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									Gold Rings Are Important Things

Gold is a precious metal that has been loved by women throughout the world. It's
yellow color glitters brightly and is unparalleled in beauty. Gold rings have been
worn on the fingers for centuries. Earlier, gold rings were simple hoops worn
around the ring finger and thumb.

In Greece gold bands were worn. In Rome, only people of military or civil rank
were allowed to wear gold rings. Later, freeborn citizens were allowed to adorn
gold rings. The middle ages saw the advent of the gold engagement ring set with
precious gemstones. Gold rings marked a kings coronation and a gold seal ring
with St. Peter in a fishing boat is given to every Pope and is destroyed after his

Gold rings made a complete transformation over time and now are found in a
variety of shapes, sizes, and set with precious gemstones, which enhances their
beauty. Gold rings are now worn on every finger and are also decorated with
enamel and stones. Gold rings with intricate designs like netted and floral designs
are more expensive than a plain one, as it involves a lot of time and workmanship
to create such masterpieces. The Victorian collection is said to one of the finest
jewelry with detailed designing.

The gold engagement rings, wedding rings, memorial rings, mourning rings, and
several others became the order of the day and fashionable. The gold wedding
rings that signify commitment were originally worn only by the woman, but now
it has become common for both the bride and groom to wear them.
It helps to know a bit about gold before venturing to buy a gold ring. As gold is
considered to be a soft metal, it can lose shape easily. For regular wear, a ring
made from lower karat gold is advisable, and the rings that will be worn sparingly
can be made with 24 karat gold, which is pure gold and is more expensive. 18
karat gold is made with 75% gold and 25% alloy, and this makes it stronger but
less expensive. For an engagement ring or a wedding ring, which need to be worn
on a daily basis, it is practical to buy 14 karat gold rings, which are the most
popular. Gold rings need to be washed with soap and warm water and dried
properly before storing them in their original boxes.

Gold rings make perfect gifts for any occasion. A single large sapphire set in gold
brings a glint to the eye and so does a ring with three small diamonds set closely.
Most rich families hand down gold heirlooms on special occasions such as
weddings. There could be no better pleasure in life than slipping a beautiful gold
ring on the finger of a beloved.

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