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					                   2012 EntRY FoRmS paCkEt
               Special and Collector Vehicles Raising Funds for Lions Charities Since 1967
                                          ALTO H                    46th                                    ALTO L
                                      O                            AnnuAl                               O


                                                                                                • PAL
                              • PAL

                                                                                                                        NS •
                                                 T •


                                   O                                                                AR

                                                                                                            I T I E S, I

                                          NS CL

                             Sunday, June 24, 2012, Stanford University

     2012 A mericAn m Arque

Dodge, Desoto, Plymouth and Chrysler

                                                                                                              2012 europeAn m Arque

                                                                                              Fiat, Ferrari, Maserati and Alfa Romeo

             Ticket or Entry information - 650-813-1100 - -
Admission: Advance sale $20, Day of event $25 Age 12 to 21 with valid I.D. or Senior Citizens, $10. Under 12 are free
                                (Special rates for advance sales. Please call 650-813-1100)
                                           PayPal Payment Option Available
                                                          ConCours FIELD
                                           Sand Hill Road at Pasteur Drive, Stanford University
                  An SCCA
               Sanctioned Event                    Automobile photography courtesy Ron Kimball Studios

Welcome to the Palo Alto Concours 2012                                                         Car Entry
                                                                                               Car entry registrations are due NO LATER than April 6. Any request to

T    he Palo Alto Concours d’Elegance, the charitable arm the Palo Alto Host
     Lions Club welcomes you to Palo Alto Concours 2012. Money raised from
this event helps support local visually and hearing impaired organizations, diabet-
                                                                                               apply received after that date may not be considered and/or may not be
                                                                                               listed in program book. Please see entry form for stepped up entry due
                                                                                               dates and registration fees.
ic support groups and facilities, in addition to hospitals, youth and senior groups            For information contact Rob O’Neill,
and centers.                                                                                   Corral
        This year’s American Marque are cars within the Chrysler Corporation;                  Corral-application must be postmarked before June 1
Dodge, Plymouth and Chrysler. The European Marque is the Fiat Corporation.                     Entry Fee-$50.00 includes:
The Gallery of the Greats will feature cars you may never have the opportunity to              • Admissions to Concours: one car-two adults
see anywhere else; non-judged vehicles that owners want to share with the public,              • Morning Refreshments for two
and a special tent of miniature engines that actually work!                                    • Cars are for display only • No judging or trophies
        The week-end of events include:
                                                                                               • No trailers allowed in Corral Special Exhibit area
saturday Afternoon
        The Drive held on Saturday June 23rd is where a driver and their compan-               Cars for sale
ion can enjoy a scenic drive leaving from the Concours field at approximately                  Registration Fee-$75.00 includes:
1:00 PM, driving a designated route to the Pacific Coast and ending back on the                • Admission to Concours: one car-two adults
Concours field in time for dinner! The Drive participants are welcome to partici-              • Morning Refreshments for two
pate in just the Drive and/or stay for dinner.                                                 • Cars for Sale area is first-come first-served parking only
saturday evening                                                                                  If you wish to be parked next to a particular car it is suggested that
        Enjoy friends and conversation at the no host wine and hosted appetizers                  you arrive together
get together on the field starting at 4:00 PM, and elegant sit down dinner in the              • No trailers allowed in Car For Sale area
Patrons Pavilion at 5:30 that will include hosted wine and beer service.                       • No judging or trophies awarded • Cars are for display only
                                                                                               • No tents or pop-ups
       Car displays, food court, entertainment, exhibits, memorabilia and mer-                 the Drive
chant vendors.                                                                                 Registration-application must be postmarked before May 1
       For those who want to enjoy a little more pampering, the Patrons Pavilion on            Registration Fee-$50.00 The Drive Only, One car two participants
Sunday is the place to be:                                                                     • Souvenir Route Book
       Continental Breakfast, a Mimosa Bar, preferred award ring side seating,                 • 12:00 PM car review - 1:00 PM departure
catered seated lunch including wine and/or beer and unlimited non alcoholic                    • No judging or trophies awarded
beverage service are all on the menu for this memorable event.                                 the Drive and Dinner-$85.00 per person
       For up to date information on the Concours visit our web page:, Facebook and Twitter updates.                                      saturday night Dinner
       We hope you will be as excited as we are about your participating as a guest,           No host wine bar 4 PM
applicant or sponsor. We hope that, as any of the above, you come and enjoy the                Dinner 5:30 PM
day. We hope, through donating, that together we can make a difference in the                  Cost: $75.00 per person
world of those who need help.                                                                  Contact: Joan Peterson, for further information or questions,
                               Christine Cheshire                                    
                                 Executive Director
                                                                                               Patrons Pavilion
                                                                                               • Admission to Concours or Patrons Pavilion does not include car entry
                                                                                               • Shaded ramp-side table seating
All Applicants must                                                                            • Continental Breakfast (Mimosa Bar)
Complete, sign and return through on line registration, email, or US Mail                      • Served lunch including wine and beer. Continuous non alcoholic service
• Completed and signed car entry form* to include car insurance                                Cost: $75.00 per person
    carrier information                                                                        Contact: Joan Peterson, for further information or questions,
• Enclose recent photo of car entry                                                  
• Applicant Payment and Recap form                                                                          For more information regarding any
• Enclose check or provide credit card information for car entry,
    dinner and/or patrons pavilion reservations
                                                                                                                    of the above events
On the day of the event all car entries must be:                                                                 please call 650-813-1100,
• Registered and on the field ready to start by 9:00 AM-registration                                                or visit website at:
    opens at 7:00 AM                                                                                    
• Each car must be equipped with up to date certified fire extinguisher
• Remain on the field until after “Best of Show” presentation                                                Recommended Hotels in Area
                                                                                                         Stanford Park        Garden Court
                                                                                                        100 El Camino Real             520 Cowper Street
Concours field open to the public from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM                                            Menlo Park, CA 94025         Palo Alto, California 93403
*Car entry applications are reviewed by a car entries committee, who verifies car classes           650-322-1234 or 866-241-2431      Phone: 650-322-9000
participants registered for. Participants will be notified before their acceptance letter is              650-322-0975 Fax 
sent if the car class signed up for should be changed to a more suitable class and why.            LIMITED PARKING
                                                                                                 PARKING FOR LARGER VEHICLES UPON REQUEST

2                                                                                          1-25-12
CAR ENTRY BY INVITATION ONLY                                                        2012 PALo ALTo ConCours CLAssEs

Y    ou are invited to submit your 1987 or older automobile for con-
     sideration as an entrant in the 46th Annual Palo Alto Concours
d’Elegance at Stanford, Sunday, June 24, 2012. Please see Entry form
                                                                                    sECTIon I - AmErICAn mArquE
                                                                                    ChrysLEr CorPorATIon
on page four for Entry dates and fees. Checks will be returned if entry is          (Chrysler/Dodge/Desoto/Plymouth)
not accepted. Letters of acceptance or rejection will be mailed by May              Class A1 Pre war up to 1942
4, 2012.                                                                            Class A2 1945* thru 1966
                                                                                    Class A3 1967 thru 1976
     A Stanford Field map will be enclosed with acceptance letters.                 Class A4 1977 thru 1987
             7:00 to 9:00 AM - Placement of cars on field.
                      10:00 AM - Judging begins                                     sECTIon II - EuroPEAn mArquE
                2:00 PM - Awards presentation begins                                FIAT CorPorATIon (FIAT CorPorATIon VEhICLEs)
                                                                                    Class Z1 Pre-war up to 1945
                        REgISTRATION RULES                                          Class Z2 1945* thru 1966
The Concours Committee reserves the right to reject any automobile                  Class Z3 1967 thru 1976
which does not meet the minimum standards of our Concours. Class                    Class Z4 1977 thru 1987
sizes will be limited to the 8 best judged entries and 10 total entries. The
Committee also reserves the right to change a car’s classification or to
                                                                                    sECTIon III - ImPorTED CArs
change or combine classes depending on the number and type of entries.
                                                                                    Class B Sports Cars thru 1955
                                                                                    Class C Sports Cars 1956 thru 1987 under $5,000 New
                                                                                    Class D Sports Cars 1956 thru 1987 over $5,000 New
     ExHibitORs Must bE AvAilAblE At
        tHEiR CARs DuRing JuDging.                                                  Class E Passenger and Touring Cars 1956 thru 1987
   All CARs Must stAy On tHE FiElD until                                            Class F Passenger and Touring Cars 1956 thru 1987 under $5000 New
   AFtER bEst in sHOw HAs bEEn AwARDED.                                             Class G Passenger and Touring Cars 1956 thru 1987 over $5,000 New
                                                                                    Class H1 Ferrari Pre-1975
                                                                                    Class H2 Ferrari early modern cars
ÂAll CARs Must CARRy A FiRE ExtinguisHERÁ
                                                                                    Class H3 Ferrari late model cars
                        JUDgINg AND SCORINg
Cars will be judged on interior, exterior, engine and chassis based on              sECTIon IV - CLAssICs
authenticity, general appearance, care and preparation. Any entrant may             Class I U.S. Classic Open
elect to have their car judged or entered for exhibit only. Judged cars have        Class J U.S. Classic Closed
field priority and will be placed within the appropriate class. All Judged          Class k European Classic Open and Closed
classes will be judged by the SCCA, except for some marque classes or
                                                                                    Class L Brass Era Cars 1900 thru 1917
special awards.
                                                                                    Class S Auburn/Cord/Duesenberg
Last year’s first place winners are for Exhibit Only.
                                                                                    sECTIon V - AmErICAn mAnuFACTurE
Cars for Sale sign, any and all other commercial signs, displays or illus-          Class M Thru 1942
trations are strickly prohibited in the Concours area.                              Class N 1945* thru 1955
                                                                                    Class O 1956 thru 1965
No tents, pop-ups or trailers are allowed in the Concours area. Special             Class P 1966 thru 1987
unloading and trailer parking areas will be provided in the Concours area           Class R1 American Sports Cars 1953 thru 1987
                                                                                    Class R2 Muscle Cars 1965 thru 1973
                    gENERAL ADMISSION
  ADvANCE TICkETS ON-LINE AT - $20                              sECTIon VI - unrEsTorED DrIVEn
                                                                                    Class X1 American and European thru 1957
   Student Admission ages 12-21 or over 65, $10.00 with valid ID.
         Under 12-FREE (when accompanied by an adult).
                                                                                    sECTIon VII - GALLEry oF ThE GrEATs
                 Palo Alto Concours d’Elegance                                      (By Invitation Only)
                    800 San Antonio Road, Suite 6
                        Palo Alto, CA 94303                                         *Car Production interruption due to production
                   650-813-1100 • Fax: 650-857-0472                                  lines being converted to wartime needs
        Email: •
                                                                          1-25-12                                                                       5
                                Palo Alto Lions Charities, Inc.
                                800 San Antonio Road, Suite 6
                                                                                                                             U.S. POSTAGE
                                Palo Alto, CA 94303
                                Tel: 650-813-1100
                                                                                                                              San Jose, CA
                                                                                                                             Permit #3118
             ALTO LI
    • PALO




             NS CL


                       Keep up-to-date
                    with what’s going on.
                   PALO ALTO CONCOURS

                  We’ve Got Pics
                                                                                                         Palo Alto Concours
                                                                                                           announces new
                                                                                                           Auto selection

                                                                                    Robert O’Neill

                            2011 Best in Show
                                                                             B    orn and raised in San Francisco, Robert O’Neill has
                                                                                  worked as a broker for a variety of large California-
                                                                             based insurance firms over the past 25 years. Currently, he
                  Chris & Elenore Bang, San Jose, CA                         is the owner of Town & Country Insurances Services and
                      1941 Lincoln Continental                               Hot Rod Insurance Services, based in Burlingame, CA, for

I f your car won a 1st,2nd or 3rd Class trophy or one of the
  special awards at the Palo Alto Concours, have we got a deal
for you. Our Concours photographer may have taken a terrific
                                                                             which he additionally performs hot rod appraisals. Robert
                                                                             is also a partner in Pacific Interstate Insurance Brokers,
                                                                             headquartered in El Dorado Hills, CA which has more than
picture of you and your car on the ramp and we’ve decided to                 125 affiliated agencies located throughout California.
offer them to you. If you won a special trophy, now you can have                    Robert’s extensive knowledge of classic cars and
the picture to go with it. All you need to do is make a donation             custom vehicles comes from purchasing, building, restoring,
of $25.00 to the Concours and we’ll take care of the details.                and selling more than twenty such automobiles himself. His
Send your check to: Palo Alto Concours, 800 San Antonio Road,                most recent project is a 1936 Ford 3-Window Coupe, which
Suite 6, Palo Alto, CA 94303. Questions? Call (650) 813-1100.t               he expects to complete this year. t

             A LTO H                46th                          A LTO LI
         O                          A nnuAl                   O                          OFFICE USE ONLY                                                             BUS OFFICE

• PA L


                                                     • PA L

                       T •

                                                                                 S •
                                                                                          Received ..............................................................
                                                                                                                                                                     Pat Pav         

                                                          AR                              Entry ...................................................................

             NS CLU

                                                                  I T I E S, I                                                                                       Drive           
                                                                                          Photo .................................................................. Binder           
                                                                                                                                                                     Cars for Sale   
2012 ENTRY APPLICATION                                                                    Decision Letter Mailed ....................................... Corral                     
                             SCCA Sanctioned Event.                                                                                                                  Original
                                                                                                                                                                     to Bob          
         800 San Antonio Road, Suite 6, Palo Alto CA 94303
                 650-813-1100 . 650-857-0483 fax
                                                            Entered into Data Book by?________________/________________

                                                                                        Section/Class Assigned By_________________________________

Owner __________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Address _________________________________________________________________________________________________________
City _______________________________________________________________________________State_______ ZIP _____________
Home Phone: _______________________ Office Phone: ____________________________ Cell Phone: ___________________________
Email _______________________________________Have you participated before?                                                      YES  NO
What Year_______________________

Insurance Carrier _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
 ConCours
Year ___________ Make _________________________Model _________________________Color ____________ Class ____________

                              To Be Judged  Exhibit Only                                      Trailered
                                                                                                  Trailer Length ________________________
For judged entries, please list any modifications to engine, body, chassis, or interior and any historical significance of your entry.


  The Drive
Year ___________ Make _________________________Model _________________________Color ______________________________

Driver’s Name __________________________________Passenger’s (Guest) Name_______________________________________________________

 Corral
Year ___________ Make _________________________Model _________________________Color ______________________________
Year ___________ Make _________________________Model _________________________Color _____________________________________

 Cars For sale
Year ___________ Make _________________________Model _________________________Color ______________________________
Year ___________ Make _________________________Model _________________________Color _____________________________________
I have read and am aware that I must provide
one certified fire extinguisher for each vehicle. _______________________________________ Date ______________________________

                                                                                        1-25-12                                                                                          3
 FEES Check All Events You Plan to Participate In                                                         O
                                                                                                              A LTO H                46th
                                                                                                                                    A nnuAl                            O
                                                                                                                                                                           A LTO LI
Enclose a photo of your car and return this form with payment to:

                                                                                                 • PA L


                                                                                                                                                              • PA L
                                                                                                                        T •

                                                                                                                                                                                        S •
                     Palo Alto Concours

                     Attention: Entries                                                                                                                            AR


                                                                                                              NS CLU

                                                                                                                                                                           I T I E S, I
                     800 San Antonio Road, Suite 6
                     Palo Alto, CA 94303                                                                         650-813-1100 •
     Patrons Pavilion Vehicle Entry Not Included                                                    $75.00 each                                     $ ______________
     Saturday Evening Concours Dinner                                                               $75.00 each                                     $ ______________
     Concours general admission, one car two adults including owner                  Before March 9 - $50.00 each            Number: _____________ $   _____________
                                                                            March 10 through April 6 - $75.00 each            Number ______________ $   _____________
                                                                      After April 6 - $100.00 each (as space allows)          Number: _____________ $   _____________
     The Drive                                      $50.00 per person, maximum two people per vehicle                        Number: _____________ $   _____________
     The Drive and Dinner                                                         $85.00 per person                          Number: _____________ $   _____________
     Corral general admission, one car two adults including owner                 $50.00                                     Number: _____________ $   _____________
     Car For Sale general admission, one car two adults including owner           $75.00                                     Number: _____________ $   _____________
     General Admission - At the Gate $25.00 each                                Advance purchase $20.00 each                 Number: _____________ $ ____________________
     Age 12 to 21 or over 65 (with valid ID ) Under 12 Free                                                  $10.00 each     Number: _____________ $ ____________________
     2012-2013 Concours Souvenir Calendar                                    Pre order $7 each, on the field $10.00          Number: _____________ $ ____________________
     Donation                                                                                                                                       $ ____________________
                                                                                           TOTAL AMOUNT ENCLOSED .. $ _____________

  VISA  MasterCard  Discover  Check No.: ______________________________ Total Amount _______________
    Credit Card No.: __ __ __ __ - __ __ __ __ - __ __ __ __ - __ __ __ _Expiration Date __ __ / __ __                                         Security Code __ __ __

    Name on Card: _______________________________________                                    Signature _________________________________________
             Make check payable to: Palo Alto Concours - and mail to: 800 San Antonio Road, Suite 6, Palo Alto CA 94303

                                                                             FOR OFFICE USE

      Authorization No. _________________Date Received _____________________Amount Received ___________________Check No. _________________

                                                      RELEASE AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY
     In consideration of acceptance of this Application by the Concours d’Elegance Exhibition Committee, the undersigned Participant (“Participant”) does hereby:
     1. Accept the risks inherent in the event, and hereby releases the Palo Alto Concours d’Elegance, Palo Alto Lions Club, Palo Alto Charities, Inc., Stanford University,
        Leland Stanford Junior University, the City of Palo Alto, and their staff, agents, and volunteers from any and all, liability for personal injury, loss or damage
        howsoever caused to the Participant or to the Participant’s personal property, including but not limited to claims based on negligence, relating to or arising from
        my participation in said event.
     2. Warrant the automotive liability and property and all other necessary insurance is attached to the vehicle to be registered for said event. The Participant understands
        that Participant’s insurance will be solely responsible for any property damage or liability claims that occur at said event.
     3. Give permission to use any photographs submitted with the Exhibitor Application and photos taken at said event and information on entrant’s automobile(s) for
        publication in the program book of said event and/or for publicizing the event to print, broadcast and online media outlets; for advertisements and /or for collateral
        materials that promote the event.
     4. Certify that the undersigned has read the Rules of Entry under which said event will be conducted and agrees to abide by said Rules of Entry.

     Owner’s Signature ____________________________________________________________________________________ Date __________________________

     Exhibitor’s Signature _________________________________________________________________________________ Date _______________________________

4                                                                                     1-25-12

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