Installing And Updating The Android Development SDK

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					Android development is amazing. This article guides you to install the
Android development SDK and also help you set the development environment
in case you are doing it for the first time.

In case you have any problems during the installation process you can
click on the trouble shooting problem that is there at the end of the
page. Android developers have made the installation simple and easy.

In case you already have the Android development SDK you can always
update the version with the help of the AVD Manager Tool.

Checking the system requirements

Before you install the Android development SDK in your system you have to
first check if your system complies with the system requirements that are
needed to install. Say for instance the system would need a JDK. In case
you do not have it you have to install that first and then install the
Android SDK. In case you will be developing in the Eclipse and if you are
installing for the first time it is better that you have the correct
version of the Eclipse installed in your system. In case you do not have
the right version of the eclipse you can always download it from eclipse.
The classic version of the eclipse is normally the recommended version.
One can also use the RCP or the Java version.

How can offshore Android development team download the Starter Pack?

There is a starter package for the SDK which has only the core of the SDK
tools and not the whole Android application development environment. With
this starter package you can download other components do the SDK as and
when you want. In case you do not have the latest version of the starter
pack you can always download it from the web page.

In case you have downloaded the Windows installer it will automatically
look for the tools that are necessary and will automatically install

All you need to do is note own where the SDK file has got stored in the
system as you might need it later.

ADT plug-in installation

The Android developers have given the customized plug-in for the Eclipse.
This is called the Android Apps development tools. This will give a
better and a more powerful environment where one can make androids
applications. The fastest and the best way to start Android are by
developing the Eclipse with the ADT. This is the most recommended way to
begin Android.

In case you do not have ADT you can always download it and there is a
step by step instruction which will help you in the installation process.

Add Platforms and other Components
The last step to set up the SDK is to download all the components that
are needed for the development environment. You can do this with the help
of the AVD manager and the SDK that is there in the SDK starter package.
The starter kit will have only one component which also will have to
upgrade from time to time. The other components can be downloaded. One
will definitely need more than one component to develop an android
application. The Android Apps development tools are available online.

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