A Story of Success and The Law of Attraction

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					A Story of Success and The Law of Attraction

This morning, I read a book on how to set goals by Brian Tracy. The book talked
about a story. A few years ago, there was a chairman of chamber of commerce. He
was retired. He told his story at a dinner table. He was one of the most respected
businessmen in America. He was recognized to have very high performance and
standards that everybody in the same field would like to have.

He mentioned that he was not so successful when he was young. He was always in
bad mood and get upset easily. One day, he found a message written on the brown
lunch bag. People read it and place it on the high school news board. When he
passed by, he could read the message as following: "Success in your life is a direct
proportion to what you do, after you have done what you are expected to do."

He told the audiences that this message changed his life. In the past, he thought
what he did was already right. He already did what he was told to do. But after that,
he promised to himself that he would do more than what he expected to do. He
promised to do or be more than he was paid for. From that day onward, he woke up
a little earlier, he worked a little harder and stay up a little later. He then progress
faster from job to job and from customer to customer. The faster he moved, the
more experience he had. As the result, he got more pay and got promoted quicker
than others.

This story gives us some thinking about the pace of your progress. The faster you
move, the more works you can accomplish. So is your career. The gentleman
mentioned in the story had his new strategy. He did more than what he was paid for.
He did more than what other people had expected. He made himself busy. He moved
forward. He took actions and did not waste time. He never looked back.

We can also apply this story into our life. Do we do more than we are expected to do?
Do we contribute significantly higher than what we are paid for? If not, ask ourselves
"why not?"

If you can do as mentioned in the story, the result would be more rewarding than
you can expect. When this practice becomes your habit, you will be more efficient
and effective. You will move faster than the rest of people. Since we are in the world
of relativity, we will be able to reach more fortune just by being a little bit better
than others.

We can apply the law of attraction to this story by visualizing yourself as the one
who give more than get. You visualize that you work and move faster. See
yourselves producing more result than your bosses or your customers have expected.
By exceeding the expectation of others, you feel proud of yourself. You achieve more
than the rest of the people in your field and you are thankful for it. With this
visualization, we vividly communicate to your subconscious mind about your goal to
be a person who gives more than what he is expected. The subconscious mind will
attract circumstances and attributes favorable to your goals into your life. You will be
more efficient and can achieve your goal according to the law of attraction.

Success is not accidental and will never be. This article talks about a short success
story and how to apply the law of attraction to the essence of the story.

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