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I want to have an Android tablets too


As you know when it comes to choosing anything electronic, it takes time & patience and in this article we will guide you so you know how to choose a tablet pc. The first thing that is needed when choosing is the need. Think about why you need this tablet pc. Some consumers purchase touch screen tablet pc's for work, home, children, travel buddy, backup computer, media player, fun gadget to own, portable computer while at the caf or coffee shop. There are many more reasons why people decide to purchase, but these are the common ones. We will stick with the top 3 or so relating to business, family and fun. The 7 inch VIA 8650 Google Android tablet PC is a lightweight, compact multimedia tablet enabling you to multitask on the move. It features a 7 inch Touch Screen, Built-in G-Sensor accelerometer, Flash etc. This new 7 inch Tablet PC Google android EPAD comes with 2GB hard drive expandable to 16GB and built in camera. It also comes with external 2 USB port and 1 RJ45 jack for USB mouse other similar compatible devices.

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									I want to have an Android tablets too Yesterday was my uncle's birthday
,so I went to my consin's home to celebrate my uncle's birthday. Many
relative came and the party was very interesting. When the party end, my
cousin asked me to play with him, I agreed happily. As well as I got his
bedroom, one thing attracted my attention at once. looks like a masonry
with a big screen, and i had never saw it before. So i asked my cousin
what it was. Then i got the answer that it was aAndroid tablet.looked at
my confusing face, my cousin smiled and introduced it to me particularly:
Android tablets is a kind of portable diminutive personal computer,which
is use touch screen as its input device . It has a touch screen to allow
the people who use it to touch the screen with contact pen to work
instead of the traditional way----keyboard or mouse . Android tablets is
very powerful . It can not only carry all kinds of shopping or
entertainment applications but also realize move commerce . With the
android tablets , you can surf the Internet any time and anywhere with no
line . With the tablets , you can listen to music , watch new movies ,
shop on the Internet , play computer games and so on. The system has a
great speed of reaction , so you don't need to worry about the problem of
this . and the picture is clear and exquisite . You can enjoy the
beautiful picture no matter what angle you hold your android tablets .
You will have a good feeling when you touch the screen and you will find
that the machine is very small and exquisite . Mostly , it is very easy
to carry wherever you want to go , it is more handy and much lighter than
the notebook computer and the ordinary computer. At the same time , the
android tablets has the functions of a mobile phone . It can receive
massages and e-mails , and call others phone . In general, it is not only
a handy computer ,but also a strong mobile phone . After knew this, I was
interested in it very much. And my cousin opened this Android tabletand
started to taught me how to use it. Finally ,I can use it freely by
myself, and i got a lot of funny from it at that day . Now I wanted to
have one too. How about you? Do you want to have one? Then don't hesitate
and buy one for yourself right now.


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