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					                     Queens’ College, Cambridge
   1962 Anniversary Celebration Invitation Dinner
          and Queens’ Alumni Weekend
            Dinner - Saturday 23rd June 2012; 7.00pm for 7.30pm
Please return this form by 8th June freepost or as an email attachment (Word document) to:
The President, Queens' College, Cambridge CB3 9YA or
Information will be used to compile a matriculation year group ‘Who’s Who’.
This publication will be made available at the Dinner and privately circulated
to all matriculants in your year.
Members of your year attend free. The charge for your guest is £51.00. A 1.37% bank
surcharge is levied on Credit Card payments. There is no surcharge for Debit Cards or
cheques. Refunds on cancellations are available up to four working days before the event.
If you do not receive an acknowledgment within five working days, please email us at

Yes, I wish to attend:                          No, I regret that I am unable to attend,
                                                but I have completed the Who’s Who:
Full Name (include title and suffixes):


Preferred Telephone:                                             Email:

For your Who’s Who

Name of spouse/partner:                                                          Relationship:
(include title)


Current and Past Employment (position, employer and dates – please continue on a separate sheet if necessary):

Recreations and any other information:

Please add any comments or messages you would like to send your year group:

If you do not wish your news to be added to the News of Members which may be published
in the Queens’ College Record, please tick this box:
Your Event Registration
Name(s) of guest(s):
(include title, full name and suffixes)

Dietary Requirements:
                              Your guest(s):

Disabled Parking required (for registered disabled badge holders only)?                 Yes:              No:

Other requirements e.g. seating requests:

Members of Queens’ are welcome to bring as many guests as they wish to the Alumni Dinner, as long as appropriate
payment is received. Members attending the 1962 Celebration Dinner are guests of the College. Your guest or guests
incur the standard charge of £51.00 per person.
Unfortunately the College premises are not designed for the needs of children, nor would planning consent be given
to adapt its buildings to comply with the relevant requirements. We are, therefore, unable to accommodate children,
that is, persons below the age of 16 years old, on the premises.
A free park and ride service provides parking at the College Sports Ground for the duration of the Alumni Weekend
and a shuttle bus service between Queens’ College and the College Sports Ground on Barton Road. The buses will run
from 11.30am until 2.30pm on Saturday 23rd June and from 11.45am until 2.30pm on Sunday 24th June.

I/we would like to attend the following:

Saturday 23rd June                                              Price               Number                Total (£)
Park & Ride (please indicate the number of cars)                Free                                      £ Free

Lunch (Cripps Hall)                                             Pay as you dine                            N/A

Bats Play in Cloister Court                                     Free                                      £ Free

Afternoon Tea                                                   Free                                      £ Free

Anniversary Celebration Invitation Dinner - Member              Free                                      £ Free

Alumni Dinner - Guest(s)                                        £51.00 each                           £

Twin room and breakfast (number of rooms required)              £70.00 per room
Single room and breakfast (number of rooms required)            £47.00 per room
Sunday 24 June
Guided tour of the College (20 places available)                Free                                      £ Free

Commemoration of Benefactors Service                            Free                                      £ Free

Drinks in the President’s Lodge                                 Free                                      £ Free

Lunch (Cripps Hall)                                             Pay as you dine                            N/A

                                                                                  SUBTOTAL:           £

                                                   CREDIT CARD SURCHARGE AT 1.37%:                    £

                                                                                     TOTAL:           £
Anniversary Gift
To celebrate your Anniversary, we would be grateful if you would consider making a donation to Queens’ College.

Here is my gift of:

Method of payment:                UK Cheque:                      Credit/Debit card:                                      Sterling Bank Draft/
                                                                  (surcharge not applicable)                              Charity Voucher

I would like my Anniversary Gift                            Teaching and Research:                                        Undergraduate Students:
to benefit (please tick):
                                                            General Funds and                                             Graduate Students:
                                                            the Endowment:

Gift Aid Declaration
I am a UK taxpayer and I want Queens’ to treat all donations I have made since 6 th April 2000, and all donations I make
from the start of this declaration until I notify you otherwise, as Gift Aid donations.
The Queens’ College of Saint Margaret and Saint Bernard in the University of Cambridge is registered with The Charity
Commission for England and Wales, Number 1137495.

Signature:                                                                                                            Date:

Payment for your guest(s), your accommodation and your donation

Method of payment:                                          UK Cheque:                                      Credit/Debit card:

Credit/Debit Cardholder’s Name:

Credit/Debit Card number*:

*Please note that your card details will be destroyed following the transaction and a receipt will be sent.

Visa Credit:                        Visa Debit:                               Delta:                        Mastercard:                         Maestro:

Valid From:                           Expiry Date:                               Security Code:                                     Maestro Issue no:

                                                                                (last three digits on reverse of card)

Please tick relevant boxes below

I enclose a cheque payable to Queens’ College for my guest/my gift (delete as appropriate):

I am pleased to donate the sum as above to the College and authorise Queens’ College to debit my account:

I am paying for my guest, and authorise the College to debit my account, including the 1.37%
surcharge if appropriate:

All data is securely held in the College’s Alumni and Development Office and will be treated confidentially and with sensitivity for the benefit of Queens’ College
and its Members. Selected data is available to the University, and occasionally to Alumni volunteers and agents contracted by the College for specific Alumni-
related projects. Data is used for a full range of Alumni activities, including the sending of College publications, the promotion of benefits and services to
Members, the notification of Members’ events and the raising of funds for Queens’.Under the terms of the 1998 Data Protection Act you have the right to object
to the use of your data for any of these purposes.

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