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                                 Big Benefits for Small Firms
                                 PAtRiCiA M. hYnes, PResident
City Bar services for
Your small Law Firm                                      Contrary to the image          The Association also houses the largest private,
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                                                         many have of the legal         non-academic law library in the nation; access to
ideas for Change:                                        profession, not all            online legal databases; legal referral and hotline
A Conversation About                                     lawyers work in big firms.     services; and free conference rooms and work-
Reforming new York’s
nonprofit Law and                                        Actually, of the thousands     spaces for member use. [See page 2 for more
Regulations                                              of law firms and organiza-     on City Bar benefits, resources, and programs
November 2nd                                             tions in the New York          for small law firms.]
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                                                         City metropolitan area
                                                                                        Recognizing that smart business is just as
Annual Benjamin n.                                       that provide legal services,
Cardozo Lecture – hon.                                                                  important as sound legal practice, the Small
                                                         nearly 94% have fewer
Margaret h. Marshall,                                                                   Law Firm Center, along with the Association’s
Chief Justice, Massachusetts
                                 than 20 employees, and just over 70% have fewer
                                                                                        volunteer Small Law Firm Committee, also hosts
supreme Court                    than four employees. Many lawyers with an
                                                                                        an array of events designed to inform, engage,
November 10th                    entrepreneurial leaning embrace the opportunity
                                                                                        and challenge small firm practitioners. This
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                                 to run their own firm; others are being forced by
                                                                                        month, they will host the Sixth Annual Law
Paid Family Leave in new York:   the economy to hang out their own shingle.
Can We Afford it? Can We
                                                                                        Practice Management Symposium, “Jumping in
Afford not to have it?           Small firm lawyers have a proportionate impact         and Staying Afloat in Your Solo or Small Firm
November 17                      on the City Bar’s activities. A major portion of our   Practice,” a whole day of discussion, lecture, and
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                                 membership comes from small firm practitioners,        exhibits on small business practice. [See pages 18
Career search                    and these lawyers with expertise in areas like         and 19 for more on the Symposium.]
support Group                    foreclosure, immigration, and family law provide
back page                                                                               Also this month, they will host the second of
                                 a good share of the City Bar Justice Center’s pro
                                                                                        a three-part luncheon series, “Growing Your
Basic Mediation                  bono services.
training – CLe                                                                          Practice,” which will cover marketing, develop-
November 2nd–3rd                 To serve this significant constituency, the City       ment, and business strategies for small law firm
& 9th–10th                       Bar houses a Small Law Firm Center, which              services. [See page 5.]
page 10
                                 provides advice, resources, events, and opportuni-
                                                                                        Your small law firm is important to the City Bar;
insurance Law:                   ties to help small firm practitioners succeed. Alla
the Basics – CLe                                                                        you are a resource we, and New York City, could
                                 Roytberg, Director of the Small Law Firm Center,
November 9th                                                                            not do without. Because of this, we strive to
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                                 can meet with you one-on-one to discuss your
                                                                                        provide you with resources you can’t do without,
                                 practice. You can receive the monthly Small Law
everyday ethical                                                                        helping your solo practice or small firm become
Challenges in the
                                 Firm e-newsletter with articles on marketing,
                                                                                        a savvy and successful business.
Practice of Law – CLe            technology, and strategies to grow your firm.
November 19
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Big Benefits for Small Firms                      1
                                                      City Bar Services for Your Small Law Firm
                                                      sMALL LAW FiRM CenteR
City Bar Services for Your
Small Law Firm                                    2
                                                      Advice and Guidance                                   •	   Discounts: City Bar members are eligible for
City Bar Events                                   4
                                                      •	 Personal Advice: Meet with our Small                    special rates on services critical to your small
Calendars                                         8       Law Firm Center Director Alla Roytberg                 firm, including discounts from Fedex,
                                                          on Tuesdays and Thursdays for free advice              Fedex office, RPost, Link Translations,
CLE Courses                                   10
                                                          about your small firm. You can contact her             eResident Agent, Law Firm Merchant
Committee Reports                             16          at or at 212.382.6638.            Account, and ABA Books. Learn more on
                                                                                                                 the ‘Benefits’ section of our website.
November 2009 CLE                                     •	   Small Law Firm Committee: The City
Registration Form                             17           Bar’s Small Law Firm Committee addresses         •	   Legal Referral Service: The City Bar’s Legal
Sixth Annual Law Practice                                  issues and policies that concern solo and             Referral Service handles calls from over
Management Symposium                          18           small firm practitioners.                             100,000 people seeking legal services every
                                                                                                                 year. To join a panel of the Legal Referral
Career Search                                         •	   E-Newsletter: Receive a monthly small                 Service, you must meet certain experience
Support Group                        back page             firm e-newsletter with articles on market-            criteria and agree to LRS rules – and then
November Career                                            ing, technology, and strategies to grow               open yourself up to referrals of new clients.
Development and                                            your firm. Log on to the ‘Small Law Firm’
Networking Events                                          section of our website to sign up for            •	   Ethics Hotline: Lawyers facing ethical
and CLE Courses                      back page             this newsletter.                                      dilemmas regarding their professional
                                                                                                                 conduct can call our ethics hotline at
                                                      Resources                                                  212.382.6624 to speak to a member of our
                                                      •	 Library Resources: The Association’s library            Professional and Judicial ethics Committee.
                                                          holds over 500,000 volumes of cases, codes,
                                                          treatises, and law reviews. Members can           •	   Lawyer Assistance Program: The Lawyer
                                                          use the library’s Lexis and Westlaw services           Assistance Program provides advice and
44 th stReet notes                                        for free.                                              referrals to thousands of lawyers every year
editor                                                                                                           who need help with alcohol or substance
Eric Friedman
                                                      •	   Online Database Access: All members can               abuse, depression, or other mental health
Associate editor
Sara Shannon
                                                           access LLMC Digital (U.S. government                  issues. If you or someone you know needs
Graphic design                                             documents, old case reports, and other                help, you can call 212.302.5787 for a
Carrie Chatterson Studio                                   materials) through the “Members only”                 confidential consultation.
Marketing director                                         section of the website. Small firm practition-
Adele Lemlek                                                                                                Events
                                                           ers, however, can access Westlaw (including
Advertising                                                                                                 Growing Your Practice – Luncheon Series
Alison Fidler 212.382.6753                                 McKinney’s Forms) and hein online (legal
Siddiiqa Habibullah 212.382.4742
                                                           periodicals, federal legislative history, and    •	   Thursday, November 12, 12:30 PM – 2 PM
executive director
                                                           other materials) free of charge.                      Rethinking the Billable Hour: Value,
Barbara Berger Opotowsky
                                                                                                                 Pricing, and Billing
44th Street Notes (ISSN 10791019)                     •	   Free Workspace: Members are able to                   Registration by November 9 is necessary. The
is published monthly except July and August
for $25 per year by The Association of the                 reserve work space and conference rooms               fee, which includes lunch, is $25 for members;
Bar of the City of New York, 42 West 44th                  for free at the Small Law Firm Center.                $35 for non-members.
Street, New York, NY 10036-6604. Periodicals
postage paid at New York, NY. Postmaster:                  The rooms are available Monday through
Send address changes to 44th Street Notes,
                                                           Thursday, 9 AM – 8:30 PM, and Friday             •	   Thursday, December 10, 12:30 PM – 2 PM
42 West 44th Street, New York, NY
10036-6604. For subscription information,                  9 AM – 6 PM. To reserve a room, contact               Adapting Your Business Development
please call 212.382.6656.
                                                           the Library reference desk at 212.382.6666            Strategy to Today’s Economy
This publication is printed with soy-based
                                                           or at                              Registration by November 9 is necessary. The
environmentally friendly inks on 50# paperfect,
which is produced from renewable resources,                                                                      fee, which includes lunch, is $25 for members;
such as eucalyptus leaves, that have little or        Other Benefits                                             $35 for non-members.
no negative impact on forests, and is approved        •	 Insurance: With small firms in mind, the
by The Forest Stewardship Council and the
                                                          City Bar offers insurance products as a           6th Annual Law Practice Management
Rainforest Alliance.
                                                          benefit to members, including professional        Symposium: Jumping in and Staying Afloat
nYC Bar Members:
To change your address, please contact                    liability, health, disability, long-term care,    in Your Solo or Small Firm Practice
212.382.6665 or
                                                          term life, and worker’s compensation.             Thursday, November 5, 8:30 AM – 5 PM
                                                                                                            Please see pages 18 & 19 for more information.

2   |   44Th STReeT NoTeS             |   NoVeMBeR 2009                                                                               
    You Can Make                                Yes! I would like to make a gift to support the City Bar Justice Center:

    It happen!                                     $100     $250     $500     $1,000     $5,000     other $——              This gift is in honor of

                                                                                                                           Please send notification of this gift to the
    help over 25,000 Disadvantaged              Name (Please Print)                                                        following address:

    New Yorkers Get Free Legal
    Assistance Through the City Bar             Address

    Justice Center each Year                                                                                               Please keep gift amount confidential.
                                                City, State and Zip
                                                                                                                           My company has a gift matching program.
                                                                                                                           The form is enclosed/has been submitted.
                                                Telephone                               email
                                                                                                                           I would like to create a legacy for justice
                                                   enclosed is my check payable to City Bar Justice Center                 through the City Bar Justice Center. Please
                                                                                                                           send me information about planned giving.
                                                Please charge my credit card:
                                                          Visa        MasterCard            American express               To submit your gift online, or for
                                                                                                                           more information, visit our website at
                                                Account Number                           exp. Date               

                                                                                                                           Please send check to: City Bar Justice Center
                                                                                                                           42 West 44th Street, New York, NY 10036

                                                The City Bar Justice Center is a division of the Association of the Bar of the City of New York Fund, Inc., a 501(c)(3)
                                                tax-exempt nonprofit corporation. All contributions are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

              Corporate Counsel Pro Bono Coordinators,
        City Bar Justice Center, and Greater New York Chapter                                                        Save-the-Date
               of the Association of Corporate Counsel                                                               tuesdAY, deCeMBeR 15
                                      present                                                                        6 PM BuFFet ReCePtion
                                                                                                                     7 PM LeCtuRe
          Pro Bono Opportunities for
                                                                                                                     The Annual Justice
               In-house Counsel                                                                                      Ruth Bader Ginsburg
                                                                                                                     Distinguished Lecture
                  Come learn about a new initiative focused on
                                                                                                                     on Women and the Law
             pro bono opportunities specifically for corporate counsel
                                                                                                                     Please join us as Melanne Verveer,
                                                                                                                     U.S. Ambassador-at-Large for Global
                          tuesday december 1, 2009                                                                   Women’s Issues, delivers the Justice
                               4:00 pm to 6:00 pm                                                                    Ruth Bader Ginsburg Distinguished
                                       at the                                                                        Lecture on Women and the Law.

                            House of the Association                                                                                                 NoVeMBeR 2009             |   44Th STReeT NoTeS            |   3
CITY BAR events
Unless otherwise noted, programs                Attorney General’s office; DAVID NOCENTI,         Sixth Annual Law Practice
are free of charge; open to all                 executive Director, Union Settlement
                                                                                                  Management Symposium:
members, their guests, and the                  Association, Inc; former Counsel to
general public; and held at the                 Governors David Paterson and eliot                Jumping In and Staying Afloat in
house of the Association.                       Spitzer; BARBARA SCHATZ, Professor,               Your Solo or Small Firm Practice
Program information is subject                  Columbia Law School; Chair, Non-Profit
                                                                                                  5 thuRsdAY, 8:30 AM – 5 PM
to change. Please check our                     Working Group
website at for                                                                     Please see pages 18 & 19 for details.
                                                Please register online at
the latest program information.

                                                                                                  Books at the Bar –
                                                You’ve Survived Your First Year
Ideas for Change: A Conversation                                                                  Holding Bishops Accountable:
                                                of Law School: Now What?
About Reforming New York’s                                                                        How Lawsuits Helped the
                                                A Roadmap for Law Students
Nonprofit Law and Regulations                                                                     Catholic Church Confront Clergy
                                                3 tuesdAY, 6:30 PM – 8 PM
2 MondAY, 6 PM – 9 PM
                                                                                                  Sexual Abuse
                                                You’ve made it through the Socratic method,
                                                                                                  5 thuRsdAY, 6 PM – 8 PM
New York’s Not-for-Profit Corporation           mandatory classes, outlining, and first-year
Law and administrative regulations create       finals. Now what? Come hear panelists             everyone loves to hate tort lawyers—until
such a challenging environment that many        discuss the ways in which you can continue        their lawsuits reveal hidden injustice and
practitioners advise New York nonprofits to     to develop your skills and make yourself          injury. The dark secret of the Catholic
incorporate in another state. This program      marketable. Panelists will cover topics such as   Church was the vast extent to which the
aims to provide a forum to exchange ideas       important classes to take, the Bar exam and       institution tolerated sexual abuse of school
about how best to reform the 40-year-old        the Multistate Professional Responsibility        children and young parishioners by clergy.
N-PCL, a proposed revision of which has         Test, internships, externships, clinics, study    It took aggressive plaintiffs’ attorneys to shed
been introduced in the legislature, and         abroad programs, and Bar Association              light on the scandal. Albany Law School
modernize nonprofit administrative practice.    membership. A reception will follow and           professor Timothy D. Lytton examines more
                                                light refreshments will be served.                than 20 years of litigation that rocked the
                                                                                                  church to its core in his well-received book
DAVID W. LOWDEN, Stroock & Stroock &            Speakers:
                                                                                                  published last year by harvard University
Lavan, LLP                                      ANDREW CHAPIN, Director of Counseling
                                                                                                  Press. A wine and cheese reception will be
Speakers:                                       and Public Interest Scholars, Fordham
                                                                                                  held at 6 PM with a book discussion and
FREDERICK G. ATTEA, Phillips Lytle LLP;         University School of Law; STuART D.
                                                                                                  signing to follow.
Chairman, Committee on Revision of the          SMITH, Director of Legal Recruitment,
                                                New York City Law Department                      Speakers:
Not-for-Profit Law, New York State Bar
                                                                                                  TIMOTHY D. LYTTON, Professor and Author,
Association; ASSEMBLYMAN RICHARD L.             No fee required. Please RSVP to Jodi Savage
                                                                                                  Holding Bishops Accountable: How Lawsuits
BRODSKY, Chairman, Standing Committee           at
                                                                                                  Helped the Catholic Church Confront Clergy
on Corporations, Authorities, and Commis-
                                                                                                  Sexual Abuse (2008)
sions; ALLEN BROMBERGER, Perlman &
Perlman, LLP; Author, Getting Organized         Career Search Support Group                       Please register online at
and Advising Nonprofits; former executive
                                                4 WednesdAY, 12 PM – 1 PM
Director of Lawyers Alliance for New York;
                                                11 WednesdAY, 12 PM – 1PM
JAMES FISHMAN, Professor, Pace Univer-                                                            Friday Evening Chamber Music
sity School of Law; Co-author, New York         Please see back page for more information
                                                                                                  6 FRidAY, 6 PM
Nonprofit Law and Practice; PAMELA              about sessions and registration.
MANN, Law offices of Pamela A. Mann,                                                              Timothy Carter (cello) and Diana Wan
LLC; former Chief, Charities Bureau, NYS                                                          (piano) will play Beethoven’s sonata for piano
                                                                                                  and cello in g minor (op. 5, No. 2), Shostak-
                                                                                                  ovich’s sonata for cello and piano (op. 40),
                                                                                                  and Schumann’s Fantasy Pieces (op. 73).

4   |   44Th STReeT NoTeS   |   NoVeMBeR 2009                                                                              
Suggested donation of $10 at the door.                 you re-entering the legal profession after a            Murray & Josephson, CPAs, LLC;
For more information, please e-mail                    sabbatical? Are you a recent law school grad            CAROL SCHIRO GREENWALD, PhD,                                considering contract work doing document                MarketingPartners
                                                       review? Are you looking for a legal position            Registration by November 9 is necessary. The fee,
                                                       that will give you more time to follow                  which includes lunch, is $30 for members; $45 for
Making the Right Hire: Employer                        non-legal pursuits or start a new business?             non-members. Please register on page 7 or online
Responsibilities and Best Practices                                                                            at
                                                       Come learn about opportunities to practice
When Hiring People with                                law on a contract or freelance basis and how
Criminal Conviction Histories                          these opportunities can impact your career.
                                                       This informative program will feature an
                                                                                                               Japanese Whisky Tasting &
9 MondAY, 6 PM – 9 PM                                  enlightening and frank discussion among                 Cocktail Reception
The program will address employers’ state and          panelists who are knowledgeable about New               Young Lawyers Connect –
federal law obligations – and best practices –         York’s consulting and freelance legal market            First Thursdays
when hiring people with criminal conviction            and who will assist you in navigating this
                                                                                                               12 thuRsdAY, 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
histories. It will also include discussion of          type of employment, whether it is part of
resources such as tax credits, bonding, and            a temporary or long-term career path. This              Please join us for an exclusive tasting of
workforce development programs.                        program is targeted at both experienced                 Japan’s Yamazaki whisky. Led by Gardner
                                                       attorneys and recent graduates.                         Dunn, brand ambassador of Suntory’s
                                                                                                               Yamazaki, Yamazaki 12 Year old, Yamazaki
LOu MICELI, executive Director,                        Moderator:
                                                                                                               18 Year old, Yamazaki 1984, Limited
Workforce Professionals Training Institute             INNA IDELCHIK SWINTON, Managing
                                                                                                               edition Single Malt, and hibiki 12 Year old
                                                       Director, Strategic Legal Solutions
Speakers:                                                                                                      will all be sampled and discussed.
ALPHONSO DAVID, Chief, Civil Rights                    Speakers:
                                                                                                               The tasting begins promptly at 6:30 and
Bureau, NYS Attorney General’s office;                 BEVERLY R. DANIEL, Career Counselor and
                                                                                                               will be followed by a cocktail reception
TANI MILLS, Chief Program officer,                     Coach, CareerGrowth Group; NATALIE
                                                                                                               featuring a special Yamazaki cocktail and
Center for employment opportunities;                   SHKOLNIK, Siller Wilk LLP; DONNA
                                                                                                               hors d’oeuvres. Mingle with fellow attorneys
KEISHA-ANN GRAY, Senior Counsel,                       DRuMM, Discovery Attorney Consultant;
                                                                                                               and other young professionals while enjoying
Proskauer Rose LLP; ELAINE KOST,                       MICHELLE DOBRAWSKY, Practitioner/
                                                                                                               this taste of Japan. Space is limited.
Workforce Programs and Federal                         Contract Attorney/Performer; JOHN PHILIP,
Bond Coordinator, NYS Department                       Attorney/Professional Actor                             Sponsored by: New York Law Journal,
of Labor                                                                                                       Practical Law Company, Spirit Cruises
                                                       The fee is $15 for members, $25 for non-members.
Please register online at               Please register on page 7 or online at   The fee is $30 for members, $50 for non-members.
                                                                                                               We will not be able to offer refunds. Please register
                                                                                                               at or call 212.382.4723.

2009 Annual Benjamin N.                                Rethinking the Billable Hour:
Cardozo Lecture                                        Value, Pricing, and Billing                             The First Department
                                                       Small Law Firm Luncheon –                               Guardianship Roundtable:
At the Tipping Point: State Courts
                                                       Growing Your Practice
and the Balance of Power                                                                                       A Frank and Open Discussion
                                                       (Second of a three-part luncheon series)
10 tuesdAY, 7 PM                                                                                               of Guardianship Problems
                                                       12 thuRsdAY, 12:30 PM – 2 PM
Presented by:                                                                                                  12 thuRsdAY, 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
                                                       Will the billable hour standard for fee setting
HON. MARGARET H. MARSHALL, Chief                                                                               This program will provide a frank and
                                                       really die? Probably not. But the focus on
Justice of the Massachusetts Supreme Court                                                                     open discussion concerning problems faced
                                                       value services and value billing will continue
A reception will follow the lecture. Please register                                                           by guardian justices and practitioners. In
                                                       to expand. We will discuss clients’ definitions
online at                                                                                       addition to the usual Q&A, members who
                                                       of value, pricing as the “4th P” of marketing,
                                                                                                               would like to ask questions without attribu-
                                                       and how to bill effectively. We will also
                                                                                                               tion are invited to email those questions to
                                                       provide a template to make it easier to
Is a Contract, Freelance, Staff, or                                                                            Sylvia e. Di Pietro at femalelitigator@yahoo.
                                                       understand how much your specific services
                                                                                                               com. Selected questions will be addressed by
Discovery Attorney Position Right                      cost and how profitable each one is.
                                                                                                               the panel of justices. In addition to judges
for You?                                               Moderator:                                              and practitioners, this program should be
                                                       ANTHONY VERNA III, Weiss Imbesi, PLLC                   of interest to providers of services to the
11 WednesdAY, 6:30 PM
                                                       Speakers:                                               guardianship community, such as commu-
Are you looking for a temporary position
to weather the economic downturn? Are                  MARK A. JOSEPHSON, CPA, CFP, CFE,                                                                                                 NoVeMBeR 2009       |   44Th STReeT NoTeS        |   5
nity guardians, court examiners, court             mistakes. Afterwards, you will have the oppor-          Regional Rounds of the
guardianship departments, and government           tunity to ask your own individualized resume
                                                                                                           60th Annual National
agency personnel.                                  questions in a breakout group led by one of
                                                   our expert panelists. You will also receive             Moot Court Competition
Opening Remarks:
FERN A. FISHER, Deputy Chief Administra-
                                                   guidance regarding cover letters and how to             18 WednesdAY, 5 PM & 8 PM
tive Judge, New York City Courts                   use them with e-mail submissions. You will              19 thuRsdAY, 5 PM & 8 PM
                                                   leave this program with lots of ideas for
Speakers:                                                                                                  This year, the 60th Annual Moot Court
                                                   improved and enhanced materials that will
HON. LOTTIE WILKINS, Supreme Court                                                                         Competition presents two issues not yet
                                                   better tell your story and sell your talents.
Justice, New York County; HON. MILTON                                                                      decided by the U.S. Supreme Court. First,
TINGLING, Supreme Court Justice, New
                                                   Moderator:                                              does the imposition of a life sentence without
                                                   PATRICIA MORRISSY, Chief Legal                          the possibility of parole on a juvenile offender
Supreme Court Justice, New York County;            Recruiting officer, Sullivan & Cromwell                 convicted of a non-homicide crime violate
HON. ALEXANDER HuNTER, Supreme                     Speakers:                                               the Cruel and Unusual Punishment Clause
Court Justice, Bronx County; HON. DONNA            GIL ALLISON, Senior Vice President, Right               of the 8th Amendment to the United States
MILLS, Supreme Court Justice, New York             Management; BRuCE BLACKWELL,                            Constitution? Second, what standard should
County; HON. HOWARD SHERMAN,                       President, Career Strategies International;             the court apply when deciding a motion to
Supreme Court Justice, Bronx County                JESSICA SILVERSTEIN, Principal, Attorney’s              change venue in which the defendant argues
                                                   Counsel; JuLIA HERR SMITH, President,                   that she cannot receive a fair trial in the
Please register online at
                                                   esquire Prep, LLC; MARGARETT M.                         current forum?
                                                   WILLIAMS, Director of employer Relations,               Participating schools:
City Bar Contemplative                             Touro Law Center                                        Brooklyn Law School; Cardozo Law School;
                                                   The fee is $15 for members, $25 for non-members.        City University of New York School of Law;
Lawyers Group: Contemplative
                                                   Please register on page 7 or online at   Fordham University School of Law; hofstra
Approaches to Legal Questions                                                                              University School of Law; New York Law
12 thuRsdAY, 7 PM                                                                                          School; New York University School of Law;
The topic for this month’s gathering will          Paid Family Leave in New York:                          Pace University School of Law; Rutgers School
                                                   Can We Afford It? Can We                                of Law – Newark; Seton hall University
be how to apply a contemplative approach
                                                                                                           School of Law; St. John’s University School of
to specific issues that come up in legal           Afford Not to Have It?                                  Law; Thomas Jefferson School of Law
practice. Contemplative practices will be
                                                   17 tuesdAY, 6 PM
taught, and there will be discussion on                                                                    Presented in conjunction with:
how to utilize them in dealing with issues         A multi-disciplinary panel will discuss paid            American College of Trial Lawyers
from legal research and problem-solving            family leave legislation recently introduced in
to interpersonal issues with clients and           New York and related issues, including: policy
colleagues, as well as in increasing personal      rationales for paid family leave and gender
satisfaction levels in one’s career.               implications, the impact of the economic
                                                   downturn on efforts to pass new legislation,
                                                   challenges for employers, and public health
                                                   dimensions. Panelists will also address the
Contemplative Lawyers Group
                                                   2008 New Jersey paid leave legislation and
Please register online at           its implementation.
                                                   SHERRY LEIWANT, executive Director &
Resume and Cover Letter Writing:
                                                   Co-Founder, A Better Balance; JANET C.
Telling Your Story, Selling Yourself               GORNICK, Professor of Political Science &
16 MondAY, 8:30 AM                                 Sociology, The Graduate Center of the City
                                                   University of New York; WENDY CHAVKIN,
In this competitive job market, your resume
                                                   Professor of Clinical Population & Family
must be flawless. If you are looking to switch
                                                   health, Mailman School of Public health;
practice areas or transition into a quasi-legal
                                                   Professor of Clinical obstetrics & Gynecology,
position, or simply need to update an old
                                                   College of Physicians & Surgeons; CHRIS
resume, come to this two-part program and
                                                   LONGO, Director of Temporary Disability
listen to our panel of experts offer advice on
                                                   Insurance, New Jersey Department of
general resume rules, crafting resumes for
                                                   Labor and Workforce Development
transition periods, and avoiding common
                                                   Please register online at

6   |   44Th STReeT NoTeS      |   NoVeMBeR 2009                                                                                  
    noveMBeR 2009 ReGistRAtion FoRM

        is a Contract, Freelance, staff, or discovery             Name                   Number of Reservations
        Attorney Position Right for You?
        11 Wednesday
        The fee is $15 for members, $25 for non-members.

        small Firm Law Luncheon
        12 thursday
        Registration by November 9 is necessary. The fee, which   City                   State       Zip
        includes lunch, is $30 for members, $45 for nonmembers.
        Resume and Cover Letter Writing
        16 Monday
        The fee is $15 for members, $25 for nonmembers.

                                                                  Total Enclosed $
    Please return this form to: Meeting Services, New York
    City Bar, 42 West 44th Street, New York, NY 10036-6604.
    Please make checks payable to the Association of the Bar.     Please charge to my:     Mastercard      Visa   Amex
    If registering for additional persons, duplicate this form.
                                                                  Card Number            Exp. Date

                                                                  Signature                                                                                          NoVeMBeR 2009   |   44Th STReeT NoTeS   |   7
                                                                  CITY BAR events
MAY 2009 2009
 sunday               monday                     tuesday                     wednesday                   thursday                     friday           saturday

 1                   2                           3                           4                           5                            6                7
                     6 PM – 9 PM                 6:30 PM – 8 PM              12 PM – 1 PM                8:30 AM – 5 PM               6 PM
                     Ideas for Change:           You’ve Survived Your        Career Search Support       Sixth Annual Law             Friday evening
                     A Conversation About        First Year of Law School:   Group (Part of Series)      Practice Management          Chamber Music
                     Reforming New York’s        Now What? A Roadmap                                     Symposium
                     Nonprofit Law and           for Law Students
                                                                                                         6 PM – 8 PM
                                                                                                         Books at the Bar – holding
                                                                                                         Bishops Accountable:
                                                                                                         how Lawsuits helped the
                                                                                                         Catholic Church Confront
                                                                                                         Clergy Sexual Abuse

 8                   9                           10                          11                          12                           13               14
                     6 PM – 9 PM                 7 PM                        12 PM – 1 PM                12:30 PM – 2 PM
                     Making the Right hire:      2009 Annual Benjamin N.     Career Search Support       Small Law Firm Luncheon –
                     employer Responsibilities   Cardozo Lecture             Group (Part of Series)      Growing Your Practice:
                     and Best Practices          At the Tipping Point:                                   Rethinking the Billable
                                                                             6:30 PM
                     When hiring People          State Courts and the                                    hour: Value, Pricing,
                                                                             Is a Contract, Freelance,
                     with Criminal Conviction    Balance of Power –                                      and Billing
                                                                             Staff, or Discovery
                     histories                   hon. Margaret h.                                        6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
                                                                             Attorney Position Right
                                                 Marshall, Chief Justice                                 Young Lawyers Connect –
                                                                             for You?
                                                 of the Massachusetts                                    Japanese Whisky Tasting
                                                 Supreme Court                                           & Cocktail Reception
                                                                                                         6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
                                                                                                         The First Department
                                                                                                         Guardianship Roundtable
                                                                                                         7 PM
                                                                                                         City Bar Contemplative
                                                                                                         Lawyers Group:
                                                                                                         Contemplative Approaches
                                                                                                         to Legal Questions

 15                  16                          17                          18                          19                           20               21
                     8:30 AM                     6 PM                        5 PM & 8 PM                 5 PM & 8 PM
                     Resume and Cover Letter Paid Family Leave in New        Regional Rounds of the      Regional Rounds of the
                     Writing: Telling Your   York: Can We Afford It?         60th Annual National        60th Annual National
                     Story, Selling Yourself Can We Afford Not to            Moot Court Competition      Moot Court Competition
                                             have It?                        (Day 1)                     (Day 2)

 22                  23                          24                          25                          26                           27               28

 29                  30

 8   |   44Th STReeT NoTeS     |   NoVeMBeR 2009                                                                                                  
CLE CouRses
                                                                            NOVEMBER 2009
  sunday                       monday                        tuesday                    wednesday                   thursday                  friday                        saturday

 1                            2                             3                           4                           5                         6                             7
                              9 AM – 5 PM                   9 AM – 5 PM                 6 PM – 9 PM                 6 PM – 9 PM               9 AM – 12 PM
                              Basic Mediation Training: Basic Mediation Training:       The Dirt on Ground          Trademark Basics          Workplace Issues
                              Conflict Resolution       Conflict Resolution             Leases: Their Use as        and Beyond                Affecting Lesbian,
                              Theory and Techniques     Theory and Techniques           Vehicles for the Develop-   3.0 Credits*              Gay, Bisexual, Transgender,
                              31.0 Credits*                 31.0 Credits*               ment & Financing of                                   and Gender Non-
                              (Must attend all 4 days)      (Must attend all 4 days)    Commercial Real estate                                Conforming employees
                                                                                        3.0 Credits*                                          and Their employers
                              6 PM – 9 PM
                                                                                                                                              3.0 Credits*
                              An Introduction to
                              Probate and how to
                              Avoid It
                              3.0 Credits*

 8                            9                             10                          11                          12                        13                            14
                              9 AM – 5 PM                   9 AM – 5 PM;                9 AM – 12 PM                6 PM – 8 PM
                              Basic Mediation Training:     5 PM – 6 PM –               Securities offering         executive Compensation
                              Conflict Resolution           netWoRKinG ReCePtion        Process: The Basics         and other Pay Practices
                              Theory and Techniques     Basic Mediation Training:       and Beyond                  in the New era on Wall
                              31.0 Credits*             Conflict Resolution             3.0 Credits*                Street and Beyond
                              (Must attend all 4 days) Theory and Techniques                                        2.0 Credits*
                                                            31.0 Credits*
                              6 PM – 9 PM
                                                            (Must attend all 4 days)
                              Insurance Law:
                              The Basics                    6 PM – 9 PM
                              3.0 Credits*                  The New New York
                                                            Rules of Professional
                                                            Conduct and Their Impact
                                                            on Criminal Practice
                                                            3.0 Credits*

 15                           16                            17                          18                          19                        20                            21
                              6 PM – 9 PM                   6 PM – 9 PM                                             6 PM – 8:45 PM            9 AM – 4:30 PM
                              Strategies to Selecting       The Impact of the Current                               everyday ethical          Writing to Persuade
                              a Jury                        environment on Private                                  Challenges in the         7.0 Credits*
                              3.0 Credits*                  Investment Funds and                                    Practice of Law
                                                            Their Managers                                          3.0 Credits*
                                                            3.0 Credits*

 22                           23                            24                          25                          26                        27                            28
                              6 PM – 8:30 PM                9 AM – 11 AM
                              Matrimonial Law in            Video Replay: Developing
                              the Tri-State Area: The       Issues in Derivatives
                              Critical Distinctions         Law 2009
                              every Practitioner Must       2.0 Credits; NT
                              Know and hot Tips
                              from the experts
                              2.5 Credits*

 29                           30
                              6 PM – 9 PM
                              Video Replay: Significant
                              ethical Issues Facing
                              Inside Counsel: What
                              In-house Counsel and
                              Those Who Advise
                              Them Need to Know
                              3.0 Credits; NT

*This live program provides transitional/non-transitional credit to all attorneys.                                                                                                                          NoVeMBeR 2009           |   44Th STReeT NoTeS   |   9
CLE CouRses
AdR/ARBitRAtion/MediAtion/                                   CoRPoRAte & seCuRities                                      This program will examine the impact of the
neGotiAtion                                                                                                              current regulatory and business environment on
                                                             Securities Offering Process:                                private investment funds and private investment
Basic Mediation Training:                                    The Basics and Beyond                                       fund managers, including new developments
Conflict Resolution Theory                                                                                               and how they affect the operations of private
                                                             11 WednesdAY, 9 AM – 12 PM
                                                                                                                         investment fund managers.
and Techniques
                                                             This program will provide you with a primer on              Program Chair:
2 – 3 & 9 – 10 MondAYs & tuesdAYs,                           securities law and then take you through the                YuKAKO KAWATA, Davis Polk &
9 AM – 5 PM                                                  mechanics of the offering process. The faculty              Wardwell, LLP
                                                             will explain how the SeC works and will provide
10 tuesdAY:                                                                                                              Faculty:
                                                             a sample timetable for an offering. Various types
netWoRKinG ReCePtion, 5 PM – 6 PM                                                                                        MICHAEL A. GERSTENZANG, Cleary
                                                             of offerings, such as shelf offerings and SPACs
A four-day course on the theory and skills                                                                               Gottlieb Steen & hamilton LLP; EDWARD
                                                             (Special Purpose Acquisition Companies), will
of basic mediation, covering essential                                                                                   D. NELSON, Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP;
                                                             be explained, as well as the advantages of each
techniques and procedures of mediation                                                                                   JOHN R. O’NEIL, Kirkland & ellis LLP;
                                                             offering. Attendees will leave the seminar with
in lecture, exercises, and small group role-                                                                             ALEXANDRA POE, Reed Smith LLP
                                                             a comprehensive understanding of securities
playing. Topics to be covered include:                       offering processes.                                         Credit: 3.0 total: PP*
getting the mediation process started,
organizing the discussion, generating                        Program Chair:
movement, overcoming barriers to an                          N. ADELE HOGAN, White & Case LLP
agreement, concluding the mediation,
                                                                                                                         Video Replay: Developing Issues
and other practice issues. Certificates of                   BRuCE C. BENNETT, Covington & Burling                       in Derivatives Law 2009
completion will be issued at the conclusion                  LLP; ROBERT E. BuCKHOLZ, JR, Sullivan &                     24 tuesdAY, 9 AM – 11 AM
of the program. This program is geared                       Cromwell LLP; LISA FIRENZE, executive
toward law school graduates and beyond                                                                                   This video replay provides an analysis of new
                                                             Director & Senior Counsel, Investment
who have an interest in learning to mediate,                                                                             federal and state over-the-counter derivatives
                                                             Banking Group, UBS Securities LLC;
but is also appropriate for non-lawyers.                                                                                 regulatory and legislative developments,
                                                             KENNETH L. JOSSELYN, Managing Director
Attendance at all four days of the program                                                                               including those affecting credit default swaps
                                                             & General Counsel, Finance & Corporate,
is required.                                                                                                             and centralized derivatives clearinghouses.
                                                             Goldman, Sachs & Co.; KEVIN W. KELLEY,
                                                                                                                         The faculty also examines lessons learned from
Special Feature: Participants will receive                   Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP; JAMES M.
                                                                                                                         the Lehman bankruptcies concerning swaps and
a free copy of the book The Practice of                      LuRIE, osler, hoskin & harcourt LLP;
                                                                                                                         other derivatives trading agreements, including
Mediation: A Video Integrated Text (2008),                   STuART S. MOSKOWITZ, Senior Counsel,
                                                                                                                         unanticipated collateral issues, rehypothecation
by Douglas N. Frenkel and James h. Stark.                    International Business Machines Corporation;
For the first time, a wine and cheese network-                                                                           issues, nuances of master netting agreements,
                                                             GLEN A. RAE, General Counsel, Global
ing reception will follow the fourth day of the                                                                          secured interests, and the use of custody and
                                                             equities, Capital Markets, Products & Credit
program. Registration is limited to 48 people.                                                                           control agreements. There is also a review of
                                                             Derivatives, Bank of America Merrill Lynch;
                                                                                                                         litigation developments concerning derivatives
This program will not be taped. You have                     RODOLFO VELA, Director, Citigroup Global
                                                                                                                         transactions. Attendees will leave the video replay
only one chance to see it, live.                             Markets Inc.
                                                                                                                         with an arsenal of up-to-date information
Lead Trainers:                                               Credit: 3.0 PP*                                             preparing them to advise clients about the
CAROL B. LIEBMAN, Clinical Professor,                                                                                    regulatory status of oTC derivatives transac-
Columbia Law School; DINA JANSENSON,                                                                                     tions, and a fresh perspective on negotiating
Mediator/Arbitrator, JAMS; of Counsel, Flem-                 The Impact of the Current Envi-                             relevant agreements.
ming Zulack Williamson Zauderer LLP
                                                             ronment on Private Investment                               Program Co-Chairs:
Credit: 31.0 total: 24.5 skills, 4.5 professional            Funds & Their Managers                                      ROBERT M. MCLAuGHLIN, Katten Muchin
practice & 2.0 ethics*                                                                                                   Rosenman LLP; MICHAEL S. SACKHEIM,
                                                             17 tuesdAY, 6 PM – 9 PM
                                                                                                                         Sidley Austin LLP

*This live program provides New York & California transitional/non-transitional credit to all attorneys. Credit abbreviations: PM=practice management; PP=professional practice

 10   |   44Th STReeT NoTeS        |   NoVeMBeR 2009                                                                                                
Faculty:                                                    The panel will consist of a judge, a defense
CONRAD G. BAHLKE, Weil, Gotshal &                           lawyer, a prosecutor, and a legal ethicist.
Manges LLP; IAN CuILLERIER, White &                         Program Chair:
Case LLP; GuY DEMPSEY, Latham &                             PROFESSOR ELLEN YAROSHEFSKY,
Watkins LLP; GEOFFREY B. GOLDMAN,                           Clinical Professor of Law, Jacob Burns ethics
Shearman & Sterling LLP; CHRISTIAN A.                       Center, Cardozo Law School
JOHNSON, Professor, University of Utah
College of Law; ROBIN J. POWERS,
                                                            JOHN CASTELLANO, Assistant District
                                                            Attorney, Queens District Attorney’s office;
Teigland-hunt LLP
                                                            HON. ELISA S. KOENDERMAN, Judge,
Credit: 2.0 total: 1.0 PP & 1.0 skills; NT                  Criminal Court of the City of New York;
                                                            ROGER L. STAVIS, Gallet Dreyer & Berkey
                                                            LLP; CAROL L. ZEIGLER, Law office of
estAte PLAnninG                                             Carol L. Ziegler, Adjunct Professor of Law,
                                                            Columbia University
An Introduction to Probate
                                                            Credit: 3.0 ethics*
and How to Avoid It
2 MondAY, 6 PM – 9 PM
This program is an introduction to the probate              Everyday Ethical Challenges
process in New York State and will include a                in the Practice of Law
review of the probate process, requirements,
                                                            19 thuRsdAY, 6 PM – 8:45 PM
forms, and pre-mortem preparation. There will
also be a brief discussion of probate contests and          This program will address common ethical issues
1404 depositions. Finally, there will be a review           facing practitioners in a variety of practice
of why and how to avoid the probate process                 settings with particular emphasis on New York’s
using revocable trusts and other legal entities.            new Rules of Professional Conduct, adopted by
                                                            the Appellate Division on April 1, 2009. Among
Program Chair:
                                                            other topics, our panelists will discuss how to
                                                            avoid conflicts among clients or between the
Jaworski LLP
                                                            client’s and the lawyer’s own interests. We will
Faculty:                                                    also discuss techniques for avoiding disciplinary
JANET S. MISHKIN, NY County Surrogate’s                     complaints, malpractice claims, or a sanctions
Court; MARK A. ROBERTSON, Fulbright &                       motion. hypotheticals will be used to encourage
Jaworski LLP                                                attendees’ discussion and to focus on practical
Credit: 3.0 total: 2.5 PP & 0.5 ethics*                     problems of interest to the participating lawyers
                                                            in their practices.
                                                            Program Chair:
ethiCs                                                      BARRY R. TEMKIN, Mound Cotton Wollan
                                                            & Greengrass
The New New York Rules of
Professional Conduct and Their                              PERY D. KRINSKY, Law offices of Michael
Impact on Criminal Practice                                 S. Ross; LAWTON W. SQuIRES, herzfeld &
10 tuesdAY, 6 PM – 9 PM                                     Rubin, P.C.; LEWIS TESSER, Tesser, Ryan &
                                                            Rochman, LLP
This program will explore, through hypotheti-
cals, the most significant changes in the new               Credit: 3.0 ethics*
ethics rules that have an impact on criminal
practice in state and federal courts. The issues
include candor to the tribunal, confidentiality
and its exceptions, duty to disclose evidence,
conflicts, and obligations in cases of alleged
wrongful convictions.

*This live program provides New York & California transitional/non-transitional credit to all attorneys. Credit abbreviations: PM=practice management; PP=professional practice                                                                                                        NoVeMBeR 2009         |   44Th STReeT NoTeS        |   11
 Video Replay: Significant Ethical                           FAMiLY LAW                                                  Aronson Mayefsky & Sloan, LLP; JuDITH
                                                                                                                         WHITE, Ira e. Garr P.C.
 Issues Facing Inside Counsel:
                                                             Matrimonial Law in the Tri-State                            Faculty:
 What In-House Counsel and
                                                             Area: The Critical Distinctions                             CYNTHIA COuLTER GEORGE, Schoonmak-
 Those Who Advise Them Need                                                                                              er, George & Colin, P.C.; JOAN A. LIPTON,
                                                             Every Practitioner Must Know
 to Know                                                                                                                 CPA/ABV/CFF, PhD, Principal, Lazar Lipton
                                                             and Hot Tips from the Experts                               Valuation Services, A Division of Parente
 30 MondAY, 6 PM – 9 PM
                                                             23 MondAY, 6 PM – 8:30 PM                                   Randolph, LLC; ALLAN E. MAYEFSKY,
 This video replay explores ethics issues of
                                                             A prominent faculty of attorneys will discuss the           Sheresky, Aronson, Mayefsky & Sloan, LLP;
 significance to inside counsel and outside
                                                             interplay of matrimonial law among New York,                DAWN J. POST, Children’s Law Center;
 counsel working with inside counsel. Topics
                                                             New Jersey, and Connecticut through a fact                  HON. ROSALYN RICHTER, Associate Justice,
 covered include: corporate-family conflicts
                                                             pattern designed to elicit the key distinctions             Appellate Division, First Department;
 in the age of insolvency, secondments, legal
                                                             every practitioner needs to be aware of in                  BERNICE H. SCHAuL, PhD, Attorney at
 outsourcing overseas, the “no contact” rule and
 inside counsel, advance waivers and the use of              everyday practice. The second half of the                   Law; FRANKLYN H. SNITOW, Snitow Kanfer
 screens, and the pitfalls of inside counsel acting          program will be devoted to a highly informative,            holtzer & Millus LLP; JONATHAN W.
 as negotiator.                                              rapid-fire session comprised of 10-minute hot               WOLFE, Skoloff & Wolfe P.C.
                                                             tips, strategies, and techniques shared by a panel          Credit: 2.5 total: 1.5 PP & 1.0 skills*
 Program Chair:
 DAVID G. KEYKO, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw
                                                             of experienced professionals from the bench, bar,
 Pittman LLP                                                 and valuation community. This program is a
                                                             must for experienced matrimonial attorneys                  insuRAnCe
 Faculty:                                                    as well as general practitioners and attorneys
 RONALD C.MINKOFF, Frankfurt Kurnit                                                                                      Insurance Law: The Basics
                                                             interested in working in the matrimonial area.
 Klein & Selz PC; PROFESSOR ROY D.
 SIMON, howard Lichtenstein Distinguished                    Program Co-Chairs:                                          9 MondAY, 6 PM – 9 PM
                                           SuSAN L. BENDER, Bender Page 1
 CLE ad of Legal ethics, Case - 5x5_new1.qxp 10/1/2009 4:42 PM & Rosenthal
 Professor - We Rest Ourhofstra Law School                                                                               Most commercial transactions and civil
                                           LLP; MICHAEL A. MOSBERG, Sheresky                                             litigations have an insurance component.
 Credit: 3.0 ethics*
                                                                                                                         This program provides the nuts and bolts
                                                                                                                         of New York Insurance Law and is designed
                    What Do You Need?                                                                                    for attorneys who encounter insurance issues
                                                                                                                         in their practice. The faculty of seasoned
                               Information?                                                                              speakers will present practical information on
                                                                                                                         issues that regularly arise, including policy
                               Another Skill?                                                                            application and rescission, reservation of rights,

                                 To Retool?                                                                              disclaimer of coverage and the defense and
                                                                                                                         indemnity obligation, unfair claim settlement
                           To Fulfill CLE Credits?                                                                       practices, and bad faith litigation.
                                                                                                                         Program Chair:
                                                                                                                         MONTE E. SOKOL, L’Abbate, Balkan,
                           Go to the CLE Source                                                                          Colavita & Contini LLP

      The City Bar Center for CLE                                                                                        Faculty:
                                                                                                                         KENNETH M. LABBATE, Mound Cotton
                                                                                                                         Wollan & Greengrass; JILLIAN MENNA,
              >   Take classes anytime, from anywhere.                                                                   L’Abbate, Balkan, Colavita & Contini LLP;
                                                                                                                         BRIAN A. SMITH, Smith & Newman LLP
              >   Flexible formats include: 3-hour courses (mornings and evenings),
                  150 discrete live programs, 75 video replays, online on-demand,                                        Credit: 3.0 total: PP*
                  live webcasts, podcasts, and teleseminars.
              >   Accredited in New York, California, and Illinois.                                                      inteLLeCtuAL PRoPeRtY
              >   Over 100 of our programs on West LegalEdcenter.
                                                                                                                         Trademark Basics and Beyond
                                                                                                                         5 thuRsdAY, 6 PM – 9 PM
      To register, or to learn more about the City Bar Center for CLE,
      please call (212) 382-6663, or visit                                                                In today’s brand-conscious environment, all
                                                                         city bar center for cle                         practioners should know the basics of trademark

*This live program provides New York & California transitional/non-transitional credit to all attorneys. Credit abbreviations: PM=practice management; PP=professional practice

 12    |   44Th STReeT NoTeS        |   NoVeMBeR 2009                                                                                               
law. This program will provide an overview of               Program Chair:
the basic principles of trademark law and brand             ROBERT D. KRAuS, Kraus &
protection, including (a) trademark selection               Zuchlewski LLP
and strategies for searching and clearing a mark            Faculty:
in the United States and internationally, (b)               SCOTT BROWNING GILLY, Thompson
procedure for registering a mark with the U.S.              Wigdor & Gilly LLP; JEFFREY M. KANTER,
Patent & Trademark office, including strategies             Managing Director, Frederic W. Cook & Co.,
for overcoming substantive and technical refusals           Inc.; LINDA E. RAPPAPORT, Shearman &
to the application, (c) basics of trademark                 Sterling LLP
registration and protection in select countries
                                                            Credit: 2.0 PP*
around the world, (d) the intersection of
trademarks and domain names, including the
Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution
                                                            LeGAL WRitinG
Policy (UDRP), and (e) basics of trademark
                                                            Writing to Persuade
Program Chair:
                                                            20 FRidAY, 9 AM – 4:30 PM
MONICA B. RICHMAN, Sonnenschein Nath
& Rosenthal LLP                                             You’ve thought through the case again and
                                                            again. You’ve mastered the facts and the law,
                                                            found a story to tell, decided how to shape the
CECELIA M. DEMPSEY, Director, Senior
                                                            issues, lined up your authorities. Now you have
Attorney, Trademarks & Patents, Burger King
                                                            to write a brief that holds the attention of—and
Corporation; VICTORIA J.B. DOYLE, Fried,
                                                            persuades—an overworked, impatient judge
Frank, harris, Shriver & Jacobson LLP;
                                                            who reads hundreds of briefs a year.
SHIRIN KEEN, Davis & Gilbert LLP;
DENNIS S. PRAHL, Ladas & Parry LLP;                         Writing to Persuade demonstrates how to write
RICHARD SAMSON, Senior Counsel,                             briefs that are clear, credible, and persuasive. It
The New York Times Company                                  doesn’t teach you “tips” or “tricks.” Instead, it
Credit: 3.0 PP*                                             starts from the fundamental principles of rhetoric
                                                            and psychology that show you how to think
                                                            coherently about the techniques of persuasion.
LABoR & eMPLoYMent LAW                                      Building on those principles, this program gives
                                                            you concrete, practical methods for writing and
Executive Compensation and                                  editing a brief so that its organization, style, and
                                                            tone present your argument in the best possible
Other Pay Practices in the New
                                                            light. The program mixes lecture with the discus-
Era on Wall Street and Beyond                               sion of many examples and features exercises
12 thuRsdAY, 6 PM – 8 PM                                    throughout the day. It is lively, fast moving, and
At this timely annual program, a panel of
prominent attorneys representing both individu-             This program assumes that you are comfortable
als and firms focuses on the most effective                 with the substantive aspects of writing briefs.
strategies for managing executive compensation              It therefore does not include such basics as
and employee pay practices in today’s turbulent             case analysis, defining issues, and constructing
times. What policies and provisions will comply             an argument.
with the requirements of recent legislation and
                                                            This program will not be available on tape.
the demands of increasingly active shareholders,
                                                            You only have one chance to see it, live.
yet still meet the company’s personnel needs?
Particular attention will be paid to the increasing         Co-Sponsored by ALI-ABA
use of clawback provisions in employment                    Program Instructor:
agreements, incentive compensation programs,                TIMOTHY P. TERRELL, Professor of Law,
and severance arrangements. What are the issues,            emory University School of Law; Consultant,
and how are they managed most effectively by                LAWriters LLC
both firms and employees so as to avoid disputes?
how should counsel handle the disputes that                 Credit: 7.0 total: 6.0 skills & 1.0 ethics*
will inevitably follow the changing practices?

*This live program provides New York & California transitional/non-transitional credit to all attorneys. Credit abbreviations: PM=practice management; PP=professional practice                                                                                                        NoVeMBeR 2009         |   44Th STReeT NoTeS        |   13
 LGBt                                                        Rules, the Struck Method, and the Modified                  Faculty:
                                                             Struck Method, and which method is more                     NANCY ANN CONNERY, Schoeman, Updike
 Workplace Issues Affecting                                  advantageous to your client. The course will also           & Kaufman, LLP; JACK K. FEIRMAN, Wien
 Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual,                                     explore proposed changes to the jury selection              & Malkin LLC; MICHAEL HIRSCHFELD,
                                                             system. In addition, the course will outline                Dechert LLP; PAuLA K. KONIKOFF, JD,
 Transgender, and Gender                                     strategies for selecting a jury and discuss the             MAI, Valuation Advisory Services; WILLIAM
 Non-Conforming Employees                                    application of Batson and its progeny.                      J. LIPPMAN, Schoeman, Updike & Kaufman,
 and Their Employers                                         Program Chair:                                              LLP; LINDA MYLES, Associate General
                                                             JENNIFER A. COYNE, Assistant                                Counsel, The City University of New York;
 6 FRidAY, 9 AM – 12 PM
                                                             Corporation Counsel & Senior Counsel,                       DAVID J. RABINOWTIZ, Director, Goulston
 employers and employees face a myriad of issues                                                                         & Storrs
                                                             NYC Law Department
 navigating the ever-changing tide of legal
                                                             Moderator:                                                  Credit: 3.0 PP*
 developments affecting LGBT communities.
 experienced management- and employee-side                   HON. JuDITH J. GISCHE, NYS Supreme
 attorneys will address the current law, trends,             Court Justice, New York County
 and best practices impacting LGBT and gender                Faculty:
 non-conforming workers. The panel will provide
 an update on discrimination, retaliation, and
                                                             HON. JOHN A. K. BRADLEY, Judicial
                                                             hearing officer, Acting NYS Supreme Court
 harassment cases and proposed laws as well as
 policies that promote an inclusive workplace.
                                                             Justice (Ret.); ROBERT CONASON, Gair,
                                                             Gair, Conason, Steigman, Mackauf, Bloom
 The panel will also discuss benefits issues for
 transgender employees and the same-sex partners
                                                             & Rubinowitz; DAVID J. DEAN, Sullivan
                                                             Papain Block McGrath & Cannova, P.C.;
 of employees.                                               CLAIRE F. RuSH, Russo, Keane &                                 The New York City Lawyer
 Program Co-Chairs:                                          Toner, LLP                                                     Assistance Program, nYC
 CARMELYN P. MALALIS, outten & Golden                        Credit: 3.0 skills*                                            LAP, provides free and
 LLP; FRANK F. MARTINEZ, Law offices of
                                                                                                                            confidential assistance to
 Frank F. Martinez LLC
                                                             ReAL estAte                                                    attorneys, judges, law
                                                                                                                            students and their families,
 JORDAN BACKMAN, Senior Benefits
 Counsel, Sony Corporation of America; KEN                   The Dirt on Ground Leases:                                     struggling with alcohol
 CHOE, Senior Staff Attorney, ACLU LGBT                      Their Use as Vehicles for the                                  and substance abuse,
 Rights & AIDS Projects; LISA A. LINKSY,                     Development and Financing                                      depression, stress, burnout,
 McDermott Will & emery LLP; MICHAEL                                                                                        career concerns, and other
                                                             of Commerical Real Estate
 D. SILVERMAN, executive Director,
                                                             4 WednesdAY, 6 PM – 9 PM
                                                                                                                            issues that affect quality
 Transgender Legal Defense & education
 Fund, Inc.                                                                                                                 of life – both personally
                                                             Ground leases are often used when a property
                                                             owner does not want to develop vacant land or,                 and professionally.
 Co-Sponsored by: The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual
 & Transgender Law Association of Greater                    in the case of an existing building, continue to                If you or someone you
 New York (LeGaL); National Association                      manage it. They can also be used as a financing
                                                                                                                             know is having a problem,
 of Women Lawyers; & The National LGBT                       vehicle. At this program, a premier faculty, some
                                                             of whom were the drafters of the ground lease                   we can help.
 Bar Association
                                                             adopted by the New York City Bar Association,
 Credit: 3.0 PP*                                                                                                             Confidential Phone
                                                             will discuss the basics of ground leases, contrast-
                                                             ing the needs and desires of landlords, tenants,                number:
                                                             and lenders. They will especially focus on rent                 212.302.5787
                                                             reset provisions, initial construction when the
                                                             land is vacant, alterations, financing concerns,
 Strategies to Selecting a Jury                                                                                              eileen travis, Director
                                                             “big box” leases, and ground leases of improved
 16 MondAY, 6 PM – 9 PM                                      properties including sale-leasebacks.
 This course will examine the various methods for            Program Chair:
 selecting a jury commonly utilized in the five              JO-ANN H. WHITEHORN, Attorney at Law
 counties of New York City, including White’s

*This live program provides New York & California transitional/non-transitional credit to all attorneys. Credit abbreviations: PM=practice management; PP=professional practice

 14   |   44Th STReeT NoTeS        |   NoVeMBeR 2009                                                                                                
    Events at the New York City Bar

     District Attorney Candidates’ Debate                        Deferred Associate Training
     The three Democratic candidates for Manhattan               New York Times reporter Nina Bernstein addresses
     District Attorney debate at the New York City Bar           the September 14th kickoff of the Deferred Associate
     on September 10th. From left to right: Richard Aborn;       Law Extern Support Project, speaking on the work
     Cyrus R. Vance Jr., who won the Democratic primary;         of poverty lawyers in New York City.
     and Leslie Crocker Snyder.

     Climate Change                                              Human Rights in Iran
     Dr. Yvo de Boer, Executive Secretary of the United          A panel of scholars, lawyers, and journalists discuss
     Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change,             human rights in Iran at the City Bar on September 29th.
     addresses the New York City Bar on September 23rd,          From left to right: Roozbeh Mirebrahimi, Journalist and
     calling for U.S. leadership on climate change agreements.   Blogger; Mehrangiz Kar, Human Rights Attorney, Author,
     The event was hosted by six of the City Bar’s committees.   Activist; Renee Redman, Executive Director, Iran Human
                                                                 Rights Documentation Center; Gary Sick, Senior Research
                                                                 Scholar, Adjunct Professor, Columbia University; Mark
                                                                 Shulman, Pace Law School, Chair, City Bar Council on
                                                                 International Affairs.
     Photography: Sara Shannon                                                                      NoVeMBeR 2009   |   44Th STReeT NoTeS   |   15
CounCiL on JudiCiAL AdMinistRAtion                                          LesBiAn, GAY, BisexuAL , And tRAnsGendeR RiGhts
Letter commenting on the proposed revisions to the Rules of the             Amicus Brief: Lewis v. NYS Department of Civil Service, filed with the
Commission on Judicial Nomination. The proposed revisions are               New York State Court of Appeals. The brief emphasizes that the recog-
designed to provide more transparency to the selecting and nominat-         nition of out-of-state marriages between same-sex couples is supported
ing process, attract a wide range of well-qualified candidates, promote     by common law in New York State as well as by public policy. The brief
diversity, and utilize a fair and unbiased process.                         urges the court to recognize marriages between same-sex couples validly
                                                                            executed in other jurisdictions, as such marriages are neither expressly
heALth L AW
                                                                            prohibited by New York law nor abhorrent to New York’s public policy.
sex And L AW
Report expressing support for S.5808, the Reproductive health Act,          Testimony before the New York City Council in support of Resolution
which would modernize New York law by moving the provisions                 No. 2172, which would call upon the United States Congress to pass
regulating abortion and contraception from the Penal Law to the             the Uniting American Families Act (h.R.1024/S.424). The Bill would
Public health Law and would confirm that women have a right to              amend the Immigration and Nationality Act to permit U.S. citizens
privacy and the right to choose to continue or end a pregnancy under        and legal residents in same-sex relationships to sponsor their partners
New York law.                                                               for immigration purposes in the same manner as spouses of citizens
                                                                            and lawful permanent residents, and to penalize immigration fraud in
investMent MAnAGeMent ReGuL Ation
                                                                            connection with permanent partnerships.
Letter to the SeC which provides the following three principal
comments on proposed amendments (File No. S7-11-09) to Rule                 tA x Ation oF Business entities
2a-7 and certain other rules governing money market funds under the         Report offering proposed guidance regarding the Passive Foreign Invest-
Investment Company Act of 1940: (1) that the SeC avoid expanding            ment Company (PFIC) rules, which would allow them to work more
the list of determinations money market fund directors are required to      effectively. The report makes recommendations regarding: (1) qualified
make under Rule 2a-7; (2) that Rule 17a-9 be further expanded to cover      electing fund elections, (2) the asset test for passive foreign investment
additional classes of transactions; and (3) that the SeC consider, in a     companies, (3) treatment of trusts, and (4) multi-tiered passive foreign
separate proposal, additional rulemaking to permit money market fund        investment companies.
boards to approve a money market fund’s combination with another
money market fund and to address the practical difficulty that appli-
cable state law may require a shareholder vote to approve a liquidation
of the type contemplated by Rule 22e-3 or such a fund combination.

         Seeking a reliable referral source or qualified co-counsel?

                                         CALL THE LEGAL REFERRAL SERVICE
                                                 Executive Director, Allen Charne at (212)382-6775 or
                                                 Managing Attorney, Clara Schwabe at (212)382-6715

            When you have a conflict of interest, or need to refer a client to an attorney
           knowledgeable in an area you don’t cover – turn to LRS. You can be confident
             that your client will be represented by experienced and competent lawyers.

          We receive referrals from attorneys who cannot represent a client for any specific
                          reason. For more information call 212.382.6775

                                    Visit or
16   |   44Th STReeT NoTeS   |              Co-sponsored
                                 NoVeMBeR 2009             by the New York County Lawyers' Association.                     
                                                                                                         noveMBeR 2009 CLe ReGistRAtion FoRM

An introduction to Probate and how to Avoid it                     the New new York Rules of Professional                         **Writing to Persuade
November 2                                                         Conduct and their impact on Criminal Practice                  November 20
                                     Member   Non-member           November 10                                                                                         Member   Non-member
Live Program (includes materials):   $215     $285                                                        Member   Non-member     Live Program (includes materials):   $375     $475
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DVDs (includes materials):           $445     $535                  CDs (includes materials):             $365     $435           Matrimonial Law in the tri-state Area:
Materials only (no CLe credit):      $105     $135                  DVDs (includes materials):            $475     $565           the Critical distinctions every Practitioner
                                                                    Materials only (no CLe credit):       $105     $135           Must Know and hot tips from the experts
**Basic Mediation training: Conflict Resolution                                                                                   November 23
theory and techniques                                              securities offering Process: the Basics                                                             Member   Non-member
November 2–3 & 9–10                                                and Beyond                                                     Live Program (includes materials):   $205     $315
                                     Member   Non-member           November 11                                                    CDs (includes materials):            $335     $405
Live Program (includes materials):   $1595    $1895                                                       Member   Non-member     DVDs (includes materials):           $445     $535
                                                                    Live Program (includes materials):    $205     $315           Materials only (no CLe credit):      $105     $135
                                                                    CDs (includes materials):             $335     $405
the dirt on Ground Leases: their use as
                                                                    DVDs (includes materials):            $445     $535
vehicles for the development and Financing                                                                                        Video Replay: developing issues in
                                                                    Materials only (no CLe credit):       $105     $135
of Commercial Real estate                                                                                                         derivatives Law 2009
November 4                                                                                                                        November 24
                                     Member   Non-member           executive Compensation and other Pay                                                                Member   Non-member
Live Program:                        $215     $325                 Practices in the new era on Wall street                        Video Replay (includes materials):   $235     $345
CDs (includes materials):            $335     $405                 and Beyond                                                     CDs (includes materials):            $335     $405
DVDs (includes materials):           $445     $535                 November 12                                                    DVDs (includes materials):           $445     $535
Materials only (no CLe credit):      $105     $135                                                        Member   Non-member     Materials only (no CLe credit):      $105     $135
                                                                    Live Program (includes materials):    $205     $315
                                                                    CDs (includes materials):             $335     $405
                                                                                                                                  Video Replay: significant ethical issues Facing
trademark Basics and Beyond                                         DVDs (includes materials):            $445     $535
                                                                                                                                  inside Counsel: What in-house Counsel and
November 5                                                          Materials only (no CLe credit):       $105     $135
                                                                                                                                  those Who Advise them need to Know
                                     Member   Non-member                                                                          November 30
Live Program:                        $205     $315                 strategies to selecting a Jury                                                                      Member   Non-member
CDs (includes materials):            $335     $405                 November 16                                                    Video Replay (includes materials):   $245     $355
DVDs (includes materials):           $445     $535                                                        Member   Non-member     CDs (includes materials):            $365     $445
Materials only (no CLe credit):      $105     $135                  Live Program (includes materials):    $195     $305           DVDs (includes materials):           $475     $565
                                                                    CDs (includes materials):             $335     $405           Materials only (no CLe credit):      $105     $135
Workplace issues Affecting Lesbian, Gay,                            DVDs (includes materials):            $445     $535
Bisexual, transgender, and Gender non-                              Materials only (no CLe credit):       $105     $135
Conforming employees and their employers
November 6                                                         the impact of the Current environment on
                                     Member   Non-member           Private investment Funds and their Managers
Live Program (includes materials):   $215     $325                 November 17                                                    Cit Y BAR CenteR FoR CLe PoLiCies
CDs (includes materials):            $335     $405                                                        Member   Non-member     Member rates apply to City Bar and co-sponsoring
DVDs (includes materials):           $445     $535                  Live Program (includes materials):    $245     $355           organization members. A $25 “walk-in” fee will be
Materials only (no CLe credit):      $105     $135                  CDs (includes materials):             $335     $405           charged for reservations received after 3:00 p.m.
                                                                    DVDs (includes materials):            $445     $535
                                                                                                                                  one business day prior to the program.
insurance Law: the Basics                                           Materials only (no CLe credit):       $105     $135
November 9                                                                                                                        Programs marked with ** are live only.
                                     Member   Non-member           everyday ethical Challenges in the Practice
Live Program (includes materials):   $205     $315                 of Law                                                         For more information on registration, cancellations,
CDs (includes materials):            $335     $405                 November 19                                                    refunds, fees and credit, please visit our website at
DVDs (includes materials):           $445     $535                                                        Member   Non-member or call 212.382.6663.
Materials only (no CLe credit):      $105     $135                  Live Program (includes materials):    $245     $355
                                                                    CDs (includes materials):             $365     $435
                                                                    DVDs (includes materials):            $475     $565
                                                                    Materials only (no CLe credit):       $105     $135

All registrations must be prepaid by either credit card or a check made payable to: City Bar Center for CLe or new York City Bar.

Name                                                                                                                              Member           Nonmember

Firm                                                                                                                            Title


City                                                              State                         Zip

Phone                                                             Email

Total Enclosed $

Please charge $_______ to my:            Mastercard        Visa      American Express           Card Number                                        Exp. Date


             Jumping in and Staying Afloat in Your
                 Solo or Small Firm Practice
                                          NOVEMBER 5, 2009, 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Amid the continued economic gloom of 2009 it takes a leap of faith, a healthy dose of optimism, and lots of planning
to start a small law firm. Some of you have been dreaming about this for years, others are being forced into it by
layoffs. Unlike thousands of people in various industries who have lost their jobs, your degree provides you with the
unique opportunity to be your own boss. However, it must be done the right way. To answer your questions and
address your needs, the Small Law Firm Center of the New York City Bar has developed this year's Sixth Annual Law
Practice Management Symposium, entitled "Jumping in and Staying Afloat in Your Solo or Small Firm Practice." Its
focus is on how solo and small firm practitioners can start up, maintain, and grow their firms most efficiently during a
tough economic climate.

                         AGENDA                                                  EXHIBITORS
                  TIME       TRACK 1:
                                                                                    Accurate Building Inspectors
     8:30 am - 9:00 am       Networking Breakfast     Sponsored by
                                                                                Amicus Attorney/PSN Solutions, Inc.
     9:00 am - 9:45 am       Plenary Session: Cost-Effective Marketing
                                                                          The David J. Yvars Group, Trust & Estate Services
 10:00 am - 10:45 am         Small Firm Startup on a Shoestring Budget
 11:00 am - 12:30 pm         Plenary Session: Escrow Accounts            HSBC Premier Corporate & Professional Legal Team

 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm          Networking Lunch                                           Hudson Valley Bank
     1:30 pm - 2:15 pm       Best Strategies to Grow Your Small Firm                Law Firm Merchant Account
     2:30 pm - 3:00 pm       Plenary Session: Client Base - LRS
                                                                                          Law Firm Suites
     3:00 pm - 4:00 pm       Plenary Session: Work-Life Synergy
     4:00 pm - 5:00 pm       Wind-Down Reception with Live Music
                                         by the “Mad Jazz Hatters”                       MarketingPartners
                  TIME       TRACK 2:                                                          Marsh
     8:30 am - 9:00 am       Networking Breakfast     Sponsored by
     9:00 am - 9:45 am       Plenary Session: Cost-Effective Marketing
                                                                                PC Law/I. Michael Cash & Associates
 10:00 am - 10:45 am         Small Firm Tech Support
 11:00 am - 12:30 pm         Plenary Session: Escrow Accounts
 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm          Networking Lunch                                            Thomson Findlaw

     1:30 pm - 2:00 pm       Solo and Small Law Firms (Westlaw)                  Translation & Interpretation Agency
     2:30 pm - 3:00 pm       Plenary Session: Client Base - LRS                              USI Affinity
     3:00 pm - 4:00 pm       Plenary Session: Work-Life Synergy
                                                                                 US Small Business Administration
     4:00 pm - 5:00 pm       Wind-Down Reception with Live Music
                                         by the “Mad Jazz Hatters”                     West Forms - ProDoc

                                                                                          West - Westlaw
         “Seasoned Solo” Drop-In Networking Center
            Brainstorm about your practice with your colleagues                      Your Wall Street Office Inc.
                   in the “Seasoned Solo” Drop-In Center

18   |   44Th STReeT NoTeS    |   NoVeMBeR 2009                                                           
  9:00 am - 9:45 am
 Plenary Session: Cost-Effective Marketing, Online Presence and Social Networking
 Are you concerned where new clients will come from in a down economy? Do you worry that with the increased competition your existing clients may turn
 elsewhere? This session will help you deepen relationships with current clients, connect with referral sources, gain visibility for your services and
 communicate effectively with multiple audience on- and off- line.

 MODERATOR: Anthony M. Verna, III, Weiss Imbesi PLLC                          SPEAKERS:         Carol Schiro Greenwald, MarketingPartners
                                                                                                Tony Loscalzo, Thomson Findlaw

   Track 1: 10:00 am - 10:45 am                                                 Track 2: 10:00 am - 10:45 am
 Small Firm Startup on a Shoestring Budget                                    Small Firm Tech Support
 Explore entity choice, startup banking, office space, insurance and legal    Learn how the latest tech tools can help make your small practice operate
 research needs for a newly born law practice.                                more efficiently.
 MODERATOR:            Mark Josephson, Murray & Josephson, CPA, LLC           MODERATOR:         Anthony M. Verna, III, Weiss Imbesi PLLC

 PANELISTS:            Shelly Lawson, USI Affinity                            PANELISTS:        Paul Sans, Amicus Attorney, PSN Solutions, Inc.
                       Gabriel Luber, Your Wall Street Office, Inc.                             Harry Salavantis, Tabs3/PracticeMaster
                       Roy S. Lyons, Marsh                                                      Michael Cash, PC Law/I. Michael Cash & Associates
                       Usman Farooq, Hudson Valley Bank                                         Amy Porter, Law Firm Merchant Account
                       Bill Franck, LexisNexis                                                  Harsh Mehta, OfficeLinks

  11:00 am - 12:30 pm
 Plenary Session: Escrow Accounts: Learn the Rules/Avoid the Pitfalls
 Learn what every solo and small firm practitioner needs to know about attorney escrow accounts and the IOLA Fund. Get practical information on Attorney
 Trust accounting and recordkeeping, and court rules regarding missing client funds and dishonored checks.

 MODERATOR: Deborah Rosenthal, Rosenthal Attorneys at Law, P.C.               PANELISTS: Stephen Brooks, General Counsel, IOLA Fund
                                                                                         Sherry K. Cohen, First Deputy Chief Counsel, Departmental
                                                                                                          Disciplinary Committee, Supreme Court,
                                                                                                          AppellateDivision,First Judicial Department

   Track 1: 1:30 pm - 2:15 pm                                                   Track 2: 1:30 pm - 2:00 pm
 Best Strategies to Grow Your Small Firm in a Down Economy Solo and Small Firms: Equalizing the Legal Playing Field
 Brush up on financing and accounting basics for your growing small firm.     Learn which tools solo and small law firms are employing to seize the
 Learn how to build strategic alliances with other lawyers.                   momentum in today’s competitive business environment. We’ll show you the
                                                                              strategies these firms are using to close the gap between small and large
 MODERATOR:            Olivera Medenica, Wahab & Medenica, LLC                law firms.
                                                                              Please join us for a fast-moving interactive seminar. Whether your firm repre-
 SPEAKERS:             Mark Josephson, Murray & Josephson, CPA, LLC           sents clients in litigation or transactional matters, information is power. We’ll
                       Martha Soffer, US Small Business Administration        show you how to leverage the resources you have now and demonstrate the
                       Berk Saka, HSBC                                        fastest way to drastically cut the time your firm spends on finding information
                       Stephen T. Furnari, Law Firm Suites                    – technology tools to make your firm more productive and profitable.
                                                                              SPEAKER:          Tina McCrea, West - Westlaw

   2:30 pm - 3:00 pm
 Plenary Session: Expand Your Client Base - Business Opportunities through the Association’s Legal Referral Service
 Find out how to join the oldest and largest legal referral service in New York State. Learn how NYC Bar's LRS works and how it can help you expand your
 client base.

 SPEAKER:              Allen Charne, Executive Director, Legal Referral Service, a Joint Service of the New York City Bar & NYCLA

   3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
 Plenary Session: Finding Your Coast of Utopia - Cultivating Work-Life Synergy for A Solo or Small Law Firm Practitioner
 This workshop will help you build real skills and achieve personal and professional success by managing time, relationships, and tasks in your legal and
 personal experience.

 MODERATOR:          Eileen Travis, Director of Lawyer Assistance Program,    SPEAKER:        Arnie Herz, Legal Sanity Learning Programs
                                    New York City Bar                                                                                             NoVeMBeR 2009         |   44Th STReeT NoTeS        |   19
                           44Th STReeT NoTeS        |   NoVeMBeR 2009                                                             PeRiodiCALs

PRoFessionAL deveLoPMent

Career Search Support Group
Due to popular demand, the City Bar will continue to hold support            November Career Development and
groups for its members who have been affected by the current economic        Neworking Events and CLE Courses
climate. The group will be led by practicing attorney, psychologist, and
Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at einstein Medical School        2 MondAY & 3 tuesdAY, 9 AM – 5 PM
                                                                             CLe – Basic Mediation Training: Conflict Resolution
Sylvan Schaffer. The meetings are not self-contained but continuous and
                                                                             Theory & Techniques (Parts 1 and 2 of 4-part workshop)
progressive, so the participants should try to come for multiple sessions.
Dr. Schaffer has a unique approach that will help members cope with          3 tuesdAY, 6:30 PM – 8 PM

the emotional and psychological blocks related to job loss and job search.   You’ve Survived Your First Year of Law School: Now What?
                                                                             A Roadmap for Law Students
Through coaching, skills training, and instructive material, the support
group will:                                                                  5 thuRsdAY, 8:30 AM – 5 PM
•	   Provide a forum for members to discuss the impact of job loss           Sixth Annual Law Practice Management Symposium: Jumping
                                                                             in and Staying Afloat in Your Solo or Small Firm Practice
     and search on their lives
•	   help members overcome hurdles in job searching – negative               9 MondAY & 10 tuesdAY, 9 AM – 5 PM
     thinking, shame, diminished self-esteem, and depression                 ReCePtion, 10 tuesdAY, 5 PM – 6 PM
                                                                             CLe – Basic Mediation Training: Conflict Resolution
•	   Address ‘myths’ of what lawyers can and cannot do, like temporary       Theory & Techniques (Parts 3 and 4 of a 4-part workshop)
     or contract work
                                                                             11 WednesdAY, 6:30 PM
•	   Assist members in refocusing their energy on a new venture              Is a Contract, Freelance, Staff, or Discovery Attorney
     before abandoning the profession                                        Position Right for You?
There will be ample opportunity for the participants to discuss their
                                                                             12 thuRsdAY, 12:30 PM – 2 PM
particular needs and feelings regarding their situation. The group will
                                                                             Small Law Firm Luncheon – Growing Your Practice
meet Wednesdays from 12 PM – 1 PM at the house of the Association,           Rethinking the Billable hour: Value, Pricing, and Billing
on the dates listed below.                                                   Second of a three-part luncheon series
Meeting times:
                                                                             12 thuRsdAY, 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
Wednesdays, 12 PM – 1 PM                                                     Japanese Whisky Tasting & Cocktail Reception
4 November                                                                   Young Lawyers Connect – First Thursdays
11 November
2 December                                                                   12 thuRsdAY, 7 PM
                                                                             City Bar Contemplative Lawyers Group: Contemplative
This program is free of charge and is only open to members. Registration     Approaches to Legal Questions
for each date is required. Please register online at
                                                                             16 MondAY, 8:30 AM
                                                                             Resume and Cover Letter Writing: Telling Your Story, Selling Yourself

                                                                             19 thuRsdAY, 6 PM – 8:45 PM
Save-the-Date                                                                CLe – everyday ethical Challenges in the Practice of Law

Annual Pass the Bar Reception                                                20 FRidAY, 9 AM – 4:30 PM
                                                                             CLe – Writing to Persuade
 deCeMBeR 3Rd, 6 PM – 8 PM

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