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Embedding Sustainable Improvement by Engaging Your Workforce .ppt


									How to “Step Out and Step Up” by
Engaging Your Workforce

        Rob Bryant

                             5/14/2012 1:03:23 AM 6889-20_HS 1
Rob Bryant, Vice President of Quality
           Master Black Belt
            Published Author
          Motivational Speaker
   Guinness Book World Record Holder


                                        5/14/2012 1:03:23 AM 6889-20_HS 2
My Own Walk Through Change

• The fall that took it all
• My three thoughts on the way down
   –This is really going to hurt
   –Did I kiss my family goodbye?
   –I will survive
• Paralysis
• Surgeries

          Hard times do not dictate the outcome — you do.

                                                            5/14/2012 1:03:23 AM 6889-20_HS 3
Human Sigma: Data Proven (Cont’d)

• CSC applied Gallup’s Q12 as its Employee Engagement Model for five
  years in segments of CSC.
• We’ve now internalized the program.
• Those segments have realized better results. Below are Human Sigma
                                                More productive     18%

                                                 More profitable    12%

                                      Better at engaging clients    12%

 Less likely to leave the organization — low turnover companies     51%

Less likely to leave the organization — high turnover companies     31%

            Less likely to be involved in a work-related accident   62%

                                     Less prone to absenteeism      27%

     Less likely to be a source of inventory or service shrinkage   51%

                                                                          5/14/2012 1:03:23 AM 6889-20_HS 4
The HS of Clients

• For all kinds of companies, fully engaged       Measure of Customer Engagement
  customers deliver a 23% premium over the               100%   Fully Engaged
  average customer
   – Share of wallet
   – Profitability                                        80%

   – Revenue                                              70%
   – Relationship growth
• Actively disengaged customers represent a 13%
  discount (decrease) on the same measures                50%
• Within a given company, business units
  whose levels of customer engagement are in              40%
  the top 25% tend to outperform all other
  units by a factor of 2:1 on measures of:
   – Profit contribution                                  20%
   – Sales
   – Growth
                                                           0% Actively Disengaged
                                                                       5/14/2012 1:03:23 AM 6889-20_HS 5
Putting L6S and HS into

 • We still have a viable Lean/Six Sigma Program.
 • Our projects range from $5K to $M/each.
 • Improving Employee /Client Engagement will
 yield $B!
 • Many times we reach success at the expense
 of our employees.

                                             5/14/2012 1:03:23 AM 6889-20_HS 6
Four Dimensions of Emotional

           Can’t imagine a world without
           Perfect company for people like me
           Always treats with respect                    Pride
           Feel proud to be a customer
           Fair resolution of any problems              Integrity
           Always treats fairly
           Always delivers on promise
           Name I can always trust

            Each higher level leads to increased emotional
            engagement resulting in increased financial
©2000   The Gallup Organization. All rights reserved
                                                                    5/14/2012 1:03:23 AM 6889-20_HS 7
Building Customer
• What can you do:
  – Deliver what you promise:
     • In the Proposal
     • During Meetings
     • When asked questions
     • During informal discussions
  – Satisfy the customers requirements, plus some
  – Give them value for their investment
  – You only hear one complaint out of ten, so one unhappy
    customer represents at least ten. Treat each seriously.
  – As a company grows, it must “clone” successful services.
  – Give the customer what they want.
     • Gather “The Voice of the Customer” so you know what they really
                                                              5/14/2012 1:03:23 AM 6889-20_HS 8
Building Integrity

• What can you do:
  – Play by the Rules
  – Respond to Service Failures quickly:
     • Acknowledge the problem
     • Admit when you’re wrong
     • Apologize for any negative effects
     • Take ownership
     • Be honest, polite, respectful and reasonable
     • Fix the Problem on the spot if you can
     • Escalate if necessary
     • Follow-up to ensure they agree its fixed
     • Leave the customer Better Off after the
  – Do what’s right – especially when its hard!
                                                      5/14/2012 1:03:23 AM 6889-20_HS 9
 Building Pride

• Treat each account as if they are
  our #1 customer
• Put the “A-Team” on every account
  by selecting the right employees for
  their account

 •Reduce variation in service
     •If your overall sat in 90%, but your range is 90%, one of your
     customers is extremely unhappy. What if this is your largest client,
     the 90% average is almost meaningless.
 •Treat every customer with respect
 •Make the customer more successful than they were before they
 chose you

                                                                   5/14/2012 1:03:23 AM 6889-20_HS 10
Building Passion

• What can you do:
  – Set the standard for others to follow
  – Partner with the client so there’s no
    “us and them” – it becomes “we”
  – Treat them special and be on your best
    behavior, just like on your first date
    with someone you really like and want
    to impress
  – Spice up your customer relationship by
    doing special things, just like you do in
    a good marriage
  – Listen when your customer speaks
  – We want “engaged” clients – not
    just satisfied ones.

                                                5/14/2012 1:03:23 AM 6889-20_HS 11
The Resistance to Change

 • That won’t work here
 • Change is uncomfortable
 • We seem to have all the time
   in the world to rework it, but
   no time to eliminate the defect
   (do it right the first time

 • The best and worst day of my
   life (Dr. and Jon)
 • The “Daddy Book”

             The first step toward change is the hardest.

                                                            5/14/2012 1:03:23 AM 6889-20_HS 12
Engaged Customers Come from
Engaged Employees

• Every employee-customer interaction
  represents an opportunity to build customer
  emotional connection — or to diminish it
• In the United States, just 29% of employees are
  energized and committed at work (Gallup poll)
• 54% are effectively neutral — they show up and
  do what is expected, but little more
• The remaining 20% of employees are                Neutral
  disengaged                                         54%
• Work groups that are positively engaged                      Energized
  show                                                           29%

   – Higher levels of productivity and
   – Better safety and attendance records
   – Higher levels of retention
   – Greater effectiveness at engaging

                                                                 5/14/2012 1:03:23 AM 6889-20_HS 13
Dual Employee-Customer
Engagement Means Higher Profits

• Disengaged employees have a
  profound impact on companies
  –They cost companies
   $300B/year in lost productivity
   in the United States alone
  –They also destroy customer
   relationships with
   remarkable ease, day in and
   day out

                                     5/14/2012 1:03:23 AM 6889-20_HS 14
Four Dimensions of Employee

  Opportunities to learn and grow                             How Can
  Talked to about programs                                    We Grow?

  Opinions count
  Mission and purpose translates to my job
                                                             Do I Belong?
  Coworkers committed to quality
  Best friend at work
  Encourages development
  Supervisor cares
                                                            What Do I Give?
  Opportunity to do what I do best

  Have materials and equipment
                                                            What Do I Get?
  Expectations clear
©1993–1998   The Gallup Organization. All rights reserved
                                                                              5/14/2012 1:03:23 AM 6889-20_HS 15
Engaging Employees Level 1

• What can you do:
  – Get rid of the “use them up and throw
    them away” mentality. Employees will
    never feel secure or trust in the company.
  – Be honest in your dealings with
  – Ensure they know what you expect of
  – Put them in the right roles – this builds their
    confidence and self-esteem through doing
    what they do best
  – Give employees the tools to do the job
     • If they aren’t in your budget, add them
       next year

                                                      5/14/2012 1:03:23 AM 6889-20_HS 16
Engaging Employees Level 2

• What can you do:
  – Employees should know the vision, goals and
    performance of their account, division and
  – Let employees accomplish their jobs their way
    within parameters. Manage outcomes, not
  – Praise successful services and clone them
  – In services, employees are the product. Treat
    them better than a manufacturer treats their
    finest machines
  – Hold employees to a high level, not impossible
  – Pay them fairly
  – Employees should reap some of the profits
    they work to achieve

                                                     5/14/2012 1:03:23 AM 6889-20_HS 17
Engaging Employees Level 3

• What can you do:
  – Recognize outstanding “Client Engagement”
    successes by recognizing the employee
    through communications, dinners, cash
    awards, plaques, etc)
  – The company must appeal to their brains AND
  – Sr. management should strive for excellence
    themselves, the employees will follow
  – Ensure employees know their contribution is
    important to the overall mission
  – Ensure quality is everyone’s job
  – Ensure quality is reported to all employees
  – Reward and recognize employees for high levels
    of quality

                                                     5/14/2012 1:03:23 AM 6889-20_HS 18
Engaging Employees Level 4

• Build their self-esteem with positive feedback
   – A recent Gallup study concluded if
     employees are happy in their work and their
     talents are matched to the job led to a 20%
     increase in sales
• Promote fairly linked to performance
• Help employees grow, reach their goals and
  assist them with education
• Sr. Management should partner with
  employees so theirs no “us and them” – it
  becomes “we”
• Build relationships through off-site family-get-
  togethers just for fun
• Treat employees like part of a large family
• We want “engaged” employees – not just
  satisfied ones.
                                                     5/14/2012 1:03:23 AM 6889-20_HS 19
Taking the First Step Toward Change

  • The miracle walk
  • The row across America

  • Challenge yourself and others
    to deploy improved processes
    using L6S aligned with Human
  • Don’t give up until the change
    is in place
  • You have to crawl before
    you can walk, run, or fly

                                      5/14/2012 1:03:23 AM 6889-20_HS 20
Materials & Equip Recurring Issues by Quantity





     60                                                             India
     40                                                             Americas


                                                 5/14/2012 1:03:23 AM 6889-20_HS 21




  150                            Aust


              5/14/2012 1:03:23 AM 6889-20_HS 22
• A recent Watson Wyatt study found companies with effective
 recognition programs realized a median return to shareholders that was
 almost double of those without such programs.

• 71% of Top Corporations average a 2% budget allocated to

• A recent WorldatWork study found that 85 - 95% of incentive
 programs reach or exceed their goals, the ROI on non-sales employee
 programs was 200% and ROI on sales incentives 134%.

• According to a study by the International Society of performance
 Improvement incentive programs that were implemented and tracked
 correctly increased performance by an average of 22% while team
 incentives increased performance by as much as 44%.

                                                               5/14/2012 1:03:23 AM 6889-20_HS 23
      # of Q6 (Development) Recurring Issues by Quantity






40                                                                           Americas


                                                           5/14/2012 1:03:23 AM 6889-20_HS 24
# of Q1 (Know What’s Expected) Recurring Issues by Quantity



  100                                                                   Aust
   50                                                                   Americas


                                                      5/14/2012 1:03:23 AM 6889-20_HS 25
Changes of engagement at team level
                                 143 teams with total average last years comparison: average improvement is 0,23




                                         Gallup 75. P. 2008 = 4,24
         2nd wave grand mean





                                                                                                      Gallup 75. P.
                                                                                                      2007 = 4,21

                                                                                                 teams significantly increased
                                                                                                 no relevant change
                                                                                                 teams significantly lowered
                                                                                                 CSC Germany
                                                                                                 Gallup 75. Perzentil
                                     2   2.2   2.4   2.6   2.8   3   3.2   3.4   3.6   3.8   4       4.2    4.4    4.6    4.8     5

                                                                                 1st wave grand mean

                                                                                                                         Copyright © 2008 Gallup, Inc. All rights reserved.

                                                                                                                                                      5/14/2012 1:03:23 AM 6889-20_HS 26
          CSC increase in scores thru Effective Impact Plans/Follow-Up

Percentiles*:                               70th                                       3rd
GM:                                         4.20                                      2.92
                 CSC Central Region     Effective Action Plans                 Ineffective Action Plans
                                            n= 369                                    n= 528

                                      CSC PRIVATE






                                                                 *Percentiles based on Gallup Overall Database 2009.

                                                                                                           5/14/2012 1:03:23 AM 6889-20_HS 27
                                                 Leaders never stop learning

                                Apply Lean first
                                then Six Sigma
                             to Change Initiatives
Step                  Process Yield                      Step              Process Yield
         1     0.75    0.8   0.85    0.9   0.95   0.99       1      0.75    0.8   0.85    0.9   0.95   0.99
         2     0.75    0.8   0.85    0.9   0.95   0.99       2      0.75    0.8   0.85    0.9   0.95   0.99
         3     0.75    0.8   0.85    0.9   0.95   0.99       3      0.75    0.8   0.85    0.9   0.95   0.99
         4     0.75    0.8   0.85    0.9   0.95   0.99       4      0.75    0.8   0.85    0.9   0.95   0.99
         5     0.75    0.8   0.85    0.9   0.95   0.99       5      0.75    0.8   0.85    0.9   0.95   0.99
         6     0.75    0.8   0.85    0.9   0.95   0.99   Yield   23.73% 32.77% 44.37% 59.05% 77.38% 95.10%
         7     0.75    0.8   0.85    0.9   0.95   0.99
         8     0.75    0.8   0.85    0.9   0.95   0.99
         9     0.75    0.8   0.85    0.9   0.95   0.99
        10     0.75    0.8   0.85    0.9   0.95   0.99
Yield        5.63% 10.74% 19.69% 34.87% 59.87% 90.44%

                                                                                              5/14/2012 1:03:23 AM 6889-20_HS 28
Q/12, Ideation & Lean/Six
          Survey                 Initiate Ideation              Lean Events                   Six Sigma               Ideation, Lean,
     Employees/Clients                                                                                                  Six Sigma

                                                               Choose Ideas where
                               Collect Ideas, Comments,                                                                Lean Process More to
                                                              Cause is Known but not       Choose Ideas where
        Conduct the Survey     Ratings and collaborative                                                             reduce more defects and
                                                              Sure how to Implement        Cause is NOT Known
                                      interactions                                                                     Non-Valued Activities

                                 Peer Reviews, Internal                                                              Use Six Sigma to achieve
                                                             Host a 3-Day Lean Event     Form Six Sigma Greenbelt
         Fix Simple Issues          Team Reviews,                                                                    higher levels of Process
                                                              with Process Owners           or Blackbelt Team
                                      Conclusions                                                                          Performance

                                                             Understand Current Flow,
                                                               List Issues, Develop       Use DMAIC or DMADV         Conduct Ideation Events
        Create Action Plans     Affinity Diagramming of                                                               to improve processes
                                                              Solutions, Create New      (DFSS) to solve problem
                                      Similar Ideas                                                                        even more
                                                             Value Stream Map (VSM)

                                                             Conduct Barrier Analysis,   Conduct Barrier Analysis,
                                   Choose Execs and            Develop Action Plan         Develop Action Plan          Summarise and
                                  Champions for each         (Who’s going to do What     (Who’s going to do What     communicate learning's
                               Affinitized Group of Ideas          and When)                   and When)

                                                              Flow the Results of the     Flow the Results of the
                               Set Priorities on Ideas and     Lean Event back into        Lean Event back into      Recommend future plans
                                   Move Forward with              Ideation Event              Ideation Event
                                    Actionable Ideas

                                                                                                                        Choose new Areas
                                                                                                                     needing Improvement and
                                Feedback to Employees                                                                       Start Over

       Feedback to Employees   Ideation feeds into Lean or    Feedback to Employees        Feedback to Employees            Next Q12 Survey
                                   Six Sigma or both

                                                                                                                             5/14/2012 1:03:23 AM 6889-20_HS 29
Take the First Step Toward Change

• Jon at USNA
• Jason at US Marine Basic Training

• Don’t give up until the change is in
• You have to crawl before
  you can walk, run, or fly

                                         5/14/2012 1:03:23 AM 6889-20_HS 30
Walking Through Adversity, Author Rob
Bryant, Published by HCI

                                        5/14/2012 1:03:23 AM 6889-20_HS 31
A Few Endorsements

  • Former First Lady Barbara Bush: “I am so glad to have this opportunity to send my
    warmest greetings and congratulations to Rob and Wanice Bryant. Rob's
    determination certainly is an enormous inspiration. George joins me in sending our
    very best wishes.”
  • Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, California: “Congratulations on your
    accomplishment of a cross country trip on a row-cycle. That was a monumental
    achievement, and I wish to congratulate you on both your mental and physical
    endurance. I deeply admire what you have done!”
  • Tom Landry, Former Dallas Cowboys Head Coach: “Rob is a coach’s kind of guy,
    he never quits. Rob set two world records even though he is paralyzed from the
    waist down. He is a man of faith, and I am looking forward to walking with him in
    heaven some day.” (Quote from a network program which Tom Landry hosted.)
  • Author and Speaker Zig Ziglar: “Rob Bryant is an effective speaker! He had our staff
    laughing one minute and crying the next. He is an inspirational man who, by
    example as well as a very effective presentation, is able to give encouragement and
    hope to those who have the privilege of listening to him. He will be a “hit” with your
    group. Rob’s message is timely and challenging — one that you will long remember.
    Rob has a champion’s heart and is an encouragement and inspiration to us all.”
  • Author and Aerobics Authority Kenneth H. Cooper, M.D.: "Rob, I am overwhelmed
    by your accomplishment in the face of unbelievable obstacles! You are worthy of the
    highest praise for motivating millions of people to improve their health and fitness.”

                                                                                        5/14/2012 1:03:23 AM 6889-20_HS 32
A Few Endorsements (Cont’d)

  • Minister Joni Erickson Tada: “Rob believes that we should never give up! God has given us the
    ability to either accept our situation, or change it.“ (Quote from a broadcast)
  • USA Today’s Ben Brown: “The next time you moan about 20 minutes on an exercise bike, think
    about Rob Bryant, a 35-year old aerospace engineer, who has just finished a four-month, 3,280
    mile workout on an oar-equipped tricycle ... Though paralyzed from the waist down, he also
    pushed and pulled himself with crutches over 24 miles from Fort Worth to Dallas!“
  • Former Senator Chuck Robb, Virginia: “Rob, it is with great pleasure that I congratulate you for
    holding two world records and am honored that I could greet you at the finish line at the Capitol.
    Congratulations to you and your family.“
  • Former Governor William Donald Schaefer, Maryland: “It is with great pleasure that I
    congratulate you. This grueling journey, which more than tripled the previous world record, is an
    outstanding and inspirational achievement. I hope you are as proud of your Maryland roots as
    we are of you.“
  • State Senator Roy Dyson, Maryland: “Mr. Speaker, I rise today to pay tribute to [Rob Bryant's
    employer] and to Rob Bryant. Rob Bryant has been a paraplegic since 1982 when he fell 55
    feet from an oil rig. Despite his handicap, he has just completed a courageous 3,280 mile “Row
    Across America”. Mr. Speaker, it is both an honor and a pleasure to salute Rob Bryant today.“
  • Former Congressman Pete Geren, Texas: “Mr. Speaker, strength and perseverance rolled into
    town this week in the heart of Rob Bryant. He has just completed a 3,280 mile journey from Los
    Angeles to Washington, DC on a hand propelled row cycle. Rob Bryant is an author and stands
    tall in our eyes. He is truly an inspiration to all of us.“
  • Senator Kay Granger, Texas: “I commend you for your past and future accomplishments, your
    generosity, and for being the special person for whom we all have the greatest respect and

                                                                                               5/14/2012 1:03:23 AM 6889-20_HS 33
Business Accomplishments

     • CSC Corporate Vice President for Quality
     • Assisted DynCorp in increasing revenue from $900M to $2.1B in
       just four years as a direct report to the President
     • Certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt Trainer; led over 100 teams
       and studies resulting in over $100M in
       savings/revenue/improvements for all divisions of CSC
     • Malcolm Baldridge Sr., Examiner for the National MB Award for
       the Dept. of Commerce assessing quality for the President of the
       United States
     • Served on the “President Bush Business Advisory Council” for two
     • Served as an editor for a book called Quality for Dummies and has
       written several published articles/papers for journals such as
       Quality Digest, Six Sigma Magazine, and others
     • Quality Certifications include ISO-9001:2000, TQM, Process
       Management, ITIL, CMMI, Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Business
       Excellence, and Malcolm Baldridge                              5/14/2012 1:03:23 AM 6889-20_HS 34
Personal Accomplishments

     • Published author of three non-fiction books and negotiating with literary
       agent on two more (a fiction thriller and fictional love stories)
     • HCI (known for the Chicken Soup for the Soul series) has now released
       Bryant’s latest book, Walking Through Adversity
     • Motivational speaker with lnternational Speakers Bureau (;
       has spoken to over 500 business and civic organizations, churches,
       hospitals, universities, high schools, and many other groups
     • Two world records — longest walk by paraplegic (24 miles); and rowing
       3,280 miles on a row machine (Guinness Book of World Records, 1992-
     • Nominated for “Texas Businessman of the Year” by the Texas Republican
     • Nominated as a “National Republican Committee Honorary Chairman” and
       attended a dinner with President G.H. Bush in that capacity
     • Past President of LeTourneau Alumni Association
     • LeTourneau University Instructor — Principles of Self Management;
       Administration Theory and Practice; Strategic Management; Ethics and
                                                                                   5/14/2012 1:03:23 AM 6889-20_HS 35
Experience. Results.

                       5/14/2012 1:03:23 AM 6889-20_HS 36

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