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When engaging the subject of Dubai Free zone company formation, it is enthrilling to note
that Dubai is one of the finest places across the globe to set up and conduct business. Dubai is
renowned the world over for its iconic features. Apart from the icons, it’s important to note that
generally the UAE is experiencing phenomenal growth across the main business areas. These
include real estate, tourism and trading, financial and professional services as well as in the
construction industry.

So, what does Dubai free zone company formation offer anyway? As much as the Dubai
Free zone is not resistant to global crisis, it still provides one of the most excellent business
environments ever. It has actually been established that Dubai overcomes or recovers from a
crisis much faster compared to other places in the globe thus making it a very good place to set
a company or make an investment. Did you know that the United Arab Emirates offers a zero
percent tax incentive for all free zones for not less than fifteen years with a probable extension
of another 15 years?

As far as government involvement and interference in business is concerned, there is very
little, if any. For both commercial and residential premises, rents have been reducing quite
significantly. This makes setting up a company in Dubai free zone a lot cheaper than it was
some time back. Have you heard of an E-office set-up? This set up gives you as an investor a
service and trading license, a three year residence visa and a corporate bank account. This set
up is especially appropriate when registering a company in one of the smaller emirate. It is very
cost effective for smaller companies. The set up can happen with a lower budget. One of the
advantages of the E-office set up is that you do not have to take up expensive office space. The
E-office license allocated is accompanied with a hot-desk facility in the business center at the
free zone.

Before setting up a Dubai free zone company, it is very important to obtain information from
professionals in the industry. Many of these professionals have been dealing with the United
Arab Emirates on a daily basis. This will go a long way in saving you the tussles and hustles of
moving up and down all by yourself. For instance, do you know if your business is eligible or
qualifies in the free zone? Are you aware of restrictions that face your type of business? Do not
take chances, get information from the experts and avoid making bets.

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