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					  Federal Work Study Manual

       Office of Career Services
and Office of Student Financial Planning
          Belhaven University
           1500 Peachtree St.
           Jackson, MS 39202

                July 2011

                                 TABLE OF CONTENTS

1. Federal Work Study Student Application Process                                  Page 3

2. Federal Work Study Student Selection Process                                    Page 3

3. Application Process for 1st time Work Study students                            Page 3

4. Supervisor Responsibilities                                                     Page 4

5. Student Responsibilities                                                        Page 4

6. Office of Student Financial Planning and Office of Career Services - FWS Coordinator
Responsibilities                                                                   Page 5

7. Federal Work Study Community Service                                           Page 5

                       Federal Work Study Manual

1. Federal Work Study Application Process

       a. Student must first complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid
          (FAFSA) to determine eligibility to receive Federal Work Study (FWS).
          This must be done yearly and is awarded on a first-come-first-serve basis.
          A new student must be officially accepted by the College prior to
          awarding of financial assistance.
       b. An eligible student is then awarded FWS and is notified by an award
       c. A student must be registered (or pre-registered) at Belhaven University to
          earn FWS wages and job preference is given to full time students.
       d. FWS is awarded to the neediest students on a “first-come-first-serve” basis
          until the funds are exhausted. If the student is eligible for FWS but this
          award does not appear in the award letter, the student may request to be
          placed on the FWS waiting list in the Office of Career Services.

2. Federal Work Study Student Selection

       a. The award letter will state that a student is awarded FWS and the amount
          of wages the student can earn in one academic year.
       b. After registration, the student then must report to the Office of Career
          Services to be assigned a work study position. New students will be
          required to interview with prospective supervisors to ensure that the
          student’s availability of hours, and skills, are compatible to the job
       c. Supervisors may also request FWS students at the end of an academic year
          for the next academic year. If a specific student is not requested, the
          supervisor must list the positions needed and the skills, responsibilities
          and hours required for those positions.

3. Application Process for 1st Time work study students:

       a. After a student is determined eligible and awarded FWS, the student must
          report to the Office of Career Services to be assigned a work study
          position. This is currently done through an interview process.
       b. A contract will be completed stating the number of hours required to work
          per week and the wage rate per hour the student is paid in a
          semester/academic year. The student is paid monthly. Questions regarding
          checks and issues with Employee Desk should be directed toward Payroll
          in the Business Office.
       c. The student delivers the contract to the supervisor. The supervisor must
          comply with Title IV Federal regulations by completing the job
          description section in detail and signing the contract.

       d. After signing the contract the student returns the contract to the Work
          Study Coordinator located in the Office of Career Services and copies are
          distributed to the proper persons.

4. Supervisor Responsibilities:

       a. The supervisor is responsible for monitoring the hours the student works.
          For example: the supervisor must keep close attention to how many hours
          the student works so that the student will not work over the hours awarded
          to them. The Office of Career Services will monitor time worked to ensure
          that every student is working within the hours allotted. Supervisors may
          receive a memo from the Office of Student Financial Planning or Office of
          Career Services indicating that the student is working over/under assigned
       b. The supervisor must check the hours recorded and verify the validity of
          hours worked before “signing off.”
       c. The supervisor cannot leave the student to work unsupervised unless
          arrangements have been made to verify (on a regular basis) the work
       d. The supervisor should make every effort to have the student’s work
          assignments well planned so that the student can most effectively serve the
          college, learn from the experience, and earn their maximum wages.
       e. In case the student does not live up to the supervisor’s expectations for the
          job, the supervisor needs to exercise the following procedures:

               i. Set expectations up from the beginning. Let students know on the
                  front-end exactly what they need to do and put it in writing.
              ii. Counsel with the student worker concerning job expectations as
                  outlined in their contract.
             iii. Give the student a probation period for improvement.
             iv. If the student continues to not meet the expectations of the job, the
                  supervisor must contact the FWS Coordinator in the Office of
                  Career Services for possible termination. It is very important that
                  documentation concerning the student’s deficiencies is
                  submitted along with the request for termination.

5. Student Responsibilities:

       a. A student who is awarded FWS on their award letter is responsible for
          reporting to the Office of Career Services for a work study job
       b. The student is responsible for getting a FWS contract completed with
          supervisor and student signatures and submitting the contract to the Office
          of Career Services.
       c. The student is responsible for working the amount of hours awarded to
          him/her and accurately recording those hours in the method provided.

       d. The student is responsible for working the hours in the times scheduled
          and agreed upon with the supervisor. Failure to do so can result in
          termination from the job.
       e. The student must notify the Office of Student Financial Planning as soon
          as possible if he/she decides to decline the FWS award given to him/her
          for any reason. This is so the Office of Student Financial Planning can
          award FWS to another student who is on the waiting list with these funds.

6. Office of Student Financial Planning and The Office of Career Servics – Federal
   Work Study Coordinator

       a. The Office of Student Financial Planning is responsible for awarding FWS
          to eligible students based on Federal regulations and availability of funds.
       b. The FWS Coordinator in Career Services is responsible for directing
          students to the most appropriate position based on individual skills and
          academic schedules. Priority positions are to be filled first.
       c. The FWS Coordinator is responsible for designating seven per cent of the
          total Federal Work Study allocation to the College for community service
          positions under contract between qualifying non-profit organizations and
          Belhaven University (as outlined in number seven).
       d. The FWS Coordinator monitors the number of hours each student is
          working each month to ensure that the FWS Contract is being honored.
          Memos or Evaluation forms may be sent to the supervisor if the student is
          working under or over the allotted hours per month.
       e. The FWS Coordinator posting responsibilities in PowerFaids software:
               i. Post documents FWS Contract.
              ii. Post FWS job position.
             iii. Post disbursement of wages to Student Financial Planning records
                  based on payroll documents.
       f. Other FWS Coordinator responsibilities:
               i. Mail/email communication of FWS Request Forms to supervisors
                  at the end of the Spring semester for the following academic year.
              ii. Reconciliation of funds disbursed at the end of the year.
             iii. Preparation of any documentation for audits at the end of fiscal
             iv. Assist the Director of Student Financial Planning in periodically
                  visiting the campus departments and outside agencies who hire
                  Belhaven University FWS students to verify integrity of the FWS

7. FWS Community Service

       a. Community Services are defined as services that are identified by an
          institution of higher education through formal or informal consultation
          with local nonprofit, governmental, and community based organizations as
          designed to improve the quality of life for community residents

particularly low-income individuals, or to solve particular problems
related to their needs. These services include:

    i. Such fields as health care, child care, literacy training, education
       (including tutorial services), welfare, social services,
       transportation, housing and neighborhood improvement, public
       safety, crime prevention and control, recreation, rural
       development, and community improvement.
   ii. Support for students with disabilities.
  iii. Activities in which an FWS student serves as a mentor for such
       purposes as:
           1. Tutoring
           2. Supporting educational and recreational activities
           3. Counseling, including career counseling
  iv. Private, for profit organizations do not qualify as employers for
       community service under the FWS program.
   v. In determining whether the service is a community service, the
       school must always consider whether the service provided by the
       FWS student primarily benefits the community as opposed to the
       agency or school.
  vi. In contacting potential community service agencies, schools should
       place a priority on jobs that will meet the human, educational,
       environmental and public safety needs of low-income individuals.


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