Lego More and Less by ColleenPatton

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									© Colleen Patton, 2012
• Stack of 10 Legos for each person (preferably each
  person will have 10 of the same color which are
  different from their partner’s)
• 1-6 dot or numbered dice
• 1 game board for each set of partners (laminate for

Game Play:
1. Each player places one Lego at start.
2. Player 1 rolls the dice.
3. They move their Lego tower that many spaces and
   follow directions on that space if there are any. (If
   they land on 2 more, they add 2 more Legos to their
   tower, if they land on 1 less, they take away a Lego,
4. Player 2 takes their turn.
5. Continue taking turns until both players’ Lego towers
   have reached the finish space.
6. The winner is the one with the tallest Lego tower at
   the end of the game.

                                © Colleen Patton, 2012

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