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									                       STUDENT CENTER

   1.    Why do you learn english language?
   2.    Do you know how to swim?
   3.    Whom do you usually advise to?
   4.    Where were you on last holyday?
   5.    Which fragrance do you love to wear?
   6.    What do you like to have lunch?
   7.    When are you available at home?
   8.    How many time do you celebrate picnic in a year?
   9.    What does air-conditioner do?
   10.   On whom do you blame for destruction of Iraq?
   11.   Who loves you most in your family?
   12.   Are you scared of lizard?
   13.   What program attract you ?
   14.   How much do you want to earn for happy life?
   15.   Do six classes take place in a week?
   16.   How long do you take to complete your assignment ?
   17.   What language do Indian speak?
   18.   Is there soft corner in your heart for oppressed people?
   19.   How far is your home from center?
   20.   What do you want to be in future?
   21.   Do your parents forgive you when you are at fault?
   22.   Do you treat other with courtesy?
   23.   What make you happy?
   24.   Do you try to keep every body happy?
   25.   Is it difficult to keep every one happy?
   26.   Do you find it difficult to speak English?
   27.   How do you react when some body argues with you?
   28.   Criticize yourself.
   29.   Praise yourself.
   30.   Count qualities of yours close friend.
   31.   Do you think seriously before you take any decision?
   32.   Why do you study English language in this center? Why don’t you go to other center for
         language ?
   33.   Who scares you ?
   34.   Do you disclose you secret to other?
   35.    How much do you spend daily?
   36.   What do you advise other ?
   37.   Do you like loneliness?
   38.   Do you love crowd ?
   39.   Whom do you inspire to?
   40.   When are you upset?
   41.   Are you angry when your teacher scolds you?
   42.   What do you do after learning English?
   43.   Whom do you wish to inspire after becoming English speaker ?
   44.   What pleases you?
   45.   What displeases you?

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