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1 | Foldable Koozies
There are numerous strategies as to how you can advertise your business, brand, goods,
services, or event. Contrary to conventional belief, marketing efforts do not need a significant
cash outlay to be effective. These items can be imprinted with your company’s name, logo or
slogan, and handed out during trade shows, events that you sponsor, or as part of your guerilla
marketing effort.

Almost anything can be turned into promotional merchandise. Most advertisers use shirts,
stationary products, small electronics, and other household items to carry their ads or brand
information. With so many promotional items at various price points, advertisers are truly spoilt
for choice, and tailoring their products to their intended audience is very doable. Foldable
koozies are an example of a highly cost efficient promotional item. For the uninitiated,
personalized koozies are fabric or neoprene slip-on sleeves that are used with canned bottled
beers and sodas to keep your hand comfortable and the drink cold. They are very versatile
products because you can order them in various colors and designs, and they basically act as a
blank canvas where you can print your advertising message or simply your brand.

                                                               Foldable koozies or any
                                                               promotional merchandise for that
                                                               matter is primarily utilized for
                                                               branding. Promotional
                                                               merchandise can also be utilized
                                                               to increase traffic to your booth
                                                               during fairs and expos, to
                                                               introduce new products or
                                                               services, or as incentives or gifts
                                                               to employees, partners, and

A study done in UK last year underscored how beneficial using promotional items is to
businesses, regardless of size. For one, that study revealed that promotional merchandise can
deliver a higher or equal ROI than most forms of advertising. Another significant finding in that
study is that about sixty percent of respondents said that their opinion of a brand or company
was more favorable after they received a promotional product. The same research also pointed
out that about 80% of those who received promotional merchandise would be more inclined to

2 | Foldable Koozies
buy from the business later on, and about 70% can recall the brand on the promotional item
even as far as one year from its receipt. What these results demonstrate is that promotional
products are a highly cost-efficient way of promoting your business, and something you should

The primary reason which makes promotional products effective is because they are useful.
Because of their usefulness, consumers are more willing to accept and keep them. By using
these products on a regular basis, the consumer is reintroduced to your brand, thus increasing
the likelihood for brand recall.

3 | Foldable Koozies

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