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					NVIDIA, a company largely known for its PC and mobile graphics chipsets,
held a press conference at this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las
Vegas, where it demonstrated the new graphics capabilities of hardware
made by its partners. Among them were an extremely inexpensive new 7-inch
tablet by Asus, and the NVIDIA-powered Asus Transformer Prime, which
demoed some new software.

 PC gaming on a tablet?

 This is technically nothing new. There are electronics wholesale already
ways of accomplishing this, such as OnLive's streaming game service and
app for Android. On Live requires you to buy all-new games to play on its
service, though, and doesn't work with PC games that you already own.

 At CES, NVIDIA demoed a Splashtop app called Splashtop Remote Desktop
THD, which allows you to use your tablet to access your Windows desktop.
In this case, the Windows desktop PC in question was playing Bethesda
Softworks' new game Skyrim, and was set up right next to the tablet so
that you could see how the two compared.

 DroidGamers reports that Skyrim actually looked better on the NVIDIA-
powered quad-core Tegra 3 tablet than on the PC, although they had "some
control issues" with the early build of the software ... aside from the
fact that a full-sized keyboard and mouse had to be hooked up to the
tablet, to let them play Skyrim properly.

 They also reported that you need a electronics wholesale powerful gaming
PC in addition to your Tegra 3 Android tablet to play games like that
remotely, besides needing a fast connection. NVIDIA, naturally,
recommends a PC that has one of its GPUs.

 The cheapest way to get that Tegra 3 tablet? The specs for Asus' new
ME370T are "still very vague at the electronics wholesale moment,"
according to Engadget, which managed to snap a few pictures but couldn't
find out much more about the device. But it has a 7-inch screen -- the
size of the Nook Color's or Kindle Fire's -- and is the world's first 7-
inch quad-core Tegra 3 tablet. It has an 8-megapixel rear-facing camera
and is running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich .. and the whole thing is
just $249.

 No word yet on when it will be available, or on how well it works with
external keyboards and gaming peripherals.

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