LA Possibilities T2W4 N2 by phps34n2


                                           LA Possibilities Term 2 Week 4
                                        Literacy Learning Intentions
 Writing – Persuasive text
 Word Study – Suffixes & word-families and word-origins

                                      Numeracy Learning Intentions
 Number operations–Skip counting/Addition/Subtraction/Multiplication

                                      Non-negotiable-MUST DO
                              MAKE SURE YOU DATE and LABEL YOUR LEARNING
 Word study: Choose three words from your writing or the spelling board and record these in your spelling
 log. Make sure you have a teacher check your words and sign your log book. Use the look, say, name, cover,
 write, check strategy to practice these words.

 Have the learning agreement document signed by a teacher by Friday and signed at home in the weekend.

                                       Learning Possibilities
 Writers Notebook

 Inquiry Investigation: View the Cinema Imaginarium in Student Shared 3/4 resources folder. As a
 reviewer, write what imaginative thoughts you had as you viewed the film. Add this to the review book.

 Inquiry Investigation: Think About It – The World’s Most Challenging Questions. Examine the book with
 the examples of some challenging questions in the reading area. Do you have a challenging question that
 you feel you can explain? Create a page and have it added to the book.

 Those students who have negotiated a film project with their teachers please follow up on the guidelines
 required for continuing this project.

 Investigate the ACME storyboard generator (
 own). Can you see how you can use this site to connect this to other areas of your learning.

 Make sure your library book is included in your reading log when you finish it. All reading logs should
 now be checked by Keith.

 Calligraphy Inquiry: Research the Wills Quills website ( and see
 what might need to be ordered for the project.

Home Learning: Be tested on your three spelling words at least three times during the week. Go onto
Mathletics and complete activities assigned to you. Read independently for at least 15 minutes a night.
Continue to develop your writing through your Writers’ Notebook.

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