickers
   5) Questions
   A Clicker is a small electronic device that
    enables the user to provide a response to a
    receiver normally attached to a
    facilitator or teachers’ computer.

Why use a Clicker?
 Clickers provide classroom teachers with a
  device that will enable them to assess
  students in an immediate, private, and
  personalized manner. Questions can be pre-
  determined or created during a lesson. It
  can also be integrated with PowerPoint files
  that can be shared with other
              Research on Clickers
    In How People Learn, Bransford et. al. state that
     classroom response systems and related pedagogy is one
     of the most promising innovations for transforming
     classrooms to be more learner/knowledge/assessment/
     community centered.

    They are especially effective in lecture hall-sized groups.

    Researchers report that instructors use the response
     systems to
    1. enhance questioning and feedback;
    2. to motivate and monitor the participation of ALL
    3. to foster discussion of important topics; and
    4. to energize and activate students’ thinking.
    Source: Roschelle, Jeremy, William R. Penuel, and Louis Abrahamson, “Classroom response and
     communication systems: research review and theory,” presented at the 2004 Meeting fo the
     American Educational Research Association, San Diego, CA, 2004.
    Clickers are an Effective Way of
       Gathering Data/Responses
   PROVIDENCE, Rhode Island -- Professor Ross
    Cheit put it to the students in his Ethics and
    Public Policy class at Brown University: Are you
    morally obliged to report cheating if you know
    about it? The room began to hum, but no one so
    much as raised a hand.
   Still, within 90 seconds, Cheit had roughly 150
    student responses displayed on an overhead
    screen, plotted as a multicolored bar graph -- 64
    percent said yes, 35 percent, no.

   Source: “No Wrong Answers” Wired 14 May 2005
    Research on Clickers in Education
       (Halvorsen, in preparation)
   92.2% of students agreed/strongly agreed that the
    clickers were an effective instructional tool in TE 401.
   70.6% of students agreed/strongly agreed that the
    clickers helped them do more thinking in class.
   90.2% of students agreed/strongly agreed that the
    clickers helped them enjoy the class more.
   74.5% of students agreed/strongly agreed that the
    clickers helped them get a better understanding of
    subject matter, teaching, and learning of social studies.
   94.1% of students agreed/strongly agreed that if clickers
    are available in their school, they would use them in their
    social studies teaching.
Uses in TE401 and Examples from
          our Classes
•   Facilitate Class Discussion
•   Guide Lectures
•   Encourage Peer Instruction
•   Collect Data and Perform Baseline or
    Formative Assessment
Clicker Concept Map – created by IHMC Cmap

Clicker Quiz
My primary emotional state right
            now is

A.   Energized
B.   Tired
C.   Somewhere between energized and
     I decided to attend this clicker
           workshop because:

A.   Wanted to find out what clickers are & how to use them
B.   I know what clickers are but wanted to find out more
     ways to use them
C.   Not really interested in clickers but I had nothing better
     to do
D.   Oops! I am in the wrong place!
E.   Other
     What famous document begins:
     "When in the course of human
A.    The Preamble to the Constitution
B.    The Gettysburg Address
C.    The Declaration of Independence
 What child name's plunge in U.S.
  popularity was attributed to a
     famous 1974 scandal?

A.   Richard’s
B.   Ted’s
C.   Gordon’s
 Who's been Saturday Night Live's
       most frequent host?

A.   Alec Baldwin
B.   Bill Murray
C.   Steve Martin
 Which of the points on the graph below best represents
  conditions along the Tropic of Cancer (23 degrees N

A.   A
B.   B
C.   C
D.   D
E.   E
A rapidly growing city within a humid climate zone
       experiences a land use change from
predominantly crop land to mostly urban/suburban.
        A likely natural response would be:

A.   Increased infiltration—reduced flooding
B.   Reduced infiltration—increased flooding
C.   Increased infiltration – increased flooding
D.   Reduced infiltration – reduced flooding

Infiltration rate in soil science is a measure of the rate at
which soil is able to absorb rainfall or irrigation
    This clicker workshop was
 beneficial to my understanding of
        how to use clickers

A.   Strongly Agree
B.   Agree
C.   Disagree
D.   Strongly Disagree
           Clicker Questions
   Like the previous questions
    demonstrate, clickers allow the
    instructor to ask:
    • True/False questions
    • Multiple choice questions
    • Yes/No questions
    • Likert Scale survey
           Clicker Software
 To download clicker software go to the
  following website:
Select PC full release if you are a PC user
Select Mac full release if you are a Mac user
Download will take at least 20 minutes
From there a nice help tutorial will guide
  through how to set up your database

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