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									How To Win Ex Girlfriend Back FOREVER
If you want to know how to win ex girlfriend back, you are probably wanting to know how to win your
ex-girlfriend back forever. You went through the pain once and you probably don't want to go through
it again. You made mistakes, now it's time to take a step back and evaluate the situation and figure
out where to go from this point. Learning how to win ex girlfriend back may mean that you have to
change the way you do things. You will have to take a FOREVER approach.

Fouled Up:

Admit that you did it. Admit that you made mistakes that cost you this relationship. You have to be
able to own up to your mistakes and that means you have to own them. They were your mistakes, not
anyone else's. Admit it. This is the best place to start if you want to know how to win ex girlfriend
Objectively Look At Yourself: Take a good long look at who you are and what was it about you that
caused this to happen. Were your mistakes a symptom of a bigger problem that you have? If it was,
find out what it was. Look for the bigger picture.

Regret What Happened:

There are some who will tell you to regret nothing. That is incredibly bad advice. If you made a
mistake that hurt someone, you should feel regret and guilt. You should feel even worse if it was
someone that you love.

Evaluate the Situation:

Assess the damage done. One of the things that people have to do when they are trying to rebuild
something that was destroyed is to look around and see what just happened. Once the source of the
destruction (your mistakes) has been identified it's time to see what remains. Is there anything worth
saving left? Is there enough left that can be built back? Hopefully there is still a foundation left and the
damage wasn't so much that there is nothing left to rebuild. You will have to do this if you want to
know how to win ex girlfriend back.

Verify That You Have A Chance:

You may be totally dedicated to trying and put things back together but your ex girlfriend may not be.
It is hard to win back your ex if they have no desire to bring the love or the relationship back. If they
have decided to move on, there may be nothing you can do about it. That is the reality of the
situation, that your actions and mistakes may have consequences that involve you losing your
girlfriend forever.

Engage In Dialogue:
If your ex girlfriend is willing to talk about anything at all, let it happen. You may have to endure her
venting on you and blasting who you are and letting you know how big the mistakes were that you
made. This is no time to get defensive.
Hopefully these were all things that you realized on your own but hearing it may give you more
resolve to correct those mistakes.


Respect what she says. Respect her feelings. Respect her wishes. Treat her with respect.

It may be tough to do but if you really want to know how to win ex girlfriend back forever, you will
have to take your medicine.

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