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									Wellness:                                                        Personal Training
Personal Training
Trainer credentials and contact information are available in the
Wellness Director’s office and at the Registration Desk. Purchase
appointments at the Registration Desk. All training sessions must
be used within six months of purchase. No refunds.

One-On-One Personal Training facility members
only: Certified YMCA personal trainer will design an
individual fitness plan geared to your specific needs.
Each session will maximize your results and motivate                   YMCA Trainers are equiped to provide you
you to reach your goals sooner. Appointments only.                      the lastest fitness education to help you
                                                                                    see results faster!
Teen & Adult: $50/hr. • $135/3 hrs. • $225/6 hrs.
                $400/10 hrs. • $700/20 hrs.

Dynamic Duo Personal Training two facility
members: A certified personal trainer will work with
pairs on a specific plan geared to meet your needs.                   *New* Heart Rate Testing
The sessions will be limited to 1-hour, and both                      For facility members only:
                                                                                               You’re on the
participants must be at equal fitness levels. All                     right track using your heart rate
participants subject to approval by the individual                    monitor to gauge your fitness; to
trainer, and both participants must be available for the              track your progress; to maximize
same appointment time.                                                fat-burning and improve your
$70/1 session • $180/3 sessions • $357/6 sessions                     training/workouts. But are your
$550/10 sessions                                                      numbers correct? Still using “220
                                                                      minus age” to determine your heart
                                                                      rate? Get your real number!

Fitness - Just for Kids
                                                                        •   Determine your true ambient
                                                                            heart rate, sub-max heart rate
                                                                            and recovery heart rate.
Kid Fit facility members ages 3-5: A wonderful
alternative to the nursery while mom and dad work                       •   Learn how to program your
out! This 30-minute class includes, frog jumps,                             heart rate monitor.
jumping jacks, marching, twirling, hopping and much
more.                                                                   •   Learn how to interpret and
                                                                            respond to your heart rate
Youth Fit facility members ages 6-12: Kids work out                         numbers.
while you work out! A fun-filled class where kids can
stay healthy using a variety of equipment including                   Sunday, June 22, 12:00 - 4:00 pm
cones, medicine balls, hulahoops, core discs and
                                                                      MEM: $50

Refer to the Group Exercise Schedule for days and times.

                                                                                             Lorna Loh
 Ultimate                                                                                    Group Fitness Coordinator

                                                                                             phone: 678-569-9622 Ext. 236

Northeast Cobb YMCA • Summer 2008 • 678-569-9622 •                                                      4
Kelly Barnes, Brian Gelts, David Sandmire, Anton Belshik, Stanford Kowalski, Steven Miller, Greg Scott

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