French New Wave Cinema by yurtgc548


									    French New Wave Cinema
• Alexandre Astruc L’Ecran francais (1948)

• Camera-stylo

• La Nouvelle Vague
    French New Wave Cinema
• Historical context of film production

• The main players of the New Wave

• A Bout de Souffle

• Les Quatre Cent Coups
         The historical context
• A new political         • A wish to forget the
  atmosphere in France      Vichy government and
• 1958 Charles De           Petain
  Gaulle became
  President after years   • A new national
  of self-imposed exile     identity
                          • Modernisation of
• The Algerian Crisis       France
• Filmmakers were able to borrow money
  Repayable only if the film earned a profit
• Centre national de la Cinematographie
• ‘Aide selective’
• ‘French and of a kind to serve the cause of
  the cinema or to open new perspectives in
  the art of cinematography
         Who were the players?
•   Francois Truffaut
•   Claude Chabrol
•   Jean-Luc Godard
•   Jacques Rivette
•   Eric Rohmer
•   Alain Resnais
•   Chris Marker and Agnes Varda (left bank)
  ‘A certain tendency in French
• ‘If the French cinema exists by means of
  about a 100 films a year, it is well
  understood that only 10 or 12 will merit the
  attention of critics and cinephiles, the
  attention therefore of ‘Cahiers.’
     Cahiers du Cinema no. 31
• ‘There are less than 7 or 8 scriptwriters who
  work regularly for French cinema. Each of
  these scriptwriters has only one story to tell
  and since each one aspires to the success of
  the two ‘greats’ (Aurench and Bost) it is no
  exaggeration to say that the 100 or so films
  made each year all tell the same story: it is
  always about a victim…a cuckhold’ (1954)
            Cahiers du Cinema
•   Formed in 1951
•   A film periodical
•   The ‘cahiers row’
•   The auteur
•   Mise-en-scène
•   ‘the sculptural nature of cinema’s narrative’
             David Bordwell
• ‘the art film was a European phenomenon
  characterised by a narrative that is
  motivated by realism and authorial
  expression…it is an auteur cinema both in
  the sense that its realism is one of reflection
  rather than action and because it is visibly
  the expression of the pre-occupations of an
•   Rossellini (Italy)
•   Murnau (Germany)
•   Eisenstein (USSR)
•   Renoir (French)
•   Hitchcock (GB)
•   Fritz Lang (Germany)
•   John Ford (USA)
             A Bout de Souffle
•   New ideas: Exitensialism (John-Paul Sartre)
•   New technology: 16mm éclair cameflex
•   Location shooting
•   Cinema verite: a mixture of fantasy and fact
•   A conscious use of editing
•   no dominant sound track in many of the
        Les Quartre Cent Coups
•   Semi-autobiographical
•   Tries out many of the cahiers group ideas
•   The end of the film defies expectations -
•   Plays with film form: 360 degree shot
•   Long tracking shot
•   Ambient sound
•   Freeze frame
• An important moment in film history
• Distribution of European films in USA
• Academic and intellectual engagement with
• French cultural change
• New film technologies
• Highly influential (discuss…)

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