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									         How to Get the Best Antivirus for Your

There are so many antivirus options available and getting the right one for your computer can
prove to be a daunting task. Every provider will claim that their product is the best but key
determinants or usability as well as credibility of a product are technical information available
and the product reviews. Technical information for a lay user may sound unfamiliar, and
therefore, banking on reviews is your best bet. Here are some things to take into account as far
as getting the best antivirus for your computer is concerned:

   ●   Positive feedback/reviews – People who have purchased a product and used it will
       normally post some comments about how good the product is or otherwise. This is very
       important. Before you get antivirus for your system, browse the Internet and read every
       comment available about the antivirus. Get the one that seem to be highly applauded by
       many users. The best antivirus should have dependable anti spam and a wide range of
       malware protection options.

   ●   Ratings – Antivirus software are rated according to reviews, usability and technical
       support. The ratings can be accessed on different websites online. Choose the one that
       has the highest ratings. Many of the antivirus software providers will give a free test
       version online. You can download this and use it on your computer to see how many
       threats are detected and how effective it is. This can also be a way of testing the various
       antiviruses available in order to see which one is consistent with your security needs.

   ●   System compatibility – Not every antivirus program is compatible with your computer.
       For instance, if you are using windows XP, software that is designed for the MAC
       platform will not be compatible with your system and vice versa. Another important
       factor to consider before choosing an antivirus program is the disk space available. If
       prospective antivirus software is larger than your disk space, then you may need to opt

   ●   Additional features - Most antivirus will protect your system against trojans, worms,
       viruses and other malware. However, the best antivirus comes with additional features
       including some of the following: spam alert, download protection, email protection and
       protection while browsing on the Internet among others. This assures you of all rounded
       protection and keeps your system free from any danger.

   ●   Get registered antivirus software for maximum protection - Almost all antivirus software
       are available in a trial version which expires after some time. The problem here is that
       the trial version does not guarantee maximum protection. Once you have ascertained
       that you want to get a particular antivirus for you system, pay for the virus and get the
       entire package.

Following these tips will see you get the best protection for your computer.

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