Request for Proposals Art and Craft Show Revised by shitingting


									      A Request for Proposals (RFP)
        For the Coordination of a
        Fine Art and Craft Show

April 4, 2012

Prepared By:

Exploits Valley Economic Development Corporation and Art

Issuing Agency

Exploits Valley Economic Development Corporation and Art Ex


This request for proposals is to seek coordination for a Fine Art and Craft show in Grand
Falls-Windsor, September 29&30, 2012 as part of Art Ex 2012. It will feature uniquely
talented artists and artisans from the Exploits Valley and across Newfoundland and
Labrador. The consultant will work under the direction of the Art Ex Steering
Committee to carry out all tasks related to the organization, promotion and
implementation of the 2012 event.

Terms of Submission

A copy of the RFP may be obtained by fax, email, or by contacting:

Bev Mercer
Office Manager, EVEDC
5B Bailey Street
GF-W, NL, A2A 2T5
Tel: 709-489-8700
Fax: 709-489-8711

The bidder must provide three (3) bound copies, one (1) unbound copy and one (1)
electronic copy of the proposal to this RFP by mail or delivery to one of the above
addresses no later than the date and time specified in the advertisement for the RFP.

Late, incomplete or partial proposals or submissions, including those sent by fax or email,
will not, without exception or under any circumstances, be accepted. Art Ex and the
EVEDC will ensure that all proposals or submissions submitted before the deadline will
remain sealed until the evaluation process begins.

Art Ex and the EVEDC is not bound to accept the lowest priced bid and may exercise the
right not to select any of the bids submitted under the RFP.

The primary consultant submitting a proposal under this RFP is considered to be
responsible, on behalf of itself and all its partnered sub-contractors, for all undertakings
and deliverables related to the provision of Art Ex and the EVEDC in this RFP.
Art Ex and the EVEDC requires knowing the identity of all sub-contractors, their
experience, personnel and knowledge levels. This information must be explicitly stated
in the proposal submitted by the primary consultant. Sub-contractors will be evaluated as
part of the selection process, and any changes in sub-contractors other than those
specified in the submission, must be approved by the Art Ex Steering Committee.

The primary consultant is also required to submit the names of two (2) references for who
it has supplied similar professional services in related work, planning, and who can be
reached to verify for the record of work, experience, knowledge levels, competency,
creativity, and abilities of the primary consultant to supply the specified requirements of
this RFP.

This RFP is the primary document and should a dispute arise between the RFP and the
consultant proposal than the RFP will supersede the consultant proposal in any legal

Award of Contract

Contracts will be awarded following an evaluation of proposals by the Art Ex and the
Exploits Valley Economic Development Corporation (EVEDC).


All proposals will be evaluated using specific criteria, attributes and characteristics which
have been generated by the EVEDC and Art EX as part of a comprehensive process in
the preparation of this RFP and will be used to evaluate all proposals. Criteria are based
upon the detailed specifications of the scope of work, work schedules, technical
specifications, quality standards, consultant qualifications and other desirable features
and benefits contained in this RFP.

Before the awarding of the bid, the Art Ex Steering Committee will negotiate the final
details of a contract to be signed by Art Ex and the EVEDC and the successful
consultant. Art Ex will enter into a contract with the primary consultant only. There will
be no contracts entered into between Art Ex, the EVEDC and any sub-contractors.


Art Ex and the EVEDC will be responsible for all stages of the bidding process, selection
of the successful consultant or consultant team, the award of the contract and the
successful completion of the contract, including all deliverables.
                              SCHEDULE OF EVENTS


Given the requirements of the overall implementation schedule, extension options are not

All potential consultants who have requested or known to have obtained copies of the
RFP, will be notified of any changes should they occur after its publication.

Project Milestones

The project milestones are as follows:

   1. Publication of RFP
   2. Submission of proposals
   3. Evaluation of proposal/award of contract
   4. Start-up meeting
   5. Implementation of Project
   6. Monthly Presentations to Art Ex Steering Committee
   7. Event Preparation
   8. Commencement of Event
   9. Follow-up
   10. Final Report


Notification of this RFP will be published in The Advertiser.

All consultants who have questions concerning the RFP, should contact the following

Bev Mercer
Office Manager, EVEDC
5B Bailey Street
GF-W, NL, A2A 2T5
Tel: 709-489-8700
Fax: 709-489-8711

The awarding of the contract will be made by Art Ex and the EVEDC based upon the
results of the evaluation of submitted proposals. Art Ex and the EVEDC will notify the
successful consultant in writing. Those that are not successful will receive written
notification within approximately ten (10) days of the selections when the award of
Contract has been accepted and that negotiations have been concluded with the successful
Art Ex and the EVEDC reserves the right not to explain in detail why the unsuccessful
consultants were not selected.

If the successful consultant wishes to accept the contract and concludes final negotiations
with Art Ex and the EVEDC, the contract will commence when external funding has
been approved.

All data, concept plans, designs, presentation materials, and reports and related
information produced by the consultant in completing this strategy shall be the property
of Art Ex, the EVEDC and its immediate funding partners.
                               STATEMENT OF WORK


 Began as a project of the Exploits Valley Economic Development Corporation in 2010
Art Ex, a multi day visual art experience which continues to evolve and grow, is the result
of careful and considerable planning with artists, community groups and multiple levels
of government. Art Ex supports and encourages the professional development and show
casing of the visual arts and other art forms in the Exploits region. It provides a highly
visible platform for artists while engaging residents and enhancing the profile of the
region. Art Ex has built a broader audience for the arts in the region, by promoting an
awareness of local talent, showcasing art and by encouraging residents to take ownership
of their visual culture.

The Exploits Valley Economic Development Corporation (EVEDC) is responsible for the
facilitation of economic development projects in communities in Zone 12 (from Buchans
to Norris Arm and all communities in between).

Scope of Work

Working under the direction of the steering committee, the contracted will provide the
following services:

           -   Projected minimum of forty five (45) booths
           -   coordinate event within the assigned budget scope
           -   administration
           -   application development and processing
           -   invoicing and collecting payments and fees from exhibitors
           -   management of space and peripheral requirements
           -   promotion
           -   advertising and sponsorship development
           -   planning and implementation of special event features
           -   attend ArtEx meetings and provide adequate reporting to the Art Ex
               steering committee
           -   provide efficient delivery of service and support to exhibitors participating
               in the event.
           -   manage all internal/external services
           -   manage volunteer staff
           -   be responsible for set-up and strike of the Fine Art and Craft Show
           -   coordinate all on-site elements of the Fine Art and Craft Show
           -   present final report and financial statement to Art Ex within two weeks of
               the event
Proposal requirements

Proposals are expected to include:

   -   a cover letter briefly summarizing who the project manager and team members
       are, the firms (sub-contractors) involved and total budget including professional
       fees, expenses including HST.

   -   identification of project manager and consultant team members, along with a brief
       description of their respective roles and qualifications;

   -   description of the project organization and management system, as well, company
       profiles of the primary consultant and sub-contractors or consultant team.

   -   methodology

   -   a minimum of two (2) references from any applicable projects involving similar
       scope and scale;

   -   time and task allocation of team members;

   -    schedule of project activities

   -   itemized project cost including fee structure, staff cost, overhead and other related
       expenses, including HST, as well as, a suggested/preferred payment schedule.

The consultant may highlight limitations or difficulties envisioned and make suggestions
on issues that Art Ex and the EVEDC did not address in this RFP which may be critical
to the successful completion of this report.

Work Schedule

The proposed schedule of work is approximately 5 months from the award of contract to
the completion and presentation of the final report.


During the assignment, the consultant team will be required to meet with Art Ex Steering
Committee at least eight (8) times. There will be an initial meeting at start-up, monthly
committee meeting and the last meeting with the presentation of the final draft strategy.
The consultant team will be required to supply three (3) copies of the final report and all
related documents and supporting material.


The budget for this project has yet to be determined.


The consultant team will provide a single contact name (the senior project manager),
address, telephone, fax and email where the manager can be contacted.

All communications by the consultant should be addressed to the following

Bev Mercer
Office Manager, EVEDC
5B Bayley Street
GF-W, NL, A2A 2T5
Tel: 709-489-8700
Fax: 709-489-8711


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