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					  Advertisement No. 1/2012                                                         25 April 2012
                                    TENDER NOTIFICATION
       Central Food Technological Research Institute a constituent laboratory of Council of
Scientific & Industrial Research, New Delhi and is a premier Research & Development Institute in
Food Science and Technology. The Institute has been continuously sharpening its capability to
achieve high standards in Research and Development.
      In order to achieve higher levels the Institute imports various items from Abroad for its day
to day functions and to carry R&D projects of national & International importance. For better
management of these imports, CFTRI desires to appoint consolidation and customs clearance and
cargo agent to assist in import management.

           Sl.      File Ref.                     Description                      EMD

            1.    A3/51496/11    Appointment of Agent for Consolidation         Rs. 20,000/-
                                 and Custom Clearance of Consignments.

(1) Tenderers must submit their quotation in the prescribed format only.

(2) Earnest Money Deposit is to be submitted along with the quotation otherwise tender is liable
to be rejected.

(3) Last date for submission of Tender complete in all respects is up to 12.30 PM on 16.05.2012

(4) Bids will be opened at 3.30PM on 16.05.2012

(5) Tender forms are not being sold separately and can down load the Tender Notice, Part-A
Scope of the work, Part-B Terms & Conditions Part-C Check Lists & Critical Dates and Part-D
Format-I & II from our Website.

(7) Tenders submitted through E-Mail or Fax will not be considered.

                                                                Controller of Stores and Purchase
                                           PART – A

        Appointment of Agent for consolidation and custom clearance of consignments.
       CFTRI imports various kinds of goods by Air/Sea/Post/Courier from United States of
America, United Kingdom, Germany, Singapore, Switzerland, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil,
China, Colombia, Canada, Denmark, Dubai, Egypt, France, Finland, Greece, Hong Kong, Italy,
Ireland, Israel, Japan, Korea, Kuwait, Mauritius, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway,
Portugal, Philippines, Sweden, Spain, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Poland and Turkey,

       In order to facilitate the cargo management, CFTRI desires to appoint an Agency to
arrange for cargo consolidation and freight forwarding to Bangalore (India), payment of
insurance/freight, customs clearance and transportation of said goods to CFTRI, Mysore.

1. Eligibility criteria for an agent: -

    1. ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA:- Quotations of only those Bidders who shall fulfill the Eligibility
         Criteria and submit the necessary documents with quotation as mentioned below shall be
    i)       The agent should have valid IATA membership.
    ii)      The agent should have associates in the gateway airport in the countries mentioned
    iii)     The associates should also be a member of IATA.
    iv)      CHA License must be in the name of the quoting agent.
    v)       Agent should also be registered with the Indian Customs as consol Agent. Sister
             concerned/Authorized Party certificate shall not be acceptable.
    vi)      The quote must be submitted by the agent directly. Quote submitted on behalf of
             principals will not be accepted.
    vii)     Clearing Agent/CHA must be registered in Bangalore, Hyderabad, New Delhi and
             Mumbai Custom House.
    viii) The agent should have facility for custom clearance at Bangalore, Hyderabad, New
             Delhi and Mumbai Airport for Air cargo and Chennai sea port for Sea cargo.
    ix)      The Agent should have successfully executed similar freight forwarding and custom
             clearance work during the last three years in any CSIR Labs./Instt. OR Govt.
             Department/PSUs. Documentary evidence/certificate about satisfactory completion of
             the work with those organizations may also be enclosed with their complete mailing
             addressed and telephone numbers.
    x)       The Agent must submit EMD of Rs. 20,000.00 in the form of Demand Draft/Pay
             Order/Banker’s Cheque of any nationalized bank along with the bid in favour of
             Director, CFTRI, Mysore. No interest would be paid on EMD. The EMD will be
             refunded to the bidders in due course of time.
    xi)      Hand written and unsigned quotations will be rejected.

2. Scope of Work:-
1. Consolidation of consignment from Abroad.
2. Custom clearance at airport and air post parcel in Bangalore and sea port at Chennai.
3. Transportation of cleared consignments up to Mysore.
4. Re-export of Consignment for repair or replacement.

A. Cargo Consolidation:-
i. The agent has to render services like Consolidation, forwarding and clearing the consignment at
Bangalore and transporting the same to the Mysore.

ii. Agent should provide details of their associates and any change in the dealing parties should be
communicated immediately to CFTRI immediately with full details and particulars.

iii. On the basis of the instructions given in CFTRI's Purchase Orders, advice and/or instructions,
contact the suppliers abroad and regularly monitor progress, chase the orders and make advance
arrangement to book the consignment promptly.

       Shall check with reference to relevant Purchase Orders that all consignments/packages
received for onward transmission, give requisite information particularly in regard to the
following before despatch: -
       1.     Weight and Dimension of consignment.
       2.     Marks & Number of Parcels/Cases
       3.     Purchase Order number and Release Note Number
       4.     Mode of transport
       5.     Airport/Sea Port of Destination mentioned
       6.     Whether FCA/FOB or Ex-works or CIF/CIP
       7.     Over-dimensional packages needing special handling arrangements in India.
       8.     Perishable consignments needing special attention.

       iv. Shall arrange airfreight of consignments to the ultimate destination airport in India by
       Air India/Indian Airlines/Free Carrier. If a consignment is over-dimensional or comes
       under Dangerous Goods Regulations, prior approval of CFTRI should be obtained.

       v. The consolidation of air cargo is permitted provided it does not involve a delay of more
       than seven working days from the date of receipt of cargo at point of origin and the
       connected documents fully completed in all respects, unless a specific date is fixed by
       CFTRI in specific cases.

       vi. It shall be ensured that consolidation of air cargo is done under the correct IATA

       vii. The AGENT shall promptly advise CFTRI, freight details, Master Airway Bill and
       House Airway Bill along with copy of invoice particulars with relevant Purchase Order
       number details.

       viii. The AGENT shall further keep CFTRI posted with all information regarding readiness
       of the consignments for dispatch, expected date of arrival and other allied information.

       ix. The AGENT shall also be responsible and accountable for proper safety, care, handling
       and storage of goods while in their custody up to the airport of origin and the cost of
       insurance effected in that behalf is borne by the AGENT. The AGENT shall be liable to
       fully compensate CFTRI for any loss, or damage, or destruction of the goods while in their

       x. The AGENT shall cover the Insurance of each consignment to the extent of 110% prior to
       dispatch of the consignment and the coverage shall be from suppliers warehouse to
       CFTRI’s warehouse at Mysore.

       xi. The AGENT shall, on receipt of consignments of CFTRI at the destination, obtain
       Delivery Orders by paying the freight in Indian Rupees and clearing the consignment from
       Customs on CFTRI’s behalf within 2-3 days for normal consignments and within 48 hours
       for perishables and chemicals.

       xii. To enable the AGENT for rendering the services as stated above, CFTRI agrees to send
       the AGENT, copies of individual orders for goods placed on their suppliers with a clear
       instruction through whom the air carriage has to be routed. CFTRI shall ensure that
       majority of purchase orders on their overseas suppliers are placed on FCA on board to
       aircraft at the Gateway International Airports, as mentioned in the annexure.

iv. The successful bidder shall handle sophisticated and valuable consignments. Hence the bidder
shall have to furnish a fidelity guarantee bond valid for 40 months for an amount of Rs. 5.00 Lakhs
(Rupees Five Lakhs Only) in favour of Director, CFTRI, Mysore to safeguard the interest of CFTRI
in the event of any loss to CFTRI due to any act of omission and commission by the successful

v. The names of the country and airports given in the format are tentative. However,
import/export can be from/to any country of world. The IATA rates and discounts as per contract
shall be applicable there also.

vi. AGENT shall ensure that the trans-shipment of the cargo after break bulk is done to the correct
destination to which it is booked. In the event of any cargo landing at wrong destination, the
AGENT shall take necessary steps for diversion to the correct destination with minimum delay, in
any case not exceeding a week’s time. The AGENT shall bear the diversion charges/demurrage
charges and other charges, if any.

vii. For the purpose of calculating the airfreight, the following provisions shall apply:
         a)     Volume weight: 6,000 cubic centimeters or 366 cubic inches shall be deemed to
                equal one kilogram.

       b)     Rates shall be applied on the actual gross weight or the volume weight mentioned
              above whichever is greater.

       c)     Fractions of a kilogram or units shall be charged to next half kilogram.
       d)     In case of minor weight differences between the supplier’s invoices weight and the
              HAWB weight, the weight indicated on the HAWB shall be the basis for payment
              of freight charges.

    1. CFTRI is exempted from payment of Custom Duty as per notification No. 51/96-Customs
    dated 23rd July 1996 as amended from time to time. The bidder has to ensure clearance of the
    consignments under the above notification.

   2. In case the cargo is received in shortage/damaged condition/short landing no payment shall
   be released to the bidder till CFTRI receives the complete consignment/insurance claim. In all
   such cases the bidder is required to the “Shortage” or “Damage” or “Not Found” or “Not
   Traceable” claim with the Airline/Steamer/Airport Authorities, obtain necessary certificate
   from the Airlines/Sealiner.

   3. The successful bidder shall have to bear the applicable custom duty upto Rs. 1,00,000.00
   (Rupees One Lakh Only) in each case on behalf of CFTRI whether the shipment is through
   their consolidation or otherwise, which will be reimbursed to the successful bidder along with
   the Bill. In case the amount of Custom Duty is more than Rs.1,00,000/- in any particular
   consignment then successful bidder shall intimate CFTRI about the amount involved in
   Customs Duty in advance on the basis of Purchase Order so that the customs duty can be
   arranged well in advance. Any delay in intimating CFTRI about the duty payable shall be to
   the account of successful bidder. No plea on account of delay in arranging the customs duty
   shall be accepted. Any difference upto Rs. 50,000/- between the Bank Draft prepared in
   advance by CFTRI towards Custom Duty and the actual amount of duty shall be paid by the
   agent at the time of clearance. In case of excess payment of duty to IAAI refund shall be
   recovered from IAAI by the agent himself.

   4. Upon issuance of the Cargo Arrival Notice and delivery order, the AGENT shall prepare
   necessary customs documents in consultation with C F T R I.

   5. The AGENT shall intimate CFTRI, requirement of documents to complete Customs

   6. The AGENT shall attend to various queries of the Customs with the assistance of CFTRI.

   7. The AGENT shall process the documents through the customs and complete all formalities
   with the respective authorities like Customs/Airport/Carrier etc. for delivery.

   8. CFTRI agrees to pay the AGENT fixed clearance charges per the bill of Entry as Agency
   charges for customs clearance of air consignment.

   9. Storage/Demurrage: The Agent should clear the consignment within the free allowance
   period to avoid the demurrage. Unavoidable circumstances if any resulting in delay for the
   clearance and subsequent demurrage/storage charges should be borne by the AGENT. The
       AGENT should deliver consignments cleared within 2/3 days from the date of clearance.
       However, the perishable consignments should be delivered within 24 hours of the clearance.

       10. The AGENT shall arrange physical inspection of the consignments at the airport and get
           them out passed from Customs for delivery.

       11. The AGENT shall submit necessary non-arrival remarks in case any consignment is
           Missing/Short-landed. Missing/Short-landing certificate shall be arranged by the AGENT
           to enable CFTRI, file necessary claim.

       12. All consignments collected by the Overseas Associates or order placed and to the collect by
           the Overseas Associates during the period of termination shall be collected by the
           AGENT’s overseas associates and handed over to CFTRI without any pre-condition,
           including clearing agent’s pending payment. Any pending bill of the AGENT will be
           released as per rules.

       13. To include clause that the overseas associates shall follow all the statutory provisions from
           time to time in their country of operation pertaining to export of the consignment to

   In case shipments are not cleared within the free period due to fault of clearing agent, demurrage
   if any, shall be deducted from Agent’s clearance bill.

   C. Transportation to Mysore:-
          Transportation charges from Bangalore/Chennai to Mysore to be indicated. Care should be
   taken for perishable cargo to be delivered on the same day itself with proper packing.

          The loading of consignments at custom ware house to be done by the agent himself no
   separate charges will be paid. The unloading of equipment in CFTRI Stores will be done by CFTRI.

       The consignment after clearance from airport should be delivered at our stores on same day. In
   case, it is felt that the cargo may reach CFTRI beyond office hours in that case advance intimation
   shall be furnished to keep the premises open. Alternatively the bidder shall keep the cargo in their
   stores which have to be insured against fire, theft and other risks so as to indemnify CFTRI for any

   D. Exports to various countries:-
       i)     Export of defective/damaged items to the countries of Import.

       ii)    Export of consignment Imported temporally.

       iii)   Export of items for repair, calibrations and other scientific work.

            Freight charges will be paid in India in Indian rupees as per our agreement/contract on the
    basis of original HAWB rates after receipt of consignment at CFTRI in outwardly good condition
   and full quantity of packages after custom clearance. Payment of airfreight charges shall be made
   on the basis of exchange rates prevailing on the date of shipment supported by a reputed
   newspaper like EXIM etc. copy of which shall be provided by the Clearing Agent with the bill.
           AGENT shall pay freight initially to the airlines and submit claims to CFTRI as per contract
   rates and CFTRI shall not make any advance payments. However, it shall settle all air freight bills
   within 30 days from the date of receipt of the bills by CFTRI. If any clarification is to be sought
   against deductions made by CFTRI in the freight bills, then the same will be entertained in person
   within one month after the receipt of the payment against those bills by AGENT. All payments
   made under the Agreement shall be in Indian Rupees, as converted from foreign currency at
   applicable rates of exchange notified by Air India from time to time, photo copies of which shall be
   sent to CFTRI along with the bills by the AGENT. The conversion rates prevailing on the date on
   which the cargo landed at the final destination port in India shall be adopted for payment.

          Upon the termination of the contract for any cause whatsoever, all accounts due and owing
   as between the parties shall become due and be paid within thirty (30) days from the date of
   termination of this Agreement.

          The Agent will indemnify CFTRI to the full extent in case some financial or other liability
   claimed against CFTRI due to the operation of this contract and which is attributable to the Agent.

5. Contractual Obligation: -
        All suits and other legal proceedings arising from this Agreement thereof shall be subject to
    jurisdiction of Mysore only.

            It is agreed that all oral followed by written advices and materials made available by CFT
    RI to the AGENT in pursuance of the services to be rendered hereunder, are strictly confidential in
    nature and shall not be disclosed by AGENT or any of his staff without written permission of CFT
    RI during and after the term of this Agreement.

    I. Two formats for quoting the rates are attached. The rates must be quoted as per the enclosed
    formats only in the following manner apart from furnishing the check-list (enclosed format):

       (a) Freight Charges: The forwarders charge the Air freight charges on the basis of IATA rates
           which are fixed by IATA and the sea freight charges on the basis of rates which are fixed
           by association for Sea consignments. The parties must offer a single discount on these rates
           which should be “in percentage (%) only” for all countries, weight and shape/size of the
           consignment i.e. General/Voluminous/ODC/ hazardous/perishable.

       (b) The offer of the parties will be evaluated on the basis of the percentage of discount and not
           on individual rates.

       (c) The parties should cover the component of fuel and security/war surcharges and all other
           charges in the discount offered. No separate charges will be paid on account of fuel and
           security surcharges etc. The prevailing rate sheet for the same shall be furnished. Any
   increase in such surcharges may be compensated by the CFTRI only to the extent of the
   increased value and in case of any decrease in the same, then that benefit shall be
   transferred to CFTRI by producing the relevant documents.

(d) Offering of discounts in different parameters for different countries, sizes, shapes
    (voluminous and ODC, etc.) of consignment will disqualify the offer.

(e) No payment other than the discounted rates on IATA and Service tax shall be made to the

(f) Clearance Charges: The rates must be quoted according to the format only, otherwise
    quotation will be ignored/rejected. DO Fee on consignment coming under consolidation of
    the contracted firm shall not be paid. DO charges for other consolidation will be paid on

(g) The tenderers must have its own arrangements of warehousing, insurance, pick-up and
    delivery by road within the country and also in the exporting country. Details of these
    facilities in India should be given for proper evaluation.

(h) Work shall be awarded to a party who shall be lowest in consolidation rates i.e. highest
    discount offering firm but overall lowest in both air consolidation and clearance charges of
    air-freighted and sea freight consignments subject to fulfillment of other condition of

(i) The bids without valid IATA Membership will not be considered.

                                                            Controller of Stores and Purchase


1. Preparation of Bids:
       Sealed bids in the prescribed format along with EMD is to be submitted. The cover should
       be superscribed quotation for “APPOINTMENT OF AGENT FOR CONSOLIDATION
       AND CUSTOM CLEARANCE OF CONSIGNMENT” against tender enquiry No. and due
       date. This cover should be addressed to The Director CFTRI, Cheluvamba Mansion,
       Mysore 570 020 (India) with Attention-Controller of Stores & Purchase, CFTRI, Mysore.

2. The Bids complete in all respects and duly signed and sealed should reach office of Controller of
    Stores & Purchase latest by 12.30 PM on or before 16.05.2012. This office will not be responsible
    for any postal/ courier delays.

3. Late / delay Quotation received after due date will be rejected summarily.

4. Fax/e-mail tenders will not be considered.

5. The bids will be opened on 16.05.2012 at 3.30PM

6. Earnest Money Deposit:
       a) Bidders are requested to submit the EMD of Rs. 20,000-00 (Rupees Twenty Thousand
       Only) in the form of Crossed Demand Draft/Banker’s Cheque/Pay order/Cashier’s Cheque
       of recognized nationalized bank/Scheduled Bank in favour of Director, Central Food
       Technological Research Institute, Mysore.
       b) The Earnest Money of Successful Bidder on whom order is placed, will be returned after
       the tenure of the Contract.
       c) The Earnest Money of Unsuccessful bidder will be returned immediately after placement
       of order on the successful Bidder.
       d) The Earnest Money of the successful bidder can be forfeited for non-compliance of any
       terms and conditions of the contract at any point of time.
       e) Bid without valid EMD will be rejected.
       f) No interest will be paid on EMD

7. Negotiation with bidders after the opening of the quotations is severely discouraged. Therefore,
the bidders are advised in their own interest to quote their best competitive/discounted offer in the
first instance or maximum discount may be indicated in the quote/offer. However, CFTRI reserves
the right for a commercial discussion.

8. Indicate the names of the Organizations where you have been appointed as consolidator cum
Clearing Agent for the similar purposes and may attach satisfactory performance report from that
9. Please indicate if you have been clearing agent to other CSIR labs and the copy of the agreement
indicating the freight charges, clearing charges, Delivery order fee and collect charges payable to

10. The offer must accompany name and complete address of all associates located in different
countries along with names, telephone, telex, fax and E-mail numbers of contact persons.

11. We prefer to release the payment of your bills like Freight charges, collect charges, delivery
order etc., within 30 days from the date of receipt of the bill and the consignment at our stores.

12. The rates should hold good during the currency of contract. However, if the rates are reduced
by IATA, the benefit of the same may be passed on to CFTRI immediately.

   5. GENERAL:-

   i) Amount quoted in the quotation must be mentioned in figure and words. If any
   discrepancies found in the figure and words amount then the amount mentioned on lower
   side be entertained and order placed on the lower side quoted amount.

   ii) Quotation will be opened on scheduled date and time in presence of the bidders, if any.

   iii) No deviation is acceptable after opening of quotation.

   iv) Payment will be released to the firm only after the receipt of material in CFTRI Stores and
   also the receipt of Pre-receipted bill in duplicate addressed to Director, CFTRI, Mysore along
   with the relevant documents as a proof for which payment has to be charged by the firm.

   v) Service Tax shall be paid as applicable. However, Service Tax and TIN may be clearly
   mentioned in the quotation and bill also.

   vi) The Director, CFTRI reserves the right to accept or reject any or all the tenders received
   without assigning any reason.

   vii) The Director, CFTRI reserves the right to terminate the contract within one month prior
   notice at any time on finding the service unsatisfactorily or on breach of contract.

   Viii). Except where otherwise provided in the clause of this contract or the execution of the
   same arriving during the progress of work or after the completion of the work, abandonment
   there of all disputes shall be referred to the sole arbitration of a person nominated by the
   Director General, CSIR and if he will unable or unwilling to act, to the sole arbitration of other
   person appointed by him willing to act as an Arbitrator. The submission shall be deemed to be
   submission arbitration under the meeting of the Arbitration Act 1940 or any statutory
   modification of re-enactment thereof for the time being in force. The award of arbitrator so
   appointed shall be final, conclusive and binding on all parties to this contract.

   ix) The quotation shall be valid for a minimum period of one hundred eighty days (180 Days)
   from the date of opening of bids.
x). All terms used in the Tender document will have the meaning as described in

xi) Insurance charges for consignments will be borne by CFTRI.

xii) The successful bidder will have to give an undertaking that no consignment of CFTRI will
be detained/withheld by them before or after the clearance under any circumstances.

                                                           Controller of Stores and Purchase
                                              PART - C
                                CHECK LISTS & CRITICAL DATES

   Before submitting your quotations please confirm the followings:

                   DO’s                                         DON’TS

   1. Send Quotations in one part.                 1. Over Write or Correction.

                                                   2. Fax, Telex or E-mail quotes.
   2. Superscribe in the outer cover
   “Tender    For_____________”    and             3. Quotation after due date & time
   Tender    Enquiry    No.___________
                                                   (12.30 pm on 16-05-12).
   ________________ due on ___________.

   3. DD for EMD amount of Rs. 20000/-

   4. Enclosed list of clients / customers

   5. Endorse your signature in the

                                             CRITICAL DATES

The CFTRI reserves the right to amend the dates shown below. The critical dates are as follows:

Last date for BID Submission                    12.30 pm on 16.05.2012

BID Opening                                    3.30 PM on 16.05.2012

                                      FORMAT – I

   I.    For Imports Clearance By Air, Sea and Foreign Post Office:

  Sl.                   Name of Job Work                     Quoted Charges in fixed and single
  No.                                                            amount in Indian Rupees
   1.   Air Freight:
        A. Maximum single discount on the IATA rates
        mentioned in the annexure.
        B. Clearance charges:
        Clearance charges per Bill of entry which shall
        include for all service like Consolidation, Pre alter,
        collection of document from CFTRI, Filing of
        custom document, collection of deliver order for
        carriers. DO charges of air lines / forwarder,
        custom clearance of consignments including
        customs documentation, customs examination
        sealing/strapping etc. and delivery/ transportation
        of consignment at CFTRI of any volume/weight of
        consignment with loading and use of crane etc.
        (No separate rate for the above item of clearance
        should be given. No additional charges other than
        those quoted in percentage for Air Freight and
        fixed amount (Lump sum) for clearance charges
        shall be considered).
        C. All statutory charges shall be payable at actual
        against a proper receipt.
        D. DO Charges on other console consignment will
        be paid on actual.
        E. DO Charges shall not be paid on consignments
        arriving under consolidation of the party.
        F. Transportation of consignment from Bangalore
        airport/ICD in case of sea cargo to CFTRI Stores at
   2.   Sea freight:
        A. Maximum single discount on the rates
        approved by the association for sea consignments.
        B. Clearance of sea-freighted consignment at
        Chennai Sea port including all stages of clearance
        and delivered the same to CFTRI Stores at Mysore.
   3.   Clearance of air-parcel post from foreign post
        office including the delivery of parcel at CFTRI
Please Note: Freight and clearance charges are to be quoted separately. No free service will be
accepted since it will be null and void as per Contract Act and shall be rejected.
II.          For Export Charges by Air:
      Sl.                 Name of Job Work                      Quoted Charges (in fix amount) in

  No.                                                                      Indian Rupees

  1.A.      Export of consignments by air including customs
            documentation customs examination, sealing
            and opening of packages, preparation of
            shipping bills and AWB, stamp and amendment
            of shipping bills if required, and collection of
            documents and packages from CFTRI and
            transportation up to airport of loading.
      B.    Export of consignments through courier
            including insurance.

  Note: (1) The rates must be quoted in the above proforma only.

            (2) All Statutory charges including airfreight and post charges shall be paid at

               actual against proper receipts.

                                                           SIGNATURE & SEAL OF THE TENDERER

                                                                         NAME OF THE SIGNATORY
                                                                                     FORMAT – II
                                               IATA RATES SHEET
       Single Discount (%) to be quoted for Air freight charges as per IATA rates.
    Name of          Airport    Currency
USA                New York       USD
UK                 Heathrow       UKP
Germany            Frankfurt     EURO
Japan              Tokyo          JPY
Netherlands        Amsterdam     EURO
France             Paris         EURO
Canada             Montreal      CAD
Singapore          Singapore      SGD
Switzerland        Zurich         CHF
Italy              Milan         EURO
Hong Kong          Hongkong      HKD
Sweden             Stockholm      SEK
Australia          Melbourne     AUD
Austria            Vienna        EURO
Belgium            Brussels      EURO
Denmark            Copenhagen    DKK
Taiwan             Taipai
Malaysia           Kualumpur
South Korea        Seoul
Thailand           Bangkok
Percentage of discount
offered on above rates. Only            In Figures
one rate of discount should
be quoted irrespective of
countries sizes, slabs, type
(ODC & voluminous, etc.)                In Words
and inclusive of fuel &
surcharges etc.

             Dated______________                     Signature of authorized person___________
                                                     Name of the party___________________
                                                     Name of the person___________________

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