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					Android is a leading operating system for mobile devices, which was
acquired by Google from its initial developer, Android Inc., in 2005.
According to the reports of Canalys, the Android operating system was the
top selling smartphone platform across the world in Q4 2010. Android
phones are increasingly becoming popular because of their high-end
handsets with bigger display screens, latest features and cool social
network apps.
 Social network apps are one of the best things about Android phones.
These applications allow you to utilize various social media platforms,
including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and perform different social
networking tasks, such as updating status, chatting with other users, and
sending and reading the latest tweets.
 Social Network Apps: Facebook for Android and Twitter for Android
 Here are 2 popular and easy to install social network apps for your
Android phone:
 Facebook for Android: With over 500 million active users, Facebook is
one of the most popular social networking websites. The Facebook for
Android application is officially supported and endorsed by Facebook. The
app has all the necessary features that a user would require and is
maintained by the developer.
 The app makes it easy to share information and stay connected with your
family, friends and acquaintances. The app allows you to share your
status updates, share links, check news feeds, view the walls of your
friends, chat with your friends, reply to their messages, watch videos
and upload your favorite images. The app usually comes pre-installed in
many mobile devices. And even if your smartphone does not come with the
app preloaded, you can install it yourself.
 Twitter for Android: This is one of the fastest growing social network
apps. The application is among the 5 most used Twitter applications. You
can use the app even if you have not signed in or do not have an account.
The application enables you to share your current status, watch friends'
status, tweet, retweet, check out the latest tweets and news, carry out
real time search, upload photos and post videos. The app also enables you
to view the tweet locations on a map.
 However, this application is compatible only with the phones that run on
Android 2.1 and above. Twitter for Android cannot be accessed from phones
with older versions of Android (such as 1.5, 1.6).
 Some of the other popular social network apps for Android are 3D Motion
Twitter, TweetsRide, Twidroid, Seesmic, Bloo, fooBook, DroidIn,
Foursquare, Phonebook 2.0, TuneWiki, Flickr Droid, MySpace app and Digg
App for Android.

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