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									    Interact With Top Universities Professors through Online

Online education is going to a new direction. At present, students across the globe can be
able to interact with world’s leading professors from top universities.

A new website/service called Faculty Project allows business professors from several top
universities to upload free courses and supplementary course material. What makes it
unique is that it also allows professors to interact with students, and students with each
other, via online discussion boards.

It mainly works as follows: professors from leading distance education universities that
might not have established free online course offerings of their own can broadcast their
lectures and reach a wider audience of students. There are currently 12 classes in varied
disciplines being offered on the website, taught by professors from schools like Duke
University, Dartmouth College and the University of Southern California, all of which are
free and not offered for credit. Professors are not paid for designing the classes.

Some educational faculties question whether the website will be able to attract as many
professors as it hopes. At present, this website is aiming 100 professors to be signed on this
project by year’s end.

Currently, "Foundations of Business Strategy," a course taught by Michael Lenox, a
professor at the University of Virginia's Darden School of Business and "Operations
Management," taught by Gad Allon, a professor at Northwestern University's Kellogg
School of Management are the leading popular classes that got most sign ups. In the next
few years, the Faculty Project plans to offer more business classes, especially core courses
typically taught in distance MBA programs around the country, such as marketing &

The Faculty Project more closely replicates the student experience by encouraging
discussion, questions and idea sharing.

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