Intel Gracing The Android Tablet Market by Dede.Suryadi02x


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									The face of Wintel (Microsoft / Intel) platform and the increasing
decline of the rapid rise of mobile Internet market, Intel and Microsoft,
the alliance between the previously unbreakable, have their own interests
in the face of falling apart.

 Intel has decided that its processors in addition to supporting the
development of Windows and its own MeeGo, also added to the Android
operating system support. Intel's move is for the recently announced
Microsoft Windows operating system will add support for ARM platform

 There are signs that Qualcomm chips now account for nearly 80% of
smartphone market share, Google's Android system is also becoming smart
phones and Tablet PC operating system, the king. Qualcomm and Google
formed Quadroid Union, already have a Wintel PC era influence in the
League. Intel found that the Union has no meaning against Quadroid choose
homeopathy into Quadroid Union to become the inevitable choice.

 Because of slow movement on the Internet, Microsoft software empire that
once, more signs of being marginalized. Microsoft, Intel's apparent
reluctance to re-take the old road. The face of increasingly popular
mobile Internet market, Intel wisely chose a compromise.

 Recently, Intel decided to work with China Taiwan ODM notebook makers,
including Inventec and Compal Laptop AC Adapter to launch the Intel /
Android solution to the market reached the hot plate. According to Taiwan
ODM makers revealed that if developed smoothly, Intel plans in the April
2011 Beijing Intel Developer Forum (IDF) on the display device based on
the new solution, the latest in 2011 the company will be on display at
Computex Taipei Latest related products.

 With the rapid development of mobile Internet market, PC market has been
gradually emerging from the Wintel (Microsoft / Intel) CLAA133WA01A
platform for control, a number of chip manufacturers and operating system
solutions have entered the field and introduced competitive products, in
particular ARM chip and Google's Android operating system, but also set
off a revolution, causing a strong impact on Wintel alliance. The chip
giant Intel's formal entry into the flat camp, and will give more choices
to Intel partners, while significantly reducing licensing costs.

 In addition to Tablet PC, Intel and Google will further the cooperation,
based on ChromeOS (Google specifically developed for the Internet
Operating System) operating system, laptop and netbooks will be available
in the near future. It is understood, Samsung, Acer and Asustek Computer
will launch related products.

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