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					Try turn off the flash

Automatic flash built-in flash in a dark place is very convenient, but if they can according to the
scene to distinguish between open, close the state that photographs will be more perfect. Turn
off the flash when you want to preserve the atmosphere of the scene, you can get moving
pictures of the scene in the movie.

Atmosphere shooting automatic mode, turn off the flash using the flash shooting

Usually the initial settings of the camera are set to ensure that the built-in flash to Auto Flash,
can take bright pictures in the dark places. This is a very handy feature, and apply to travel and so
on when the snap. But because of a unique flash of light, sometimes shoot photos similar to the
ID photo. And that the camera can not automatically according to the flash light to judge the
overall scope of the subject brightness, flash light in the distant background as shown in the
photo, very dark. The initial settings of the camera is set to the error in accordance with any
person shooting does not appear. This idea is of course right, however in order to shoot more
interesting photos, you need to take the camera to certain adjustments.

Flash flash OFF shooting, the flash is not luminous, only rely on the site of light shooting. Flash
flash photography, the only character in front of light, the background becomes dark, and the
available light shooting, the overall picture is bright, the ultimate effect is to reflect the mood at
that time. However, because of the lack of available light, slow shutter speed, it is necessary to
firmly hold the camera. In addition, compared with the use of flash photos, the overall easier to
slight color cast. But look at the photo itself effect or such an approach shot out of a more natural
effect, the overall feel looks more comfortable. Even if there is a color cast, but are warm, so not

Feel the flash is too strong to try to turn off the flash to shoot

The flash itself can be dark scenes film is bright, but does not need the flash anytime, anywhere.
The initial settings of the camera to prevent shooting errors, set the automatic flash built-in flash
when around darken. But when the flash of light and indoor lighting does not match, can easily
lead to photo color bluish white. Then you can try to turn off the flash to shoot. The results
showed that without a flash to fully maintain the atmosphere actually see room deep inside the
location has enough brightness. Shutter speed will be reduced, so firmly fixed camera shot.

Background if the glass should turn off the automatic flash flash mode shooting

The background of the glass to reflect the flash light, flash light-emitting significantly reflected in
the glass. Then turn off the flash will be able to prevent the glass reflection. Not just shoot people
in many other scenes.
 Turn off the flash shooting

By banning flash flash to eliminate the reflection on the glass. In addition, because the flash does
not flash, the background is bright enough to fully reflects the atmosphere of the scene. Not only
is glass, mirrors in the background, turn off the flash is also very effective.

 Is set to close the flash mode

Try to flash mode is set to turn off the flash mode as shown. The sudden appearance of a flash,
then, in the quiet store will affect the people around you. It is usually set to turn off flash mode.
Flash instant light, difficult to grasp the background and the flash of light reflection of the
reflection position is difficult to match. Especially the flash in flash can not predict the reflection
where stars is difficult to determine the location of the reflection. Windows and doors and the
camera angle is not always vertical, the reflection angle also with the situation changing. The
reflectivity of the glass is very troublesome thing. The glass objects in the tank is the most
difficult, because the opposite is also glass, so to predict the reflection is very difficult. Water tank
and some also with the surface, but flash photography is the enemy of. In a similar scene, the
ideal approach is to abandon the use of flash from the very beginning, by virtue only of the scene
of light shooting.

Flash of color and sunlight is coordinated

Even in digital photography, flash photography are more difficult to master skills. Front of the icon
behind the object will be reflective or shoot out the background darken, beginners can be
confusing, I do not know how to deal with. If you can adjust the flash light used, and can also
prevent the background becomes extremely dim. If there are no conditions to be adjusted or
background reflector, it is best to turn off the flash. Difficult to use flash indoors, but is actually
very convenient when used outdoors. The flash light is very similar to the color of sunlight, it
does not produce the obvious incongruity of both light mixed. On cloudy days when you try.

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