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                                                            The World’s Longest Rivers

                                               Read this selection about the world’s longest rivers.Think about the meanings
                                               of the words in bold type.

                                               Do you know the names of the world’s longest rivers? Where do you think they
                                                      The Nile River, on the continent of Africa, is the longest river in the world,
                                               flowing 4,160 miles. The source, or beginning, of the Nile River is in the mountains
                                               of Uganda near Lake Victoria and in the deserts of Sudan. The mouth of the river is
                                               in the Mediterranean Sea on the shores of Egypt. The Nile River flows north.
                                               Ancient civilizations once lived on its shores. Now the Nile supplies water for the
                                               crops grown around the river and for hydroelectricity, or electric power.
                                                      The second longest river in the world is the Amazon River on the continent
                                               of South America. The Amazon flows about 4,000 miles across South America from
                                               west to east. Its source is in the Andes mountains of Peru and its mouth is in the
                                               Atlantic Ocean. The Amazon travels through rain forests and land rich with oil,
                                               minerals, and valuable lumber. The soil around the Amazon is good for growing
                                               rubber trees, nuts, and other products.
                                                      The Mississippi River is the longest river in the United States and in North
                                               America. The Missouri River is the main tributary of the Mississippi. Together, the
                                               two rivers form the third longest river in the world at 3,740 miles. The source of the
                                               Mississippi is in the lakes of Minnesota, and it flows south into the Gulf of Mexico.
                                               These rivers provide for transportation and agriculture.
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                                                      The fourth longest river in the world is in Siberia, Russia. The Ob River and
                                               its main tributary, the Irtysh River, are 3,460 miles long. The Ob flows north into the
                                               Arctic Ocean. Although it is frozen for half the year, the Ob is important for
                                               transportation and trade in Russia.
                                                      The Yangtze River is the longest in Asia and the fifth longest in the world. It
                                               begins its 3,450 miles in the mountains of Tibet and flows east to the East China Sea
                                               near the port of Shanghai. People grow many crops on the banks of the Yangtze
                                               and travel the river for trade.
                                                      Can you think of other long rivers of the world and where they are?
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                                                                                                     Go with the Flow
                                                                     Label         Label the drawing with the
                                                                     Classify      vocabulary words.

                                                                Nile River Amazon River        Mississippi River
                                                                Ob River   Yangtze River

                                                _______________________                              _______________________

                                               _______________________                                  _______________________
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                                                Also . . .
                                                1. Name a synonym for the source of a river.
                                                2. Name a synonym for the mouth of a river.
                                                3. What is a tributary?
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                                                                                                   Go with the Flow, p. 2
                                                                      Match             Match the vocabulary words and their
                                                                      Estimate          meanings to complete the puzzle.

                                                         Nile River      Amazon River          mouth        Mississippi River
                                                         Ob River        Yangtze River         tributary    source

                                                                                        River Run
                                                                1                         2

                                                            3              4





                                                Across                                        Down
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                                                1. the Missouri is a tributary                2. the place where a river begins to
                                                5. its mouth is in the Atlantic Ocean            flow
                                                7. this river flows north to the              3. the longest river in Asia
                                                   Mediterranean Sea                          4. the place where a river empties
                                                8. a river that is frozen half the year          into a large body of water
                                                                                              6. a stream that flows into a river
                                               L                                                                                     R
                                               Go with the Flow

                                               Answer Key
                                               P. 1
                                               Answers read clockwise:
                                               Mississippi River
                                               Yangtze River
                                               Ob River
                                               Nile River
                                               Amazon River
                                               1. beginning
                                               2. end
                                               3. a stream or river flowing into a larger river

                                               1. Mississippi River
                                               5. Amazon River
                                               7. Nile River
                                               8. Ob River
                                               2. source
                                               3. Yangtze River
                                               4. mouth
                                               6. tributary
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