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									                    Integrated Marketing - What it is and It's Importance to your Business

        Integrated marketing is the holistic approach to communication in marketing. It is about making
        sure that you are being consistent in your marketing plan both online and offline. This will help
        you by optimizing your marketing medium/s and investing your money towards the most effective

        We could look at marketing in two segments - online and offline. The marketing arena is shifting
        and you will find the most optimum result by utilizing an integrated approach. Working on a multi-
        channel environment which utilises integrated marketing will bring multiple advantages to your

        You have to ensure that your marketing campaign is seamlessly executed across all platforms,
        with a consistent tone and message online and in print. Target your budget towards the best mix
        of marketing tools for your business. You don't need to spend valuable time briefing and looking
        for services among multiple agencies.

        Ensure that overall brand design, ideas, and marketing intelligence contributes and merges to
        deliver a more creative and insightful strategy for your business.

        Integrated marketing works across all technologies - emerging and traditional – and embrace new
        innovations that should benefit you and your clients.

        Consistency is the key in making sure that consumers understand your marketing message which
        in turn leads to a successful result and great return on your investment.

        In the recent years, the emergence of mobile and social media marketing integration is a positive
        sign that the trends and methods will be predictable yet expect that traditional marketing may
        continue to diminish.

        Companies now heavily integrate social media and mobile marketing into their overall marketing
        plan - which is actually a wise move.

        Customers will continue to go online to search for information and in return making their
        purchases online. By this, interactive or real-time marketing is easy to measure, engage and gain
        real time statistics that allows you to change a marketing message quickly. It is important that as
        marketers, you should move your marketing dollars to where the consumers are, which nowadays,
        is making a big shift online.

        Can you imagine how integrating your marketing message and using not only online but offline
        marketing strategies for a campaign can increase your visibility, yet increases cost in a minimal

        Yes, that is why integrated marketing is important.

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