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									                                      Resume of

                     Himel Nag Rana
                   5+ Years Experienced Software Professional
                    75/J, Indira Road (1st Floor), Farmgate, Dhaka – 1215.
               ninza.red@gmail.com, +880-1711-664049, +880-1714-069340

I am a 6 years experienced software professional having experience in Software
development, Software Quality assurance, Managing software projects and managing IT
process. I have working experience in enterprise level software and IT solution
(developing, maintain and managing them). Through my working experience and
innovation in thought process, I am able to take any challenge in the field of managing
and coordinating any software and IT process.

Generally, in an environment where people can work with self-motivation and scope for
applying innovation, my best outputs are available. I want to work with responsibility in
an environment where I can enrich my career in a process of contributing to the
organization goal attainment.

Work Experience [Total 6 years 5 months till April, 2012]
Project Manager, Development Team
LooseMonkies LLC (www.bjitgroup.com)
November, 2011 ~ Till Now (6 Months)
– Leading the development team.
– Bridging between local management and offshore management.
- Implement the architecture and product design developed by the product
development team.

Manager, SQA Line,
BJIT Limited (www.bjitgroup.com)
December, 2010 ~ November, 2011 (11 months)
– Administrative actions for managing the department (resourcing, allocation, placeme
nt, appraisal,
recruitment etc.)
– Bridging between Project Management, QA Team and Stakeholders.
– Requirement analysis.
– System analysis.
– Verify, document, manage and communicate project status reports to stakeholders.
– Take part in creating test plans, test designs and other SQA process deliverables.
Software Engineer, Enterprise Line
BJIT Limited (www.bjitgroup.com)
April, 2010 ~ December, 2010 (9 months)
– Developing an Organization Management Tool (projects, tasks, time, invoice, bills, pa
yments etc.).
– Communicating with Overseas Project Manager and Team.
– Leading the local development team.
– Bridging between local management and offshore management.

Development Team Leader, PHP Team,
Praxis ICT Limited (www.praxisict.com)
May, 2009 ~ March, 2010 (11 months)
– Lead the PHP Development Team.
– Design Software Architecture and work flow.
– Allocation of tasks and resources.
– Conducting with Overseas Clients.
– Coding PHP software.

Software Engineer, PWM Team
Athena Software Associates (www.athenasoft.com)
December, 2007 ~ April, 2009 (1 year 5 months)
– Requirement Analysis.
– Preparing Design Documents.
– Communicating with Overseas Client and QA team members.
– Developing ECommerce Web Applications.

Web Programmer,
ECommerce Broad Band Limited (www.ecbb.co.jp)
January, 2007 ~ November, 2007 (11 months)
– Requirement Analysis.
– Database Design.
– Conducting with Overseas Client.
– Developing Web Application
Freelance Software Developer,
Self Employed
July, 2006 ~ December, 2006 (6 months)
– Worked as freelance service provider at Rentacoder.com (now vworker.com).
– Worked in php sites and scripts development.

Software Developer (Intern),
Advanced Software Development (www.asdbd.com)
December, 2005 ~ June, 2006 (7 months)
– Completed Undergrad project work “Office Automation Through Mobile Phone”.
– Mobile platform software development.
– Developed Server Side application for sending and receiving SMS and connecting
– Client application and connectivity to server.

Masters of Business Administration (MBA),
2007 ~ 2009
Major in Management Information Systems (MIS),
University of Dhaka,
Achieved Grade ‘B+’ [CGPA 3.49 in a scale of 4.00].

Bachelor of Science (Engineering),
2001 ~ 2006
Major in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE),
Shah Jalal University of Science and Technology,
Achieved Grade ‘B’ [CGPA 3.03 in a scale of 4.00].

Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC),
1998 ~ 2000
Major in Science,
Notre Dame College, Dhaka Board,
Achieved 83.8% Marks.

Secondary School Certificate (SSC),
1988 ~ 1998
Major in Science,
Mymensingh Zilla School, Dhaka Board,
Achieved 87.6% Marks.
Photography,   New    Technologies,   Web,   Blogging,   Browsing,   Music   and    Social

External Links
Blog             : http://nagbaba.blogspot.com, http://subzerotester.blogspot.com
Twitter          : http://twitter.com/nagbaba
LinkedIn         : http://www.linkedin.com/in/hnrana

Skill Matrix

           Skill / Tool                 Level       Experience         Last Used
               HTML                     Expert                           8M ago
                                                          6Y             /Now
                CSS                     Expert                           8M ago
            JavaScript                  Expert                           8M ago
   (Raw, Jquery, Mootools, DoJo)                                         /Now
 PHP (Raw, Codeigniter, Cakephp,        Expert                           8M ago
          zend, symfony)                                                 /Now
        MySQL, MongoDB                  Medium                           8M ago
         Microsoft Access               Expert            6Y             8M ago
                UML                     Expert            4Y             8M ago
           Active Collab                Expert            2Y             1.5Y ago
            Basecamp                    Expert            2Y             2Y ago
                Trac                    Expert            1Y             Current
                RTH                     Medium            1Y             Current
               BBST                     Medium            1Y             Current
             Selenium                   Medium            4M             3M ago
          Apache JMeter                 Medium            4M             3M ago
                QTP                     Medium            3M             3M ago
             QA Audit                   Expert            7M             Current
             Test Plan                  Expert            7M             Current
           Test Design                  Expert            7M             Current
             Test Case                  Expert            7M             Current
      Checklist Based Testing           Expert            7M             Current
                SVN                     Expert            5Y             Current
                GIT                     Medium            1Y             Current
Project Reference
Development Projects
Job Portal With Exclusive Features
A product of LooseMonkies LLC
Symfony, mongoDB, Varnish, Redis, Apache Solr, Memcache, Project Manager

Project and Organization Management Tool
A product of Nomovok Limited (Finland) (www.nomovok.com)

American Homes Rental / Florida Rentals
Resort Reservation System
A product Developed at Praxis ICT Limited
Joomla, Codeigniter, MySQL, Team Lead

NexTalk Pinless
Web Portal for VOIP Services
A product of NexTalk Communications Corporation
PHP, CSS, JavaScript, Asterix Billing Module

Premium Web Marketing Tools
ECommerce Portal Suit
A product of Paul Jenkins (www.premiumwebmarketing.com )
PHP, CSS, jQuery
Amazing Web Wealth
Ecommerce Portal Integration Site
A product of Paul Jenkins (www.premiumwebmarketing.com )
PHP (Codeigniter, Raw), MySQL, Javascript (Raw, DoJo, Yahoo Ajax Api, JsVal library)

College Networking Site for Students
A product of Yasuhiro Matsuura (www.ecbb.co.jp )
PHP (Mojavi Framework), MySQL, JavaScript
Bizr Net
Video Sharing Application
A product of Yasuhiro Matsuura (www.ecbb.co.jp )
PHP (Mojavi Framework), MySQL, JavaScript

QA Projects
Online Accounting with CRM
Online ERP system
Test case design, test case writing, test case execution, exploratory testing, reporting.

Denkidei Keisen / Denkeisan
Billing Application for IOS platform
Test case design, test case writing, test case execution, exploratory testing, reporting.

Android Book Reader
E-book Reader Application for Android Devices
Test case design, test case writing, test case execution, exploratory testing, reporting.

Via Flash
A Flex based application for Media Sharing
Test case design, test case writing, test case execution, exploratory testing, reporting.

Media Pilot
DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) based Desktop Application
Test case design, test case writing, test case execution, exploratory testing, reporting.

Sanako Exercise Portal
Distant Learning Portal
Test plan, Test Design, Checklist based Testing, Exploratory Testing.

References will be provided upon requirement.

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