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Inter Engineering to Distribute Endpoint Protector 2008 in the Balkans

Inter Engineering and CoSoSys announce the closure of a distribution
partnership for the Endpoint Protector 2008 software and related services in
Balkan countries

Larissa, GR and Bucharest, RO, 12. May 2008 – Inter Engineering, one of the main
players on the data security market in the Balkans, and CoSoSys, vendor of network
endpoint security and portable storage device enhancement solutions, announce today
their strategic partnership to distribute the Endpoint Protector 2008 solution and
additional support services in Greece, Cyprus and Malta. The distribution agreement
between Inter Engineering and CoSoSys comes as a natural response to the
increasing demand in Balkan countries for the numerous business and technical
benefits that CoSoSys technology delivers.

In a world where the use of portable and lifestyle devices like USB Flash Drives and
MP3 Players is increasingly transforming the way people work and live, Endpoint
Protector 2008 is designed to maintain productivity and make work and life more
convenient, secure and enjoyable.

Employees play a key role in a company's security and yet many workers do not
understand the danger of removable storage devices. The threats embedded in
portable devices can reach even institutions that place a great focus on security
policies, such as the army. In 2006, flash drives containing classified US military
secrets turned up for sale at a marketplace in Afghanistan. Shopkeepers claimed the
kit was sold to them by cleaners, garbage collectors and other local workers at the
nearby US airbase as LA Times, quoted by IT portal The Registrar, reported at the
time, flash memory drives from the base were being sold in second hand bins.

Endpoint Protector 2008 dramatically reduces the risk posed by internal threats that
could lead to your confidential data being leaked, stolen, damaged or otherwise

“The developments in enterprise needs make Endpoint Security an indisputable part
of a solid Policy” said Josmaarten Swinkels, CEO of Inter Engineering. “CoSoSys
provides solutions which combine quality with flexibility and an attractive pricing
model fitting extremely well in Inter Engineering’s solutions portfolio. We are happy to
work with CoSoSys and optimistic about the future.”

"Inter Engineering has proven to be an absolute first-rate partner committed to the
success of our customers," said Roman Foeckl, director of CoSoSys. "We are pleased
to have such a reputable and experienced company representing us in their home

The distribution agreement also represents CoSoSys entry into the Inter Engineering
marketplace. Working with Inter Engineering will leverage the company’s
comprehensive knowledge of local markets to provide fulfillment and delivery services
as well.
About Inter Engineering
Inter Engineering is one of the few companies in the world dedicated to Data Security.
Founded in 1991 focused on the fighting of computer viruses, through the years the
company has developed invaluable knowledge on numerous highly important Data
Security Issues such as Computer Virus prevention, detection and removal, Content
Security, Cryptography, logical and physical Access Control, Biometrics, Copy
Protection and Data Recovery. Highly responsible Inter Engineering contributes to the
professionalism of data and business integrity protection by means of activities which
range from painstaking research activities up to solution providing.
Inter Engineering offers Consulting, Products and Services. Through a dedicated
channel of reselling partners the territory covered consists of Greece, Cyprus and the
rest of the Balkan countries. Cooperating with globally leading companies and
organizations the most up to date and efficient solutions are guaranteed. More
information about Inter Engineering can be found at

About CoSoSys
CoSoSys SRL specializes in network endpoint security and software development for
portable storage device enhancement. The application portfolio includes functions from
encryption, biometric security, data synchronization and network security. CoSoSys
distributes its products globally through world’s leading hardware manufacturers,
software Distributors, Resellers and directly to users at CoSoSys
enjoys a continuously growing installation base of users worldwide. The company is
headquartered in Cluj-Napoca, Romania and has sales representatives in the United
States, Germany and Asia.

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Press contacts:
CoSoSys Ltd.
Paula Braun
400036 Cluj-Napoca, RO
Tel:      +40-264-593 110
Fax:      +40-264-593 113


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