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Relocation_Checklist by shitingting


									                         EMPLOYEE RELOCATION PROCEDURE CHECKLIST


Prepares offer letter, which includes intent/limits   Negotiates with Dept Chair any special
for reimbursement of moving costs.                    circumstances associated with moving
                                                      to Madison.
If offer accepted, prepares a "Request for
Reimbursement of Moving Expenses" form.
Forward completed/approved form to
Dennis Manthey, 2703 Engr Hall.

Determines funding sources to cover costs.

Advises new employee of plans/limits and              Reviews resources and contacts Dept
points to resources. Advise of website or             with questions. Learns what costs are
send paper.                                           reimbursable, and that all costs have to be
                                                      paid by the employee.
Advises new employee of UW contracts
with moving companies. No other estimates             New employee makes arrangements with
are required if employee uses a contract vendor.      UW contract vendor. If UW contract
                                                      vendor not used, then employee obtains
Advises new employee that if a UW contract            3 estimates from other moving vendors.
vendor is not used, 3 estimates from moving           If lowest estimate not accepted, then
vendors are required.                                 employee must explain.

Collects original receipts and documents              Submits all original paid receipts, bill
from new employee and prepares TER.                   of lading, and copies of all estimates to
Attach approved copy of request form                  Dept Financial Manager.
and copies of all estimates. Click to view
sample TER.

Obtains Dept Chair approval on TER
and forwards to Dennis Manthey,
2703 Engineering Hall.

Contacts Dennis Manthey for any advice,
or unusual issues or claims.

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