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To Request Credit Reports
•   Log on to or (to save as icon on desktop, click on
    File/Send/Shortcut To Desktop)
•   Enter:   Provider: __________             CompanyID / Subscriber / Account #: _________
                 User: __________                                           Password: _________
•   Click on Add New Report and fill in the required highlighted fields in the Detail Screen – do
    not use any punctuation (# - , . etc.). Hint: Enter the Zip code first - the City and State will fill
    in automatically when you tab.
•   Fields for additional info can be accessed by clicking on the Employment or Property tab.
•   Select the Product to be ordered, then click on Order Credit.
•   After your report has pulled, it will automatically open through Adobe (must have v4.0 or
    higher). You can view the entire report and/or print from this screen.

To Request An Upgrade, Supplement or Modification
•    Click on the Report List tab. Find your applicant by using the Search field, or leave blank and
     click on GO to see the entire list.
• Click on Modify and then select either:
Upgrade Report - pull additional bureau/bureaus (upgrade from TU only to Tri-Merge). Bureau
Stack (unmerges data and allows you to see how each bureau reported each tradeline). 1003s are
still required for RMCR orders.
Credit Detective – Choose Borrower and Bureau you want to use. Enter Desired Score
Improvement (+10,+25,+50). Check Rapid Rescore if you wish to turn off the credit aging feature.
CreditXpert Essentials - Select the bureau/bureaus then click Next. Enter the Available Cash
and/or Desired Score Improvement, click Next.
What If Simulator – Choose Borrower and Bureau you want to simulate and choose Next. Make
desired changes and click Simulate or click Use Scenarios.
Other Updates - update tradelines, etc. Select Request a Supplement - report will open. Click on
"Click here" to leave a general request for the report (i.e., correct name spelling, add loan number to
report, etc.), or select the specific tradeline(s) you want to leave a message for, then click Post
Comment. IMPORTANT: Always include the borrower’s name and daytime phone number.
Unmerge Report - Delete borrower by removing the check mark or switch borrowers, then click
View (previous report and all versions will still be accessible).

To Retrieve RMCR or Revised Reports
•   Click on Inbox - number in parenthesis will indicate the number of reports you have not yet
    viewed, or while in the Request List, find the Applicant Name, click on the report number in the
    View Report column, then click on PDF Lender Report that has the most recent date. The
    report will automatically open through Adobe where you can click on the Print icon.

•   If the report does not open, make sure your popup blocker is turned off so that Adobe can open
    and display your credit report.

                           Phone: 800-955-5238 or 210-224-6121
          Technical Support - Extension 1 / Mortgage Processing Office – Extension 2
                                Email:                                              6/06

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