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									With the go out of Android SDK, Google furnished an ideal platform for
the applications Android developer to construct the next generation of
Mobile applications. Required Android development was constructed from
zero, is the developer of Android applications using a complete service
to furnish the entire scheme to create.

 Android as open to the developers of applications of source have an
access liberty to the news of location using equipment to execute the
services in the bottom, add the notifications of the bar of state and
alarms. The list of the advantages is of not to stop itself, at least to
the community developers to stop contributing to Mobile Android
development. Android development foresees a battery completes: an
operating system, middleware, and the principal Mobile applications.

 Advantages of Android development:

 Open Platform: Kernel Linux was constructed on the free conceived market
principally for the apps, allow the developers of Mobile, interesting
applications that do the more than any one this than it has to offer to
create a laptop.

 All ask are the same: Do not do distinction between the principal
Android mobile applications and the third applications. You can construct
all an equal access to a Mobile capacity to furnish to the users a wide
fan of services.

 To overcome the limitations: Android allows you to combine the news
originating straits web from your mobile phone. And a source of the
business accelerates the process of collection of information.

 Quick and easy Development: Set it quick and easy up a motor of
development of powerful android applications allows attaining a wide fan
of libraries Java and tools that are used to construct applications of
big size. It understands equally a body of tools that are next to the
platform of the earth, Android App productivity building developer high
and a deep comprehension of their applications.

 The expert of Mobile Development (MDE) assures the conception and the
development of a wide fan of industries and of sectors. Together with you
for always, we are in a position to execute a project of the concept to
the final solution. Our services of high quality are induced by the needs
of the customers of the advantages of costs that your objectives of
planning and to take care of your projects IP. We furnish equally
services such as the development of games Android Development, the
software development; application development compressed, and related

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