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									                                                                                       Hospitality Management Program
                                                                                  Consumer Sciences & Design Technologies Dept.

                                           Advisory Committee
                                     Meeting Minutes, March 22, 2010
                                                2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
                                           19B-3 Fireside Conference Room

 X    Dr. Fawaz Al-Malood                                          X   Prof. Carol Impara
 X    Prof. Mee Shum                                               X   Prof. Teresa Faraone

           Agenda Item                                                            Minutes

Introductions and Lunch

Approval of Minutes                         Minutes from the previous advisory committee meeting were approved.

Status of Advisory Recommendations          The Culinary Arts degree outline and new courses were submitted for review to both
from previous meeting                        Dr. Jerry Chesser and Dr. Jeff Brown from the Collins College. Dr. Chesser met with
                                             Dr. Al-Malood and provided invaluable feedback with regards to topical outlines,
                                             courses offerings, contact hours, and other curriculum issues.
                                            Funding for Culinary program through fee-based courses has been discussed as a viable
                                             option to pay for some of the costs associated with implementation of the programs.
                                            Automated Ed. Planner excel sheet for HRM students is ready and will be tested on a
                                             student this week. A demonstration of the planners was provided to the advisory board.
                                             The planner is designed as a mapping tool to assist HRM students earn an AS degree in
                                             Hospitality Management within 2 years. The planner allows students to select core and
                                             general courses from drop down menus based on core-courses availability and limiting
                                             electives or general courses that have pre-requisites that may not be required to fulfill
                                             the requirements of a degree. Students still have the option of selecting courses with
Program Awards                              Number of certificates awarded increased by 185% and the number of AS degrees
                                             awarded increase by 50% from the previous recorded year.

                                                         2004-05    2005-06     2006-07     2007-08     2008-09        1 Yr
                                          Certificates     13          22         23           26          74          185%
                                          Degrees          5           6           6           6            9          50%
Secondary - Community College       Articulation agreements with San Antonio ROP (Bonita USD & Pomona USD) and
Links                                Baldwin Adult Community Education Program were renewed.
                                   New agreements with new secondary school applicants were explored and feedback
                                     was provided to the applicants to make certain changes or improvements that would
                                     assist them in being able to articulate.
                                   56 Student applications were submitted to Tech Prep from high-school/ROP students
                                     who qualified for HRM credit at Mt. SAC based on articulation agreements. However,
                                     Admissions & Records only processed 2 of the 56 applications. No specific reasons
                                     were provided other than referencing issues with Banner. Delays or failure to process
                                     all articulation agreements in a timely manner seriously jeopardizes the credibility of
                                     Mt. SAC and the validity of the articulation agreements signed. The college needs to
                                     apply a concerted effort to honor the agreements it signs with its partners.
                                     Additionally, any changes that would affect articulation agreements that could occur
                                     due to system, administrative, or management changes needs to be communicated in
                                     writing to the affected department, program, or office in prior to these changes to allow
                                     the affected party sufficient time to prepare for the changes.
Curriculum and Program            Major Program Review and Updates
Development                        HRM53-Dining Room Service Management is currently a lecture course but needs to
                                     include a lab component to provide students with practical application. The HRM
                                     program does not have an official service lab but would be able to utilize 19B-3 (The
                                     Fireside Conference Suite) for this purpose with some modifications if access to the
                                     room is guaranteed.
                                   HRM54-Basic Cooking Techniques will be modified to 4 units, rather than 3 units
                                     pending a review of Title V regulations with regards to lecture-lab hours, if any, and the
                                     Faculty Contract.
                                   HRM56-Management of Hospitality Operations & Personnel is to be renamed
                                     “Hospitality Supervision” as the new name is more indicative of the topics covered and
                                     is comparable with the names utilized by other institutions that offer this course.
                                   HRM57-Restaurant Cost Control is to be renamed “Hospitality Cost Control” since the
                                     content is not strictly limited to restaurants but is applicable to all Food and Beverage
                                     establishments within the hospitality industry.
                                   HRM60-Hospitality Purchasing ceased to be required as a transfer course at Cal Poly
                                     Pomona several years ago and was therefore not offered at Mt. SAC since it was not
                                     listed on any HRM certificate or degree. However, HRM60 has regained its status as a
                                     transfer course. It is the recommendation of the Advisory Board to maintain HRM60 as
                                     an active course at Mt. SAC, and when feasibly possible given the constraints of the
                                     current budget and ability, to offer new sections.

                                  Culinary Arts Program
                                   Rationale for program development was discussed based on occupational outlook data
                                      for Los Angeles County, Orange County, and US statistics. Both governmental and
                                      industry sources indicate a continuing demand and growth in the job market related to
                                      culinary positions.
                                   Reviewed and approved proposed AS degree in Culinary Arts and Certificate in Baking
                                      and Pastry
                                   Reviewed and approved new courses needed to develop the culinary arts program
                                           o Garde Manger
                                           o Baking & Pastry
                                           o International Cuisines
                                   Mt. SAC “Culinary Academy”
                                           o Off-Campus locations are being researched to explore the possibility of
                                               hosting a culinary academy at a location that provides students access to a
                                               more commercial setting, equipment, experience, and would allow the
                                               program to expand beyond the limitations of the current foods lab in Bldg.
                                               19B-5. The Fairplex in Pomona has offered the HRM program access to their
                                               facilities and are a likely candidate for the academy.

Industry and Technology Changes      Increased competition for skilled employees
                                     Advancement in production equipment, skills, software

Program Needs and                Increase HRM budget to support adding sections to meet student demand
Recommendations for program      Create a permanent Foods Lab Technician position to support the current needs of the
improvement                       HRM program.
                                 Provide funding for professional development to faculty to maintain faculty currency
                                  with regards to areas of expertise.


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