Stop The Troubles With Rosacea By Following These Suggestions On Caring For Your Skin by carlosmaustin36


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									Stop The Troubles With Rosacea By Following These Suggestions
On Caring For Your Skin
Living with Rosacea can be very difficult and sometimes humiliating. If you feel yourself being self-
conscious and you feel hopeless, try these suggestions and you may find your Rosacea

You may ask yourself, "what type of cleansers should I use on my face?"

Many types of cleansers are available for rosacea sufferers. A well known brand, Dove, is
recommended for rosacea-prone skin. These cleansers do not block pores and have a moisturizing
cream to hydrate. Using this product will make your skin feel moisturized and clean. Dove has
scented and non-scented products available. A second brand that is well known is Neutrogena. They
have an extra gentle cleanser that is soap-free, scent-free, and will not clog your pores. This cleaner
also has added vitamins and chamomile, which will help prevent any irritation. A third cleanser is
Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser. This cleanser claims to keep your pH balance in your skin at a natural
level, and does not remove the skins natural oils for protection. This is yet another cleanser that is
scent-free and claims to not clog pores. Two other brands that are recommended for rosacea suffers
are Eucerin, who has a redness relief soothing cleanser to reduce skins redness, and Aveeno, who
has an herb cleanser which also does not clog pores, is scent-free, and is soap-free. These products
are all available at your local grocery or drug store between the price of $3-$15.

While everyone enjoys the sun's rays, ultraviolet radiation in the sunlight can actually be a trigger for
rosacea. Heat can also make rosacea worse. The best advice is to use a sunscreen or sunblock
every time you are exposed to the sun. It is also recommended that if you do want to sit in the sun, to
only stay in the light for short periods of time, and to try to avoid sunbathing when the sun is at its
strongest, in the early afternoon.

While many rosacea suffers also suffer from acne, if you are an adult, using acne products can
actually make your rosacea worse! Most acne products are made for young adults, and your adult
skin reacts differently to these products. Ask your doctor for products that will treat your acne, but will
not worsen your rosacea.
Makeup is a very common tool for hiding rosacea. Many people use makeup to cover up their
rosacea. You must be careful however, because if you apply too many products, you will increase the
odds of irritating your skin and making your rosacea worse. If you can, use a very small amount of
products, for example, select a moisturizer with sunscreen added in. If you can find a moisturizer with
sunscreen that also has a green-tinted primer- that is even better. Choose oil-free concealer, and
avoid any red shades. Mineral powder is also a good choice as it can be less irritating with more
natural ingredients.

Taking steps to prevent flare-ups is one of the best ways to reduce your rosacea symptoms. The first
thing you should do is find the things that trigger your rosacea. These may be anything from what you
are eating or drinking, or possibly something you do in your daily routine. The next thing you should
always do is wear sunscreen! Even if it is not sunny outside, you need protection from ultraviolet rays.
You should also try to use skin products such as cleansers and makeup that is made for your
sensitive skin. Keeping your skin moisturized and away from irritating products will also help reduce

While you may think having rosacea is the end of the world, if you follow these hints and tips, your
symptoms will be greatly reduced and may make life more bearable! In some situations, your rosacea
symptoms will not even be noticeable to others.

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