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					              The Importance of Dafza Directory
Are you looking for an effective way to let your clients know about your business in the cost-free
zones? The Dafza directory is a great way for you to do this. This directory has been in use
for many years now by many traders and it enables traders attain their best in their businesses.
The directory is also perfect for managing the exchange of information inside the cost-free zone.

With a publication in this directory, it will be easy for you to reach people who are interested
in doing business in the Dubai Airport cost-free zone. In fact, you can use the directory to
strengthen the presence of your business on Dubai soil. The whole directory is filled with all key
specifics in relation to business possibilities in Dubai cost-free zones and the adjoining places.
Even if you want to know more about the Dafza business, this directory is a good source of
information for you.

It is divided into three categories mainly:
•         Alphabetical listing

•      Item section

•       Service section
Being one of the leading commercial hubs in the world, having your business in Dubai Airport
Freezone enables overseas companies have access to a market of exceptional market potential
– which is very good for businesses of different sectors. To enjoy this exposure, using the dafza
directory will make it easy for you to find basic information on the Dubai Airport free zone. Being
a perfect source of information, it also enables you to know about all the leading firms operating
within the cost free zones. Subsequently, you will be able to gather the required specifics
and locate your required merchandise and solution within the cost-free zone. The best part
about using this directory is that you will be able to find the best and affordable spot to invest.
What’s more, with the directory constantly aiming to improve on its services, many also get the
opportunity to properly handle the exchange of details within the free of charge zone making
your mission possible.

No matter your business sector, Dubai Airport Freezone can significantly help your business
reach all its goals. International investors can also enjoy a dynamic growth in this zone due to
the strategic location, 100% tax exemption, no currency restrictions, and 100% ownership. The
free zones also offer a wide range of modern facilities and infrastructure. To find out which types
of businesses are operating inside this zone, stick closely to the dafza directory and you will be
able to get all the information you need to best locate your business in this zone.