iPhone Vs Android The Real Showdown_ by Dede.Suryadi02x


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									Let's start measuring both the mobile platforms with features which we
care about the most.

In terms of ease of use, most of the users will agree that iPhone takes
the cake. Android has come a long way and has improved a lot but from the
ease-of-use perspective, the iPhone wins hands down. Android phones
consist of too many buttons and home screens too.

In terms of openness, Android is the clear winner since it is open
source, and most users prefer openness in terms of what can be used with
the smartphone. The apps make the phone, after all!

iPhone has the best battery compared to the Android phones. Most Android
devices get lots of features and that is why the battery life is lower
compared to the iPhone. Android phones vary in terms of battery
performance but overall they are a notch lower than the iPhone here.

Both the mobile platforms are supportive of multi-tasking. iPhones and
Android phones both support multitasking to the hilt nowadays while
iPhone has had some trade-offs in terms of battery life improvements
which is important too!

The iPhone's software keyboard is significantly better than the Android's
default keyboard while in terms of a system-wide search, both iPhone and
Android can search out almost anything although Android devices cannot
search emails.

iPhone's notification center is a bit clumsy compared to the Android's
list of notifications. But in terms of voice to text feature, the odds
are slightly in favor of the iPhone since with the new Siri, the feature
works much better than any of its counterparts.

iPhones are surprisingly old-fashioned when it comes to syncing and it
requires the users to plug in and connect to iTunes that should have been
done wirelessly. Android phones have a fantastic Google syncing
capability so much so that it continues to work even if you change or
lose your old smartphone.

Android is not so great in syncing with popular sources of data other
than Google Sync especially Outlook, Address Book and the like. Here
iPhone is the clear winner. The Android tethering situation is seriously
better off than what the iPhone provides. Android edges ahead of the
iPhone since it has the ability to turn your handset into a Wi-Fi hotspot
which can actually deliver wireless connections to you of up to 7

Apple presents the iOS updates better than what Android does. The iPhone
ecosystem is pretty much easy to understand and every new phone receives
the new update. Every other phone in the ecosystem can also receive the
update unless and until it is the oldest one.Android does not have a
streamlines way of going about the updates.

And one of the most important feature of all: the apps. Though the Apple
store has more than four times the number of apps than that of Android,
there is a lot of crap too in the App Store. Also, as of now most of the
critical apps are now available for both the iPhone and Android. Overall,
it can be said that both are good.

One can safely say that in terms of gaming and music experience, there's
no beating the iPhone apps yet. Android has a lot of catching up to do
with the Android apps.

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