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Is it Posible To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back After Having No Contact?


Are you pondering on how to get your boyfriend back? Is he ignoring you completely?

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									Is It Possible to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back After Having No Contact?

Are you pondering on how to get your boyfriend back? Is he ignoring you completely? Perhaps he is not
answering your phone calls?

You have to accept the fact that getting your boyfriend back is definitely tough if he won't talk to you or
even bother to communicate in any way. At this stage, you may want to air out your thoughts on what
happened or perhaps apologize if you have done something wrong. But if he isn't communicating at all, I
bet your mindset is that it is all over.

This is where you are wrong. I tell you that this is all a normal response to breakups. All the silence and
passivity is a phase that all breakups go through. The good thing is that this will all pass and you can
communicate with him when the time is right without being ignored at all.

Yes, you heard me right. This is possible in the right time but you have to know when that moment is.
You would not want to re-initiate your communication too early because that kind of pressure will
certainly push him back. I know it is tempting to text or call him every night but you need to learn to
keep your emotions under control which will help not only in your reconciliation but maintaining your
relationship in the long run as well.

Practice Your Patience and Wait

Although this may seem a weird idea for you, spending time apart from your ex boyfriend including
severing your communication is the best thing to do especially if the breakup just happened. This will
both give you the time to clear your mind and think clearly. This kind of space and distance will provide a
chance for him to miss you or to wonder what you are doing. This curiosity is almost always a good

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Take this Time to Cultivate Yourself

Another benefit that spending time apart from each other can give you both is to find yourself. This
maybe a common cliché but is entirely true. Relationships take so much from a person emotionally and
psychologically. Sometimes, even blinding the person of who he or she really is. This is the time to spend
time with yourself doing what you love to do. Make yourself busy and forget everything else except that
makes you sad. This will keep you off negative thoughts that the breakup brought, and gain back your
confidence in yourself.

Re-Initiate Contact the Right Way

This is a very important phase in getting your ex back. You need to make sure that you avoid making a
mistake here as many women are doing. You will know when the time is right to communicate with him
again or he may be the one to communicate with you. During this time, plainly reconnect with him and
never talk about negative things such as the breakup.

Avoid topics that bring back painful memories instead talk about your happy memories together. Keep
this in mind because this can spell a big difference in getting him back.

This initial contact should be a positive interaction and experience for you both. The tone should be
friendly and don't make each other comfortable by making awkward remarks. Just be plain friendly and
natural. Most importantly, just be yourself.

However, if by some random chance that your boyfriend brought up the topic of your breakup, maintain
your positive outlook. Never accuse him of things that happened before instead apologize for your
shortcomings that led to the breakup. Tell him about your disappointment in hurting his feelings and
failing him.

Now, when do you tell him about getting back together?

This is where you need to decide properly. You need avoid talking about getting back together if at all
possible with him until you have restored or re-established at least a bit of the connection that you
shared before. You'll be the one to decide when the right time is, so make your judgment count.

Lastly, it is important that you realize that it is possible to get him back even if he ignores you at first. All
you need is patience, understanding of what generally makes a man want to get back together.

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