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									                                      Rental Application


First, Full Middle, Last Name:

Current Address:

Previous Address:

Home Phone / Cell Phone

What Date Would You Be Available to Move in?

Indicate length of time lived at current address (number of years and months). Do you rent or own?

If you rent, provide name of landlord and phone number below:

Social Security Number:

Date of Birth

Driver’s License Number
                                      Rental Application

Applicant Name _______________________________________

Provide name, phone number and type of relationship with 2 people who will not be living with you.

Indicate approximately how long you intend to rent/lease the property.

List names/ages of everyone to reside in the home. Anyone age 18+ must complete an application.

Have you ever been evicted from a rental? Answer yes or no, and if yes provide details.

Have you ever been the subject of a court hearing regarding a rental dispute? Answer yes or no, and if
yes provide details.


List your current occupation/ title

List Employer’s Name: Address; Name of person to contact; Contact Phone Number:
                                       Rental Application

Applicant Name ______________________________________

Length of Employment, number of years and months:

Salary (indicate whether hourly, weekly, bi-weekly or annual). Indicate pay frequency:

Do you have another source of income? If yes please describe amount and source below:


How is your credit? Choose from excellent, good, fair or poor. List credit score if known:

Explain credit flaws in detail:

Do you give April Linn Property Management, LLC permission to order a copy of your credit report? If
you answer No your application may be disregarded. If yes, please sign and date below.

My signature and date authorizes April Linn Property Management, LLC to order and review my
consumer credit summary which will include results of my credit history search, criminal record
search and tenant eviction search. I also give authorization for a search of my employment
history and any other personal data relevant to my qualification for tenancy.

List the types and amounts of your current monthly expenses other than rent and utilities. Include car
payment, child support, credit cards and loan repayments, garnishments, other:

                                       Rental Application


Have you ever been convicted of a crime? If yes, explain in detail including dates.



Below please provide any additional information or explanation to any questions.


                We do not discriminate based on ancestry, race, color, religion, sex, disability,
                       familial status, national origin or military status.

                                         April Linn Property Management, LLC
                                               Trudi Simpson, Owner and President

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